How to find missing Stela?: To unlock the secret door in Tulum you must solve all 16 Mayan Stelae puzzles. Tip: You can also see the Stelae locations on your map if you synchronize the viewpoints of their respective area.
Does the game save each Stela you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Mayan Stone you just collected after solving the Stela puzzle. Please comment if you have any additional Assassin’s Creed 4 Stela location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. You can also see the stelae locations on your map if you synchronize the viewpoints of their respective area. If you want the extra story, there are several unlockables to be found, including several Sticky notes on the walls with QR codes. MANIFESTO OF THE INSTRUMENTS OF THE FIRST WILL writ by a TRUE DISCIPLE this day of 21 October 2013 in anticipation of the anniversary of HER ASCENSION. On the far right side of your Animus station, as you enter for the first time it should be located to your right.
On the second level (where you work with your Animus), in the security level 2 room in the top-left corner of the map, visible from the door on the opposite wall as you walk in.
Sticky Note 7 can be found between a poster of Edward Kenway (this one full body) and a group of beanbags. This Sticky Note is found in the cubicle with the guitar and the poster of Edward Kenway, found to the left of the receptionists desk on Level #2. Found on the third time you find yourself in the Abstergo corporation, this can be accessed when you get access to the Level 2 Security Room. When you gain access to Level 1 (should be during the second "real time" moment) walk past the desk you're supposed to go to.
During the fourth "present-day" sequence - after Memory Sequence 10 in the same room as the hackable computer to the north west of the room you've been interred. Remember that our relentless impertinent hollow drive to achieve anything our forebears did has lead to many embarrassments and disasters nuclear weaspons, superviruses genetically modified poisonfood toxic air plastic seawrack and seaspawn and the list goes on you can look it up for yourselves on the Internet - but all this too had a secret purpose in the end. When you enter the CCO's office during the second run through "real" time, you can find this Sticky Note.
Also, why does everyone have trouble finding these things when they're all marked on the map?
Sticky Note 20: On the fist floor in the same room as the server that can be hacked behind the Level 3 security door. Note 1 (Guess it's not the one in Melanie's office): On the fridge in the room you wake up in after completing Memory Sequence 10.
Note 18: On the wall at the bend in the corridor leading to the security room in the basement. Sticky note 16: Once you get access to Level 1 security areas and the ability to hack computers, go north-east from the main work area on the second floor and through the Level 1 security door.
There is a sticky note located in the CCO's office in the second play through in present time.

That would be sticky note 19, and it's on the edge of the cupboards closest to the left side of the office doors as you're heading out. Evie's search for the Piece of Eden continues as she examines the Notebook she recovered from Miss Throne's chest.
The Book says 'The London Assassin's had found the Shroud of Eden' which is supposed to heat the gravest injury. Now you need to find the Jackdaw sculpture, yes you got it right, it's the Edward's Kenway the Master Assassin's and the Pirate's Ship sculpture.
Along with the room clues, you can also complete the side objective to discover all the Kenway's memorabilia collection. You'll see an Underground secret room where you'll find Kenway's vault and the hidden key to unlock the Piece of Eden.
The real reason you'll want to unlock these Taverns is because once you dispose of all the goons, the barkeep will sell you information regarding secret treasures for 200 Reales. Head over to GameZone to check out the five secret achievements, worth a total of 90 Gamerscore, in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, along with brief directions on how to unlock them. Street racing opportunities are found throughout the streets of London after talking to Robert Topping. Note: All Fast Travel locations unlock when you synchronize each viewpoint so when you sync 1 viewpoint, you get the fast travel location from that area. You earn this after successfully flipping over five carriages on the London roads by shooting their horses. There’s one enemy standing under hanging barrels and two others will come to talk to him.
Note: If you are already on a high character level you should visit one of the harder fight clubs, otherwise the enemies might die too quickly. The only way to affect four enemies simultaneously is to shoot the darts into a fire source. Note: You are even allowed to leave the haystack and whistle at other enemies to lure them to you. Please comment if you have any Assassin’s Creed Syndicate achievement unlock tips of your own.
16 of the Mayan Stones gives access to the Tulum secret door, that unlocks the Mayan Outfit, which when worn repels enemy bullets. The in-game collectibles locations for the by the Mayan Stela revealed Mayan Stones are described in this detailed video guide.
Being that life can be as easily construed from primordial swamps as from a stinking Petri Dish we submit. Take computers which count so fast we cannot keep up nor should we for we are an imperfect race of disgusting shells of tissue and bone incomplete in and of ourselves. If you are facing the receptionist, you can see the sticky note behind her on the right hand side of the divider behind her desk. After you drop off the information to the courier, you can find this sticky note in the Level 2 clearance room behind the receptionists desk in the lobby.

After you get access to the Level 1 security areas, go northeast from the main work area on the second floor through the Level 1 security door. As you head north through the lobby and down the stairs towards the entrance to the building, behind the Level 3 security door to the left.
The sticky note is on the northern wall of the room on the left-hand side of the low shelving unit with the toys on it. Turn about 45 degrees to the right, and an Animus cubicle with a guitar and poster of Edward Kenway should be visible. I added your guide directions in and credited them where you had found it and I had not (yet). When she returned she gave that book to Green and he researched about the value of information that book contained. They say Edward had hidden it in the Kenway Mansion, you need to trespass the mansion and keep away from Miss Lucy. After all the collection head to the Examine room where you need to Press the right key of the Piano to unlock the secret door. While you can clearly view all of the Achievements here (or in game), there's a few hidden ones as well. That’s why you should climb onto a structure, it will let you aim the darts manually. The World War I simulation Fast Travel point (entrance) is located at the far right end of the Thames river. It serves as an Assassin’s Creed 4 Mayan Stones locations guide that unlock the secret door in Tulum that holds the coveted bulletproof Mayan Outfit! There has to be a moment in the story where you can grab it; it's just so frustrating watching it. Unique materials are obtained from locked chests (fixed locations) and by completing certain side quests.
You need to go to these Stelae locations, interact with the Statues and Symbols, and then line up the white lines with the objects on the floor to locate the Mayan Stone.
Some of them are on islands of dangerous ocean zones, so you should get your ship upgraded and continue with the story to make all locations accessible.
Progress to the last round and you should have more than enough enemies to get a x40 combo. The last two enemies are patrolling the area, whistle to lure them to you (press D-Pad down). Avoid being hit to keep your combo streak (counter when the bar above an enemy’s head is flashing yellow).
Make sure nobody sees how you assassinate someone from inside the haystack, it will blow your cover.

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