Additionally, Katy lived overseas in Kenya for 3.5 years and understands the transitions that children and families go through as they move to new locations. As the director of special needs at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, Katy helped international schools integrate special education services alongside regular education programs.
Lastly, another success story we observed was a young child (male) who improved so much during the course of training that the school decided (along with her parents) that his specialized Individual Education Program (IEP) was no longer needed!  The school was amazed at how much improvement he displayed. Contact our office at 1-800-850-0535 to schedule an intake assessment and to see how this program can help you or your child achieve their goals!
Our whole family was evaluated in August 2011 to see how we could benefit from neurofeedback training. Our son is still a very active little guy, but has shown a lot of improvement the ability to really engage with us. The satisfaction rate with our program (measured weekly for each participant) was 100% positive! We started with the Ready to Focus program to help our three children who were dealing with a variety of issues that were preventing them from achieving their highest potential in school and in everyday life. We work with adults and children with attentional deficits that affect their academic and social lives. All biofeedback modalities are ways for the body to learn to self regulate and get past troubling symptoms that hold us back from full health.
For professional psychologists, psychiatrists and trainers in helping their Clients, and for anyone wishing to better manage stress, thoughts and emotions by self-training at home.
In addition, she has completed training in neurofeedback services and uses that additional knowledge to guide individuals and families to find ways to bring out the best in children. She has K-12 experience in both regular education and special education and has been teaching for over 25 years.

As a result, she is able to help families through changes of all typesa€¦from country to country or from home school to a brick and mortar school setting. Just recently, she has been working with a school in Jordan to facilitate their special needs program. Our daughtera€™s teacher told us that she used to have to call on her; that she always seemed like she was staring through her.
Their issues included difficulties with focus, attention, anxiety, social awareness, impulsivity and sleep problems. Our clients can do therapy either on medication or not, depending on the preference of the client. You can 'teach' your body to get past anxiety and depression, chronic pain, attentional deficits, migraine syndrome and other headaches. These disorders look different in adult behavior than children, but the underlying causes are the same – dysregulation of 'brain wave' frequencies.
With biofeedback and Neurofeedback, the circle can be broken so that health and vitality can return. Psychological research shows how you can easily and totally relax in a matter of seconds, using a method learn by playing this simple game.
I feel more focused and free on the golf course thanks to Brad Oostindie and his team at Ready to Focus.
He used to be either in his own little world or completely distracted by everything going on around him. Van Meter coming soon!  To schedule at our new offices or at our existing West Michigan office call 1-800-850-0535. I was a bit anxious about training three children in the home based program, but I soon realized the RTF home-based program is set up in a way that was convenient to use and my children enjoyed it.

It is important to us that we work closely with your physician (or your child's pediatrician) regarding medication issues. The aim of this expanded biofeedback training is to serve the clients' best interest of healing and self regulation. Homework used to be a nightly battle, but she now sits and focuses on her homework easily without tears.
Now, he seems aware of what is going on around him, yet able to focus in on what he needs to listen to. They would come home from school and ask to train!  In three months, we were able to train each child 40+ hours. This game will teach you how to get rid of nagging thoughts and to concentrate on here and now. She is also able to help families with educational transitions, behavioral interventions, and with understanding how to effectively deal with public schools over special education issues. A year ago, I woulda€™ve found some work related reason to stay behind or I woulda€™ve spent the entire time rethinking conversations or daydreaming about things I had to do. So, we set up the a€?brain traina€? station as we called it and started in on a schedule for all four of us to train a few times a week for the next few months. Last year, the kids woulda€™ve likely been hopped up on out of control impulses, unable to focus and follow a conversation. Also, we were able to train three children, plus myself, for a fraction of the cost it would have been with an in-office approach.

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