This article in the New Zealand Press by a member of the New Zealand Diamond Way sangha gives an excellent description of Buddhist meditation. Through various meditation methods we learn to hold the mind still in one place so we can see it.
As one learns to hold the mind in one place through meditation, our friends, family and colleagues will gradually notice changes in us. Another unexpected gift is that through meditation we begin to understand that there is no ego. Diamond Way Buddhism UK is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under charity number 1093406, and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 04459822, with its registered office at The Beaufoy Institute, 39 Black Prince Road, London SE11 6JJ. When you are just entering into meditation, there might be too much disturbance inside you. All the garbage you have collected over the years will be sitting inside, waiting to jump on you!
Straightaway, if you try to sit still and meditate, all you will be witnessing is the terrible disturbance inside. When your mind is still, all the chaos in the deeper layers of your system has a chance to come to the surface and be thrown out. These techniques are outwardly chaotic, but inwardly, they can lead you to an experience of peace, of silence.
When you breathe chaotically, for instance, you will see that the opposite experience begins to happen inside you.

When you try to sit silently, you begin to be aware of all the madness inside, all your suppressed thoughts, your words and confusions.
Once you have settled into meditation, once you have cleaned out your system, you can try any technique you want.
If we imagine the mind is like a mirror, we are absorbed by the pictures in the mirror (thoughts, feelings and images) and do not see the mirror itself. By watching our mind, we see that thoughts and feelings appear, play around and then disappear again.
Turning our intellectual understanding into something deeper, taking it from our head to our heart and into our daily life. Whatever you have suppressed, all the physical and mental disturbances, everything will start bubbling to the surface.
Most of all, we think that it is something separate and special from our everyday activities. Constantly following our thoughts and projections, we do not see the true nature of our mind.
When angry or jealous, we can use this information to help dissolve our disturbing emotions. The cells of our body, our thoughts, and our names even, are always changing and have no real existence. As beginners, we set up a practice place: a cushion, a quiet place, an inspirational buddha form and the like.

Fully present and aware, the highest of human qualities appear naturally: fearlessness, joy and active compassion. We are gaining a distance from our disturbing emotions, enabling us to choose how we react.
If we were not jealous five minutes before, may not be five minutes in the future, then why take our present feelings seriously as these will also pass. The only thing that doesn’t change and is ever present is awareness itself, which we call mind.
As we practice more, we learn to take the experience gained on the cushion out into our everyday activity. If we can act in all situations, times and places with these qualities, we bring an immense amount of happiness and reassurance to many people. When harmful words or actions are directed at us, understanding that there is no ego means there is no target and we cannot be hurt.

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