It is a notable fact that our mind has sophisticated mechanisms in recognizing shape and form. Our brain has the logic to spot associations among objects based on grouping, alignment and likeliness. When we associate function to patterns and shapes, we are able to determine points in an image that are to be ignored and focused on.
Using theories on shape recognition will increase the site’s likeliness to convey desired objectives effectively. Another important principle to consider is utilizing the brain’s pattern-recognition ability. Take a class on a subject you consider to be a weak link in your knoll age base or perhaps just in an area you have always wanted to have better understanding. Meditate and taking deep calming breaths can ease the buzz that’s always going on with in you. Avoid watching TV for hours in a zone which is so easy to fall into–it puts our brains to sleep.
There are plenty of programs specifically designed to help build the memory such as Brain Age.
The great philosopher Aristotle may have believed that we’re born knowing everything we’ll ever know, but our brains are actually remarkably elastic.
From Candyland to Miss Congeniality: Games with clear sets of rules help kids learn to play well with others and recognize social boundaries. Sudoku may sound like the latest dance craze, but these puzzles are our brains’ BFFs, especially as we age. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn the Foxtrot or fluent French, now is the time to give something new a try! Using new technology such as brain scanners, and looking at new results from more sophisticated long-term studies of real people as they age, new research is upending a whole host of myths we’ve had about middle age in particular and the aging brain in general. For many years, even the most eminent neuroscientists thought that millions of our brain cells simply shriveled up and died as we got aged. Long-term studies now show that people find middle age the most satisfactory time in their lives. This is a big help when determining where to focus or determining objects that provide continuity for a current task or a means to a desire.

This is part of the brain’s ability to filter out noise and concentrate on the task or objective. It is important to consider what images are relatively stimulating to keep users’ focus on a site, and you can achieve this by using patterns or co-relationships among images that the brain will perceive as logical or pleasing.
By using recognizable and familiar signs where appropriate, using the right tone and color relationships the user’s eye is directed towards important elements of the web design.
This is achievable by employing techniques of linear proximity, alignment, pattern hierarchy and containment to properly deliver visual messages. Think back to a time when you were cramming for an exam and your brain felt so exhausted that you would give anything to never study again. Whether we’re getting ready for our very first day of school or enjoying our retirement, there are things we can do to boost our brain power every day. Like crosswords or jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku involves spatial reasoning, logic and evaluation, which keeps our minds nice and limber. Keeping your circulatory system in tip-top shape is a boon for your brain as well, since clogged arteries up your risk for heart disease and dementia. Staying active and learning new skills helps create new nerve pathways in the brain which can compensate for the ones that clog as we age. These employees have been nominated by their coworkers for going above and beyond the call of duty, everyday. Although it’s true the brain slows down a bit in mid life, as science has looked more deeply into how our brains age the Huffington Post reports the news is good not bad.
But new brain scanning studies show that, as long as we’re healthy, we actually keep most of our brain cells for as long as we live.
Growth of white matter and brain connections that we gain through years of experience allow us to recognize patterns faster, make better judgments and find unique solutions to problems. This is extremely helpful in identifying likeness to symbolism, allowing us to identify familiar and non familiar objects and what they mean to us. We employ this ability when we navigate a web site or open our emails and determine which ones we want to open or ignore. We use this skill when we look at a page or scan for likeness when we compare contrast of colors, determining whether the content that we are currently browsing will appeal or dissipate interest.
This helps intensify the message and allows the brain to focus on the objective that the web design is trying to impart.

Grouping specific elements and using specific measures to match their proximity is important. Choose books that tell a story, focus on ABCs and showcase sorting and matching skills to help your kiddoes build their mental muscle.
We can do something as simple as brush our teeth with a different hand or put ourselves in a trickier pickle by driving to a new place sans GPS. And it is those with the highest cognitive abilities who learn to use their brains this way. We use this skill on a day to day basis, especially when we’re on the computer, browsing through a website associating shapes with specific functions such as the help icons or directions in accessing web content. It makes it easier for the brain to distinguish certain elements if they are groups that relay the same objectives are proximal to each other. Web Design Ideas blog is the outlet through which his ideas and web design tricks and tips get recorded and shared with others. Exercising the most needed muscle of the human should be a normal part of our good health regimen. Cut the saturated and trans fats, limit refined grains and added sugars and replace them with fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts.
We can make decisions based on imprints of images and how we’ve associated with them previously, such as deciding to ignore an advertisement based on the shape and layout of the banner.
It helps to create a feel of distinguished elements when there is significant color contrast compared to the background, the size of the elements are enough for the human eye to discern and the presence of white space as a border to help define the shape and make it stand out. These techniques will help your website generate more focus and allow users to clearly distinguish aesthetics from features and overall website objectives.
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