Beattie’s 12-step workbook is designed not only for those suffering from codependency but also for those experiencing phobias and other addictions and disorders. In bite-size pieces, the author helps readers understand the progression of grief, the intrinsic anger and guilt of the process, and the steps for planning a new future. Because every addictive act is preceded by a feeling of helplessness, the key to quitting is to recognize and deal with the triggers. An oxymoron if there ever was one, a good divorce is one that, though not great, can be civilized and relatively painless. Returning war veterans will find practical advice on seeking employment or education, obtaining VA medical benefits, and locating VA facilities. Life guidance comes from Americans aged 65 and older who have successfully navigated marriage, careers, finances, and aging. Ethical, appreciative, and empathetic are just three of the 19 traits shared by exemplary human beings.
Wann draws on biology, anthropology, history, and psychology to argue that the current paradigm of bigger and more is not working.
SELF-e is an innovative collaboration between Library Journal and BiblioBoard® that enables authors and libraries to work together and expose notable self-published ebooks to voracious readers looking to discover something new. This list of Best Books 2011: Self-Help not only offers a great choice of self help books, it also provides a bit of insight as to what people had issues with. Tony Robbins is an award winning author & success coach that has a masterful understanding of psychology, and he utilizes his knowledge perfectly in ‘Awaken the Giant Within,’ in hopes of changing your life for the better. This book was absolutely ground-breaking when it was released, and still, over 20 years later, it continues to captivate people, and change their lives entirely. Think and Grow Rich is a book that’s constantly been at the top of bestselling lists, and will go down in history as being one of the most influential books of all time.
This is a book that can absolutely benefit everyone that possesses it, no matter what route they’re taking in life. In the sixty plus years this book has been on bookshelves, it’s changed the lives of thousands of men and women that have possessed it, and followed the steps outlined in it. Viktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning, is a psychiatrist that spent part of his life in Nazi death camps.
Did you know that the thoughts you think every single day have the power to impact your life negatively or positively? Life can be stressful at times, and seemingly unbearable when you get down to the nitty gritty of it all. Far be it from me to tell you how to choose the best self help books — a good self help book is any book that helps you.
Written by one of the creators of the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series has designed a fun to read guide full of timeless information and inspiration that acts as a road map for the principles of self help.
An easy to read ten-step guide to self help for teens uses historical and anecdotal stories about teens to instruct teenagers in how to improve their lives.
Problems with procrastination, envy, anger, self-pity, and compulsion are covered in this popular self help book for men by famous author Dr. Written in cooperation with famous preacher and Christian theologian Charles Self, Les Hewitt discusses strategies for bettering your life and forming a balance between self-help and service to God.
Many people are not living up to their true potentials and the bulk of the reason being that they don’t better themselves enough. Books won’t solve all your problems, but you can bet that they will help push you in the right direction.
Below we have listed 23 of the best books to help solve some of your worldly problems and set you in a direction towards living better. Viktor Frankl presents some graphic depictions of life from his own experience in the World War II Nazi death camps to put an exclamation mark on his lessons for spiritual survival.
The book takes the form of an interview with the Dalai Lama by author and psychiatrist Howard Cutler, who interjects explanations to compare and equate Eastern and Western philosophies.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is one of the best known self-help books because nearly every major corporation in the world has employed it as a textbook for employee training.
Schwartz reminds us through this book to “see what can be, not just what is.” A visionary himself, he explains that visualization adds value to everything, and thinking big means training ourselves to see not only the present reality, but the potential of what is to come. Og Mandino recovered from alcoholism and thoughts of suicide after reading self-help books. Harold Kushner addresses a question that is controversial land debatable: “Why, if the universe was created, and is governed by, a God who is of a good and loving nature, is there so much suffering and pain in it?” A conservative rabbi, Kushner explores the evidential problem of evil. Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder and Director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the Massachusetts Medical Center where he teaches people to reduce their stress and chronic pain through what he calls “mindfulness meditation.” In this book he explains mindfulness meditation consists simply of living in the present. Eckhart Tolle has written a book to help readers escape the committee of voices in their heads and be free of their chattering minds. Don Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican author and New Age spiritualist whose teachings are significantly influenced by the work of Carlos Castaneda. Popular as a frequent TV talk show guest, spiritual guru Chopra sums up his teachings in 7 basic principles which can be applied to all areas of your personal life.
This “handbook” conveys a Buddhist notion that all unhappiness in life stems from our addiction to our expectations of what is going to happen, and teaches us to be free of those expectations so that we are liberated. In this classic self-help book, Peck explains how to have a more complete life, focusing on love and relationships.
American author and relationship counselor John Gray wrote this book, ranked the “highest ranked work of non-fiction” of the 1990s.
With the practical techniques outlined in this book, you can energize your life and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes. The Alchemist is a mythical story of Santiago, a shepherd boy who wants to travel in search of an extravagant treasure. British philosopher and author James Allen published this book as an inspirational treatise. Successful self-published authors have their own secrets on how they are able to reach the peak of self-publishing triumph. We all know people who are a little too sentiments with their things, but compulsive hoarding is something else altogether. One of the most popular and common subjects of self improvement books involves success, productivity, and reaching your goals. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, by Stephen R. As we get older, it can be easy to let life overtake and overwhelm us so that we forget who we are and what makes us happy.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness, by Daniel G.
Health: one of the most important parts of life, but yet the one that is the most overlooked. These self improvement books are our personal favorites when it comes to keeping your body fit and clean. Love makes the world go round – and that doesn’t just mean love between significant others. An expert on divorce litigation, Felder clearly explains the court system and other issues that separating couples need to understand. Four appendixes list an abundance of transition-related websites, phone numbers, and recovery care programs. The author skillfully weaves a prevailing theme with self-disclosing statements from interviewees to create a most compelling, inspiring book. Integrating biographical material with the theories of Maslow, Van de Mark pulls from history and modern times to showcase the best of humanity: inspiring. Finally, a simple and effective way to catalog and provide access to ebooks by local authors and build a community around indie writing! Whenever you’re feeling down, you can open up a self development book to turn your spirits around.
Grant Cardone has a message that he wants to get across to you, and he tries that with this book. He outlines a step-by-step guide that will allow you to find your purpose in life, take control of your life, and then how you can shape your destiny. This book is still being featured on bestselling charts, and has sold well over 10 million copies to date. From the entrepreneur to the stay-at-home mom, this is a book that will put a smile across your face, no matter what mood you’re in. Whether you need this for personal use, or you’d like to incorporate the techniques outline in this book to the business world, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

During this time, he witnessed the demise of his brother, his parents, and even his pregnant wife. If you’re thinking negative all the time, you’re less likely to become a successful person. In a stressful world, you have to learn to cope with stress, and not allow the small stuff to drive you absolutely insane.
The book is divided into ten short chapters which include: How it Feels to be Angry, The Different Faces of Anger, Five Steps to Taming That Temper, and Grrrreat Ways to Keep Your Cool. Having said that, a list of the best selling self help books will get you started on your way to self improvement. Inside, you can find 100 short chapters focusing on helping teenagers improve their selves, from love life to work to school. Topics covered include avoiding guilt, dealing with your sexual partner’s difficulties, staying fit and healthy in a fast food world, and overcoming self-loathing. This self help book is aimed at women who who want to meet the high demands of the other people in her lives, namely men.
Christians will be comfortable with the Christ-centered advice for self help, without feeling like they’re missing out on the basic psychology of self help. Luckily other before you have encountered the same problems and have decided to bless us with their ways of overcoming them through writing.
Reading is one of the best ways to exercise your mind and start taking control of your life. A motivational speaker, Robbins has formatted the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques developed by Bandler and Grinder to show you how to master your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. From this dark perspective, he argues that we cannot avoid suffering, but it is up to us to choose how to cope with it, derive meaning from it, and use our experience to move forward with our lives. He explores the concept that the purpose of life is happiness, and that happiness is dependent on the state of one’s mind rather than on external conditions, circumstances, or events. This book is has been the salesman’s bible for nearly seven decades because, a salesman himself, Carnegie shows how he was successful by winning the affection and inspiring confidence in others. Rejuvenated, he published this book in 1968, centered around a fictional character named Hafid, who encounters various Biblical figures along his life pathway and learns from each of them. The book is dedicated to the memory of his son, Aaron, who died at the age of 14 of an incurable genetic disease. This book made publishing history as the bestselling book on the USA Today list for 2 consecutive years.
In a light and humorous way the book presents a single idea related to mindfulness in each short chapter. Burroughs, the bestselling author of Running With Scissors, #1 on the New York Times list in 2002, gives us some incisive advice about how to survive what you think you can’t in this book. The Four Agreements, first published in 1997, has sold nearly 5 million copies and it continues to be a valid self-help textbook. His underlying premise is that personal understanding and harmony promote healthy relationships and material abundance without extra effort. This perennial bestseller is more popular than ever, and countless people have experienced dramatic changes in their lives once they began to apply the simple, effective techniques described in the book.
Love, he urges readers to understand, is about working to nurture and understand another human being, working together to solve problems and challenges. From his home in Spain he travels to Morocco and across the Egyptian desert to a fateful encounter with the alchemist. For some, they use their intellect and creativity in making decisions while they pursue the path of becoming their own publishers of their work. However, getting knowledge on how to grow as a person is something to be lauded, not scorned.
Here are our personal favorite self improvement books in whichever area of your life you want to improve! These self improvement books can help you figure out ways to relieve your stress, increase your happiness, and find peace with yourself so that you can live your life to the fullest. There are many relationships that matter to us in our lives, from our parents to our siblings to our friends to our spouses. These self improvement books are our personal favorites, and they’re bound to help you find success and happiness while improving your health and relationships.
We have rounded up some great books coming out this month that will inspire you to be incredible both at home and in the workplace.
You may also find that they have the ability to open a doorway into your future; completely altering your life for the better. He believes that there is a level of action that you must be able to achieve in order to get results. The techniques in this book will help you become a master of controlling your own emotions, finances, your body, your relationships with others, and even your life. As the title suggests, Stephen Covey outlines the seven habits that highly effective people possess in order to become successful, and he tries to guide you through adopting these habits and incorporating them into your own life.
Napoleon Hill outlines ideas and information that will help you change your life; from finances to your attitude, turning it around completely. If you possess negative habits that you want to replace with successful habits, this book will give you the guidance you need in order to alter your life.
Frankl explains in this book that there is no way, as humans, that we can avoid suffering in life. Richard Carlson outlines some advice that will help you reach your inner-peace and calm down whenever life throws lemons at you.
Illustrated with amusing cartoons, the text is minimal and is written in a positive, chatty tone. This book acts as an antidote for these common problems, both explaining the reasons that men get in their own way and sharing ideas for self help that have helped thousands of Dr. Written by a bartender (who better to give advice to men about self help?) this book provides a unique perspective on the problems men face. Meridian therapy, a tactic that works with both Chinese medicine like acupuncture and acupressure and Western stress relief tactics, focuses on eight power points on the female body that help to get rid of anxiety, emotional turmoil from different traumas, and ways to heal difficulties in interpersonal relationships. This book promises women the ability to learn the tools necessary to change their crippling fears into courageous actions that lead to a better expression of self. This book suggest that women re imagine their negative past experiences in order to form new behaviors that will lead to stronger emotional growth. He has been a leader in the contemporary self-help field since the 1990 and advocates concentration of power, or the harnessing all your energy and ability to accomplish your goals. His observations while imprisoned led to his groundbreaking development of the psychological field of logotherapy, a counter-Freudian theory that human beings are not programmed to seek pleasure, but rather to seek a meaning in life. The Dalai Lama explains how, once basic survival needs are met, serenity is achieved by systematic training of our hearts and minds. His basic principles are to practice kindness, avoid criticism, remember names, and to listen carefully. Covey reveals a pathway for living based on fairness in all things, honesty and integrity, charitable service, and a focus on human dignity – principles that enable us to adapt to change and take advantage of the opportunities that change brings.
Among the first self-help authors, this book is as relevant today as it was seven decades ago. It is a classic motivational book that explains three failure “diseases” that affect many people – excuses, too much attention to detail, and procrastination.
He shares his wisdom as a rabbi, a parent, a reader, and a human being, in a poignant classic that offers clear thinking and consolation in times of sorrow, bringing solace and hope to millions of readers. It has become a cult classic spawning several websites and blogs that spring from the 100 short chapters of timeless wisdom.
If you are overweight but fail at every diet, if you lost your job and have been unemployed for months, if your child dies, if you are diagnosed with cancer, if you just can’t get over the past, if you’re lost in life, if you have ever wondered, “how am I supposed to survive this?” This is How.
This book proposes a healthier alternative – to find the life beyond our immediate situation, to surrender to the present, and quit living in the past or worrying about the future. Ruiz argues that we need to be free of false beliefs and agreements we have made with ourselves and others – agreements that are creating limitations and unhappiness in our lives. Each chapter provides specific instruction to achieve success by following 7 “laws” he calls natural laws. In a few chapters, a step-by-step method teaches us how to abandon the programming that does not serve us and replace it with bliss. The metaphor upon which the book is based has become a part of popular culture and the foundation for the author’s subsequent books, recordings, seminars, theme vacations, a one-man Broadway show and TV sitcom. The treasures he finds on his journey are metaphors that are meant to teach us to listen to our hearts, learn to read the signs along the pathway of life, and, above all, to follow our dreams.

Allen asserts people must take responsibility for themselves and their actions and continually work to improve their minds. Learning about yourself and new ways to think, act, or treat yourself is something you should always be doing. If you’re feeling yourself lacking willpower or are unsure of which direction to take to reach your goals, check out this list! He calls this level of action the ‘10X Rule,’ which will completely change your mindset, and get you mentally prepared to tackle big goals that can and will certainly change your life. This is an excellent book choice for those who want to learn self-mastery, and how they can use it to alter their future.
They will enable you to go forth on your own path, and aid you in your journey of self development.
In a world full of negativity, this book focuses on heart-warming stories that will inspire you to reevaluate your life, and focus on the things which are truly important to you. The advice in this book is timeless, and is perfect for the day-to-day salesman, as well as people that just simply want to acquire more personal friends.
You will learn how to take every bad thing that life throws your way and turn it into a learning experience that will breed creative opportunities. However, we do have the ability to decide how we cope with suffering, what we can learn from it, and how we can move on from it.
He proves that if you make some small daily changes to your life, you’ll see some drastic changes in yourself, and you’ll encounter far less stressful situations. Chapters often include 5 or 10 tips such as how to relax or steps to take to solve anger problems.
As a bonus, a new edition of this book offers hundreds of new pages of material aimed at today’s women. This book introduces some powerful ideas that are easy to practice, and can be life changing. The book is at times horrific and depressing, but despite the atrocities and human degradation he describes, Frankl lightens the tone in places with some dark humor and undeniable hope.
Covey believes success is directly proportional to our willingness to align our lives with certain universal core principles.
Think and Grow Rich condenses Hill’s principles of success into 13 principles of personal achievement. This book teaches readers the ability to think big so that they make better decisions and avoid the negative thinking that derails success. We learn that life is not an emergency, that we should be comfortable knowing that we do not know, and that life is a lot easier when we let it happen and respond calmly, rather than trying desperately to control the uncontrollable. The Buddhist origins of mindfulness meditation are evident at times, as Kabat-Zinn draws from both East and West to help those who are suffering from the stress of modern life and may be suffering from chronic illnesses.
The book draws from a many spiritual traditions and has been described by some as a New Age version of Zen. Ultimately, this book is about finding our own sense of integrity, self-love, and peace by absolving ourselves from responsibility for the woes of others. Chopra says personal success is not the outcome of hard work, precise plans or a driving ambition, but is the result of understanding our basic nature as human beings and how to follow the laws of nature. We learn to operate from plane of higher consciousness and be rid of reacting to life with emotional responses. Peck pigeonholes the two fundamental neuroses of the world – (1) you think you are responsible for all the world’s problems, or (2) you think the world is responsible for your problems.
The book states that most of common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the genders. Either way, there’s no doubt that these books are excellent resources of life-changing information, which is why you should consider checking out our list of the best self development books of all time.
He guides you through understanding why this rule is so vital to your success, and then teaches you how to apply it to your action plan. The book encompasses the experiences of 500 powerful men that were wealthy, yet started from absolutely nothing. This best-seller based on Frankl’s own experiences will grip your heart and change your life. He explains how you can harness the power of your mind, and your thoughts, to become a successful individual, which makes this one of the best self development books of all time. This is certainly one of the best self development books, and you should add it to your library.
There is a message for parents and teachers on what to do to help angry kids as well as additional resources for kids, parents and teachers. Full of humor as well as insight, this is an easy read for even the most inexperienced student of self help. His experience illustrates that the psychological reactions of prisoners are not solely the result of the conditions they face, but also a result of the choices they make. Exquisitely written, every chapter outlines sensible, helpful life skills that would benefit anyone in any decade.
The concept behind the book is that rich people know how to make money work for them while poor people work for money. The underlying philosophy is that an individual with desire, faith, and persistence can reach great success by eliminating all negative energy and thoughts and focusing at the greater goals in hand.
The book has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, and continues to be a favorite source of self-help advice. Like people from different planets, each gender is anchored to the society and customs of its own reality, but not to those of the other. Peale shows how to improve your personal and professional relationships, how to gain control over your circumstances, and how to be kind to yourself. He believes that noble thoughts make a noble person, and Allen shows us how to master our thoughts to create the life we want rather than drifting through life unaware of the forces that keep us bound to failure and frustration. The 10x Rule will change how you think about your goals and force you to raise your standards which will take your life to a whole new level. Peck pragmatically takes on topics like taking responsibility, the healthiness of depression, and the myth of romantic love.
Gray asserts that each gender can be understood in terms of the distinct ways they respond to stress and stressful situations, and he shows how we need to embrace our gender differences to get along. So, decide what seems so suitable to your publishing and book marketing needs and get that recognition that these authors have reached.
According to the book, only the present moment is important, and the past and future are but ephemeral thoughts.
This book will not only tell you what you should do to become rich, and take control of your life, but it will also provide you with instructions on how to do it. He proposes a regimen of relaxation and meditation that helps the reader become anchored to the present. Made up of multiple colors, One has big feet and loves eating popsicles while standing upside down. It’s a story to inspire you to welcome that idea, to give it some space to grow, and to see what happens next. A piece of bread spread thick with peanut butter searches fruitlessly for a friend to play soccer with—until he finally meets his other half (you can probably guess where this is going).
The silly rhyming wordplay is great fun, and the story of finally finding a friend who completes you is heart-warming.
What sets this book apart are the pictures, which blend real food (enhanced with spindly paperclip arms and legs) with watercolor backgrounds into unique, low-fi works of art.
It takes a warped, wonderful mind to imagine a hamburger taking two hot dogs for a walk, and a mad genius to illustrate it.
As he goes about his day, Felix interacts with different people — his sister Anna, his grandfather, other family and friends. Using the metaphor of a bucket and dipper, Felix’ grandfather explains why the happy people make Felix feel good, while the others leave him feeling bad — and how Felix himself is affecting others, whether he means to or not. This beautifully illustrated adaptation takes the original book’s powerful message — that the way we relate to others has a profound effect on every aspect of our lives — and tailors it to a child’s unique needs and level of understanding.
Now thanks to a Brazilian children’s book publisher, that is possible, at least for one book!

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