I spiraled in the early part of my career in a never-ending cycle of stressful jobs, working overtime hours, and developing health issue after health issue until I identified this view. Now it’s time to look at your own views and how they might stop you from asking for the support you need to make your idea happen. If at the core of your being you actually don’t think your idea is worthy, or more personally, you’re worthy of investment—the matrix of voices in your head will feed your fears about this.
Can you see how these little self-fulfilling prophecies that you created in your head have absolute power over your actions? If you wait to share or take an action on your idea, or wait to ask for funding until you believe you have earned it, you may never make your idea happen.
Sign up for our exclusive Big Idea Assessment Checklist and Idea Launch Video to get you going fast! The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens : Activities to Help You Build Confidence and Achieve Your Goals by Lisa M. Overview - As a teen, it is incredibly important to have self-confidence, especially when you consider societal pressures about appearance and grades.

Today, I’m going to start the process of uncovering your baggage so that you can build self confidence to move your ideas forward. Because I didn’t even know this view was driving me, I acted on it unconsciously, like it was true, until I realized it was just a view, not truth. When it comes to your ideas, I have found that most people’s idea baggage falls into seven distinct categories. Those same voices are stopping you from engaging with your partners, obtaining funding, and advancing your idea. Let’s shift your awareness by exploring the next view so that it is no longer unconscious baggage. It might be a big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG) to create a better world, better product, better service, or better organization. In my last article Don’t Let Your Baggage Stop You from Making Your Ideas Happen, I shared my personal baggage story as an example. To learn how to shift your view on this practice making infeasible and unreasonable commitments (see video below).

I had some major money baggage from my family—I realized I had a view that meant I had to work really hard to earn a lot of money. If you need a plan right now, check out my book Mission to Million$ in which I outline a plan you can use to get started. Good planning is a practice you’ll master, as it’s a basic requirement of making your ideas happen consistently. Next week we’ll continue digging and bringing your baggage to the forefront of your consciousness so that it loses its power over you and your ability to have positive outcomes. There will be resistance to the idea, even from those you trust the most, as the nature of culture is to resist change. The idea may so phantasmagorical that there is no way to even ‘earn’ anything concrete that would make you comfortable ever sharing or going forward with the idea.

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