And, as with almost any question like this, there’s no single correct answer that fits everyone. A lot of people find that this is the best introduction to meditation – classes add a degree of formality and a structure to meditating which can be difficult to replicate at home. These are available in custom sets of meditations or you can buy an individual guided meditation on sites like Amazon for under a dollar. Which makes this a really affordable way to test out a new meditation technique without breaking the bank.
Of course, there are more expensive guided meditations available as well, but it’s a good place to start your search and find a technique that works for you. Research into what happens during meditation has shown that our brainwaves change state from one that supports thinking and creativity to one that is more relaxed. And, scientists being what they are, they decided to find out whether they could mimic that state without having to practice for what seems like forever. The good part is that you don’t need to know all the scary science behind this meditation technique. This entry was posted in meditation and tagged best meditation techniques, binaural beats meditation, guided meditation, meditation techniques on February 5, 2013 by Life Matrix. The really great thing is, that whatever the reason for starting, all the other benefits tend to manifest as a natural consequence. Having a daily meditation practice encourages free-thought, gives you access to powerful inner-guidance, and allows you to perform right-action in your life.
Your attention determines your thoughts > Your thoughts determine your emotions > Your emotions fuel your actions > And your actions determine your results in life. These little moments of choice will become more and more frequent in your day-to-day life, and you will exercise your choice to create your life in the way that you want it – rather than in the compulsive, unconscious way we were raised to live. Select a gentle piece of music without lyrics (new-age stuff is good) or a playlist that lasts for 20 minutes. If a thought comes into mind (and they will, relentlessly!), simply return your focus to the breath without judgement. Now, depending on the emotional point you are starting from, there is a chance this process will completely frustrate and annoy you.
Sure, you can listen to the guided meditation as many times as you like, but you’ll quickly get the gist of it and be able to do it for yourself soon enough.

And if you need extra help, there’s always the Accelerated Meditation, which is what I use every day. With this Buddhist Meditation plan for beginners, you will learn the best Buddhist meditation techniques for quieting your mind, cultivating inner peace and achieving sustained happiness. The first step in our meditation plan for beginners is simply to acquaint yourself with the different types of techniques. In a moment we will look at how to use these techniques for beginners in an ideal meditation plan. When beginning a new meditation practice, you may find that it proves to be too difficult to simply relax and think of nothing. What meditation techniques did you use as a beginner?  Please leave your suggestions in the comment area below.  Your input will be appreciated. A large number of people tries out meditating at least once in their life, but rarely do they succeed. In order to learn how to do it properly, you need some tips on the best meditation techniques. When you are doing your meditation, you must be aware that it is an active process and that you are doing it for a precise reason.
When you need to learn meditation, nothing is worst than having a hostile and noisy environment around you. But if you read the notes below, you should be able to work out what will work best for you. Listen to the sample of the track first to check that you get on with the sound of the person’s voice as that can affect your meditation experience. And, whilst there may or may not be some truth in that suggestion, a lot of people prefer to get a faster result.
Breathe into your stomach (this stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, or a relaxation response). Whatever comes up for you in meditation, just know that that is what is supposed to be happening for you at that moment. You’ll only know how worth it it was when your life is how you want it to be, and not some sad rerun of today. Perhaps you’ll wake up early in the morning before the rest of your household to have those quiet 10 minutes each day, for others it might be during the lunch hour outside in a park.

Regardless of whether you wish to spend 10 minutes or 10 hours in meditation, slow, deep, methodical breathing will relax the body and bring in oxygen to both the lungs and blood stream. Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be, and beginners at meditation should start with the most easy and simple approaches.
Most of the times, they are discouraged and thus a small percentage sticks with learning meditation on the long run. We compiled a small list below; if you have tried meditating in the past but felt it was not beneficial, try it again using the methods that follow. Entering a meditation feeling distressed or not calm is never going to bring good results; first of all, you need preparation. Meditation is the art of focus all in one point without thinking about things that are external to it; never forget it. Not everywhere is going to give you the same results when meditating, so you should experiment as much as possible before giving up and believing that spiritual meditation is not made for you.
Make sure that nobody disturbs you when you are meditating, as a beginner you are more prone to feeling frustration when being interrupted, risking to convert the whole experience in a nightmare.
If you are looking for some music to relax, there are many examples on our youtube channel. After a little while, you begin to become aware of what your attention focuses on, a process that is usually completely unconscious, and deeply ingrained. In this article we prescribe a set meditation training plan, suggesting when to do each technique, but feel free to meditate according to your own plan.
Read through these descriptions and click the link for more detailed information on each technique. Many people prefer to meditate in the evening to relax after a busy day and to open their mind to a deeper dream state. We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly.
This is very unfortunate, as they have probably approached the practice with not enough information to obtain a satisfactory result from it.

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