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Family & RelationshipsThe secret of a happy relationship lies within you & is with you every moment. Learn MoreSpiritual Experience Experience the absolute truth, highest knowledge & unparalleled bliss. Learn MoreRun better with yogaYoga can minimize the injuries sustained during running and also improve your stamina. Meditation Have A Deep MeditationOur experts share tips to ensure you come out of your meditation fresh, clear and rejuvenated. Read MoreDealing With EmotionsWe cannot control the rain, but we can move ahead with greater confidence when we have an umbrella with us. Read MoreTeenagers & Meditation"We become more innovative and dynamic" shares a teenager who meditates regularly. Read MoreLive WebcastWatch Gurudev live as he answers questions from audiences around the world.
More Information Official WebsiteThrough his life and work, Gurudev has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world. Service Initiatives Our Holistic ApproachThe Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision, making role models, promoting a sense of community and giving people a voice.
Our Empowerment ModelFrom empowering an individual to a community to a country - our service projects span diverse areas.
Our Project Areas Transforming Rural IndiaEmpowering comunities to develop sustainable solutions and enabling leadership among rural youth.
Read moreEmpowering WomenInstilling confidence amongst women, offering life skill training and community support. What Sri Sri Said TodayFind answers to your questions, from daily life to spirituality to business - fresh from satsangs. Read More Knowledge SheetsPractical tips for better living - Short knowledge which will be your guide to better living, tranforming the most challenging of situtations to one of peace with ease. Know More Questions & AnswersYou ask, Sri Sri answers - Whatever be your question, chances are here you will find your answer here. Spiritual & Wisdom BooksStay connected to knowledge from wherever you are, when you need it the most.
Know moreHealth & WellnessBring home vibrant health through effective herbs with Sri Sri Ayurveda and Art of Living health care products.
The mind goes on trying to find a hook for its negativity – if not this person, then that thing or that person. Negativity is an indicator for you to move to your center and to broaden your vision to cosmic intelligence; instead of focusing your attention on a hook for your negativity, look at the seed of the negativity. Adding colors to this palette, an art camp was organized at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore on February 5, 2011. Shama Sondhi, an artist in her own right and an Art of Living teacher is the organizer of the Art Camp.
Shama said, "My paintings before doing the (Part I) course were just black, dark green and brown.
These artists who were a part of the camp believed that the course enhanced their creativity.
Koyali Mukherjee, an artist from Hyderabad felt a sense of peace and collective energy at the Center. I'm New Art of Living Course (18+ yrs)Discover your unlimited power and freedom - not as a concept, but as a direct experience. Next Steps Art of SilenceGo beyond your usually active mind and experience peace and renewed vitality through guided meditations.
RegisterAdvanced CoursesAdvanced courses designed to enhance the various aspects of your life. Violence-free society, disease-free body, quiver-free breath, inhibition-free intellect anda trauma-free memory is the birth right of every individual. Lifestyle Programs Personality DevelopmentDiscover your hidden talents – which you possibly didn't know existed!
Spiritual Experience Experience the absolute truth, highest knowledge and unparalleled bliss. Get started with yogaHow often do you say ‘yoga is not for me.’ You might want to revisit your thought.
Meditation Get Started with MeditationOur experts share tips to ensure you come out of your meditation fresh, clear and rejuvenated.
Teenagers and Meditation"We become more innovative and dynamic" shares a teenager who regular meditates.
Spiritual blossoming simply means blossoming in life in all dimensions,being happy, at ease with yourself and with everybody around you.
On Tour With GurudevKeep with the Gurudev as he travels around the world, inspiring people towards a stress-free, violence-free world.

Who are we About UsThe Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision, making role models, promoting a sense of community and giving people a voice. Service Initiatives Our Holistic ApproachThe Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision and promoting a sense of community. We all have the responsibility of bringing peace to every corner of the world.Unless every member of our global family is peaceful, our peace is incomplete.
What Sri Sri Said todayFind answers to your questions, from daily life to spirituality to business. Know More Questions and AnswersYou ask, Gurudev answers - Whatever be your question, chances are here you will find your answer here. Read MoreWisdom QuotesShort quotes to brighten your day - Sometimes all it takes are a few words to change your life. Monica sighed as she sat heavily for a quick coffee and chocolate fix before the rush of after-school activities and household chores began. Do you feel that time is squeezed very tightly already and that the demands of family and work leave you with no time for yourself?
You must have experienced at some point in your life that when you were full of joy and enthusiasm, there was no feeling of time pressure? Tip – Have you seen how brushing teeth and bathing have become so much a part of our life that now we don’t really need to find time for it, we simply have time for it? Do you sometimes long for a holiday from the daily routine: getting a break from a difficult boss, a demanding schedule, and the constant clamor of people wanting something from you? Tip – The times you feel that you are too tired and exhausted, remind yourself that that’s when you need meditation the most (meditation is your favorite energy booster, right?).
Is your life a chaotic cacophony of children screaming, TV blaring, and deadlines dropping in your in-box at any minute of the day?
The good news is that as time goes by you will be able to meditate even in a noisy environment without getting disturbed. Tip - Meditating early in the morning is good, when everyone is asleep; it will keep you refreshed for the entire day. Do you feel you have limited time and the main thing you need to do to keep healthy, is physical exercise?
The solution is to have exercise and rest for the body but also plan to have exercise and rest for the mind. Meditation cultivates a happy and calm disposition and helps the thought processes to function at peak performance. Are you a parent juggling the care of your children while working to have financially security for them? If this is you, then obviously you love your children very much and want the best for them.
Tip – Find a meditation buddy and look after each other’s children for “mother meditation time”.
Did you know that the things we turn to for short-term relief, such as chocolate, fried foods, and gossip, can bring long-term discomfort? One of the best respites from the demands in your life is to have just 20 minutes of meditation to really relax and chill out. It is really worth sticking with a commitment to be a regular meditator for long- term happiness and contentment. Tip – Next time you take a break and are about to gorge on to something that you know might not be so healthy, just convert your little break into a 10-minute TOT (Time-Out Time) for yourself by meditating.
Once upon a time in India, there lived three friends, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. They were very close to each other but very different in nature. Rajas was focused on action, but he was very restless, with many thoughts in his mind and many tasks in his hands at the same time. With regard to food, he was a fan of hot and spicy foods, and sweets made with a lot of sugar. Each body type has a unique natural constitution composed of vata, pitta, and kapha. Knowing which of these prakriti you are can help you change your eating habits to stay healthy and balanced, and also have deeper meditation. Meditation is a way to get access to this enormous intelligence and energy that we possess within us. Often people say – it is so difficult to focus the mind, so difficult to free it from thoughts and so difficult to relax! You can begin meditation with the right instructor, a good instructor, and they can help you to calm the mind using a Mantra, using sound. Are you going through a roller coaster of emotions because things don’t go the way you want them to, or sometimes without any reason? Did you know that fine-tuning your lifestyle to suit your health can totally reverse the effects of PCOS? If you have been skipping breakfast or have been having it too late, you might want to relook your morning routine. 3 - Add fibre to your diet as it balances sugar levels and helps in the removal of excessive oestrogen. 6 - Avoid coffee; it stimulates insulin production and often has an adverse effect on them (not making sense).
7 - Learn the Ayurvedic style of cooking, which includes shallow frying, steaming, and baking vegetables. Based on meditation inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation teacher and Ayurveda inputs by Dr. Read moreExcellence at WorkplaceThis offers Micro, Small, Medium and Enterprises, techniques to eliminate stress & achieve work life balance of its employees.
In January 2010, Antarnaad, the musical symphony in Pune, several artists created a symphony of expressions on the canvas along side.
Inspired by Sri Sri, 18 artists from all over India participated in the camp to promote art and culture, as art and spirituality walk hand in hand. Open to all who have completed an Art of Living Course.Find one near youWisdom SeriesCommentaries on ancient sacred texts, by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, presented in a simplified manner which can be applied to daily modern life.

Today, this humanitarian, spiritual leader inspires one of the world's largest volunteer-run NGOs.
Her friend had come to visit her and as always was energetic and positive about her life despite having a busy job and a growing family.
In a happy state of mind, everything gets done effortlessly and you become very creative in getting tasks done. With regular practice of meditation, the stresses drop away and your natural happiness and energy expands.
Well, in the same way, discover the most convenient 20 minutes of the day for yourself and make meditation a part of your day!
In meditation, the deep impressions of the day, which drag us down, are effortlessly released.
Do you live in a cramped apartment with family or others who expect you to be on call at all times? Be very clear with the people around you that meditation is important to you, and ask them to respect your time and space. Do you have a sedentary job and feel the tension in your shoulders and back after a day spent in front of the computer?
Make sure to choose some different yoga asanas from time to time in your regime, which will help add a different flavor to it and keep away the boredom. It is just a matter of learning how to use these ten fingers to create something so melodious.
We should just do it – the art of meditation, learning meditation, 3-4 days - simple steps - you get the most profound experience in life. Are acne, obesity, hypertension, facial hair, irregular periods, sluggishness, and hair loss giving you the jitters? For instance, you can adjust your work timings in such a way that you get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep. And along with it comes stress in all its various forms – anxiety, impatience, irritability, restlessness, hypertension, and even mood swings! It is a meditation where our attention is guided to energy centers in the body, releasing stress and unblocking our energy channels. This was followed by Sri Kriti- Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna, a mega art competition in April 2010; over 3 lakh school children from Delhi were a part of this program.
This camp also included the Art of Living Part 1 course and put their experience of being the serene environment of the Art of Living International Center with the strokes of their brushes. She shared that this was the first camp of its kind, where the artists learnt the Art of Living Part 1 meditations along with their paintings. Monica knew that her friend was a regular meditator and wanted to experience the same zest for life. At the same time, be gentle and accommodate the noise, the chaos, and the complaints with a smile. Fill in the form below to learn more about how meditation can aide you in overcoming daily issues and improve your life. You don’t have to go to the Himalayas, you don’t have to become a recluse, change your lifestyle, and do a lot of penance to attain meditation!
And as you practice on a regular basis – once a day, twice a day, you feel there is a transformation, you will notice a big transformation within yourself! Try a few natural means for PCOS treatment and find yourself in the right spirit to take on your life with a smile. If you are having difficulty in sleeping, a tablet of Narayan Kalpa after dinner and before bedtime might help.
It exercises all parts of your body and is the equivalent of a rejuvenating full body massage. The digestive fire is at its peak in the morning and slows down towards the end of the day. This will regulate your sweet intake because your blood sugar level might shoot rapidly at times, encouraging excessive insulin production, which puts you at a higher risk of diabetes.
But negativity or aversion for even one person can guarantee a one-way ticket to hell, you need nothing else. As art in itself is considered a kind of meditation; how would it be to introduce artists to spirituality and knowledge? It is just a little skill to see how we can calm the mind and get in touch with the depth of energy, getting in touch with the source of energy that we are. And not only you, people around you will also start recognizing the beautiful energy that you carry along with you. Dr Shiksha Thakur, an Ayurveda expert, confirms that most of her patients who tried this meditation on a regular basis have given positive feedback. The mind becomes calm and serene, it gets access to this enormous intelligence and energy that we possess within us.
So everybody should meditate for a few minutes every day and make life free of stress and have more happiness in life. It is just that skill to see how, just that skill to take deep rest, yet being alert and conscious. Once you’ve consulted the doctor, you can buy it online here or from an Art of Living Divine Shop close to your residence.
When you land with a thud, possibly even hurting yourself a little, that feeling is quite similar to what you might feel when your prana or energy level is low. When our prana level is high, we are naturally happy and relaxed, and that’s how meditation helps.

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