Nearly every basic commodity was unavailable, includingA basic items such as sugar, flour, cheese, milk, and eggs.
Because it was a time of great political and economic confusion, nearlyA anything was possible. As is often true with people who make a lot of money in a short period of time, they are usuallyA very rude. Their newly made wealth goes to their heads, causing them to strut through the stores,A restaurants, and shopping centers as if they were the owners of planet earth. However, most of them end up losing their money just as quickly as they made it.A This type of person who makes loads of money quickly and then distastefully flaunts hisA wealth can be found in every nation of the world. He wants them to haveA enough to meet their own needs and to abundantly meet the needs of others. This is not the attitude God wants from His people when money passes into their hands.A A What exactly does the Greek word for a€?high-mindeda€? mean?
When these two words are compounded together, the new word meansA toA think too highly of oneself.

It refers to the opinion one has when he thinks he is better than others.A Paul uses a negative in the Greek, which strongly alerts us that one shouldna€™t think of himselfA as better than others simply because he has more money than others.
It meansA uncertain, inconsistent, or something so unstable that it can go as easily as it came.
The word a€?trusta€? is the Greek wordA elpidzo, the most common word for hopeA in the New Testament. Just ask those who thought they were financially set for life but then lostA almost all their fortunes through a sudden change in the stock market.
There are many people whoA wake up in the morning rich but go to bed that same night financially insolvent. But when your trust is in the Lord, you are never shaken no matter what happens in the material realm. Because your identity is not in what you possess but in who you are in Jesus Christ.A If you know others who are being financially blessed, rejoice with them.
Pray for such people to have the necessary wisdom to use their finances the way God wishes them to use it.A And if you are financially blessed yourself, praise God for it!

Dona€™t let your identity get all wrapped up in what you own so that your sense of security becomes deeply shaken by any material loss.
As you keep yourA heart open to the Holy Spirit and stay willing to hear what He has to say, He will direct you on howA to use the resources at your disposal. Who I am is much more important than what I own,A and my relationships are much more important than the material things I possess! I will notA let my prosperity go to my head and make me think that I am better than others.
Have you ever known someone whose attitude about others changed when moneyA came into their hands?
If God has found you faithful and has placed a large amount of financialA resources at your disposal, are you regularly asking Him how He wants you toA use that money?

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