The book begins by recounting the 1984 salmonella poisoning in The Dalles, Oregon, caused by the followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh spraying salmonella onto salad bars. Syria's commitment to dismantle its chemical weapons and join the treaty outlawing those toxins has been hailed as a human rights and international security achievement by President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin alike. When Cleveland visits Kenny West to hook up his cable, he finds Kenny has moved on to stardom.
Principal Wally restarts the school marching band but Junior is cut along with some other misfits. There are several revelations, including how Moscow's scientists created an untraceable germ that could instruct the body to self destroy, and U.S. He shared an Emmy in 2001 for work on a documentary on biological warfare by the PBS program Nova. When Cleveland finds out that he was left out of the stardom and awards, he complains and is shown the trap door.

Deciding to take advantage of their particular musical instrument collection, they form a polka band. Cleveland sneaks back in to steal one of the awards but stumbles into a gathering and passes out. When the rappers hear the band playing Cleveland gets the idea to import the polka music into Kenny's rap act. He awakens back in his own bed and when he tells the family, Federline hints that he may have stumbled into a hip hop Illuminati. Despite his family's disbelief, Cleveland returns to Kenny's to prove he did find the Illuminati but fails.
As he thinks he has pulled off ruining Kenny's career, Kenny decides to give Cleveland the Grammy for “Be-Cleve In Yourself". After Cleveland leaves Kenny goes to the group and tells him that Cleveland has been fooled.

Cleveland tries to stop him but Kenny goes out with the polka band and actually makes a hit out of merging polka and rap. However, Cleveland continues to try to crash the gathering by disguising himself as an ostrich and manages to get in. After he is revealed he tells of having written Kenny's hit song they reveal the extent of their power. But when he arrives home he finds the rest of the Illuminati there as they ask him to kill Kenny West's career as Kenny's pushy ego has offended the rest and they offer to let Cleveland into the Illuminati if he succeeds.

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