Stephen is nominated by The Economist and Intelligent Life magazines as one of 20 living polymaths, alongside Umberto Eco, Noam Chomsky and Michael Ignatieff.
Stephen to perform the complete music for piano and orchestra of Tchaikovsky over four BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall this summer. Stephen is the winner of Northwestern University's $50,000 Jean Gimbel Lane Prize in Piano Performance. Description: Newspaper article about a major shortage of asparagus due to the terrible weather conditions earlier in the season means that prices are expected to more than double the normal amount for a round of gras at the annual auction at The Fleece Inn, Bretforton on Sunday. This article template was originally created by Frits Wenneker but has been extensively modified for this website by Vel.

Transinsight wins public tender for the National Academy of Sciences – Leopoldina for creating a semantic search engine on demographic change.
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