Successful people have been doing it for decades, our greatest teachers have been doing it for centuries. Living from fullness and experiencing deeper connection to life is possible with a sitting meditation practice. Not only does the practice allow for more VITALITY in the mind and body, you will be able to function and perform at a higher level because of a renewed CLARITY. Meditation will naturally allow you to become aware of your present moment where all of your power is. Anyone can meditate, even those with highly active minds.The more frenetic the mind, the less time you think you have, the more you would benefit from meditation. Within a week of a consistent meditation you will experience more harmony within daily life.
If you’re new to the practice you may want to quantify your journey by employing a meditation teacher. There is no magic “list” for what to do when beginning the process of sitting, so, here’s a list anyway. Books I’ve read say to keep the back as straight as comfortably possible, but I think the act of sitting is enough.
The rising of the diaphragm, the belly expanding, the skin right below the nose (feeling cool and warm air as you breathe in and out). We do this not because we are trying to shove thoughts out of the way, but, arriving at a gentle point where thought is not the main focus.
We’re looking for the peace, an equanimity (big word of the day) that comes with sitting with all of these thoughts and choosing to do nothing.
Also, the visions some people tend to have when their eyes are closed are so random, and detailed, it may be of benefit to keep the eyes open. Anyway, ten months later—I guess it could be said that the mere fact that I sit still in one place during busy days and meditate for 45 minutes is a feat. We have to find the middle way between these two words, where we can live and enjoy life and the moments that we might otherwise miss if we hadn’t decided to live more openly.
I have not long started meditation ( by not long I mean I have only been doing it for about 2months) and I try and do some every day, the mind wanders, the thoughts come in, they go, I count my breath, in and out etc etc, I watch the thoughts come and go and sometimes I try and chase them to see where they might end up and then I return to the breath.
Thanks Marco, I am just beginning to explore my own meditation practice and I really appreciate the way you described the process and experience. Guided Meditation- This type of meditation uses the imagination as a way to diffuse thoughts and distractions. Meditate First Thing in the Morning- Starting your day off with a meditation session is a great way to center yourself and keep a peaceful feeling throughout the day. Aknowledge Thoughts- When starting meditation it is difficult to stop the endless chatter of the mind.

If you are interested in learning more about simple meditation techniques this book is helpful to get you started or find some guided meditations here.
As we practice, we naturally become calm, relaxed, comfortable and we find that meditation is soothing and enjoyable.
This is a wonderful place to begin or deepen your meditation practice, a precious part of the full yoga practice. When we cultivate our attention, we have ability to focus our energy to accomplish more with less energy. With continued practice, you will know more, do more and be more.The results are cumulative and over time people come to relish the daily practice. The key is to know that you are doing it correctly by having an understanding of the process. What makes me the right person to sit down with her and explain to her the benefits and gifts that being mindful can bring?
I don’t find the middle path, I haven’t thought before I’ve acted and rarely have I ever not not let my emotions completely overtake me. Sit down with your back straight—ideally there isn’t a slouch in the spine (but there is in mine every time).
One could also count the breath starting at 1 (for both the in and out breath) and continuing to 10, starting over every time you lose track. Just return to the breath, don’t judge yourself, don’t say “I can’t do this, I should stop.” That is a continued creation of the mind. He has performed a great deal in Cincinnati (thanks in part to the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati) and throughout the country. Good genes, plenty of exercise, and eating right should help, but you might also want to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe properly to meditate. I had a vague understanding before but this certainly helps to validate that I was leaning in the right direction. Wise Zen masters agree that you should meditate at least 15 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, in that case you should meditate for an hour! Focus on the breath to quiet the mind and when thoughts appear in your mind don’t suppress or ignore them but use your breath as an anchor as you watch every thought come and go.
By including meditation into your morning routine you are able to make time for this ritual before you get carried away by the events of the day. Allow yourself to simply observe these thoughts without getting distracted and allow the thought to slip away. Where postures bring fitness and vitality to the body, meditation brings health and wellness to the mind. However, whatever it is your mind and body is asking for to achieve balance is what you will receive from a daily practice.

We have the ability to receive higher thoughts and follow inspiration- in other words, more ah-ha moments. Its a tremendous act of self-love to meditate, and it’s also immense value to others involved in your life.
He found his way to meditation, and mindfulness through study, research, and the desire to change. I decided a couple of years ago to just do it and be present without all the effort and addiction.
People are discovering that meditation practice can take you inside for an out-of-the-world experience. For many of us in the western world finding time to meditate can seem impossible between work and family obligations and never ending To-Do lists.
Engaging the senses helps to become fully immersed into the daydream making a more vivid experience. There are times when the mind wanders away from the breath which is a normal part of meditation. Whether it be hope, fear or anxiety allow yourself to become aware of your thoughts and actions in the present moment without judgement.
When the mind is focused, free and clear, we are able to connect to the teacher within and to our guides, bringing a sense of inner peace and purpose to our lives. This article will share with you just how important meditation is for our health and simple ways to include meditation into your daily routine.
This deeply relaxed state allows us to draw insight and inspiration from the subconscious mind.
When you begin to notice that the breath is not being observed simply bring the awareness back to the experience of breathing. Meditation offers space to breathe, to be and to sit quietly in a place of healing and light.
Effort was an enemy to me in the process because it unintentionally created it's own form identity.
Several kinds of meditation will be offered and discussion always follows to share insights, ask questions and get to know your fellow yogis. All are welcome to join in our circle of quiet and powerful transformation.

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