Weird Installation note: due to a dependancy in the mod manager (for all mods, the thing in the main menu), make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 installed.
You can choose between the various options in the Game Manager in the Main Menu, or from the Start Menu. I take no personal responsibility for any hardware damage or data corruption resulting from the use or installation of this DoW modification. Goes on about how it can't find it when I click on it in startup (because it doesn't appear in Game Manager).

Hey, i loved this game on my Old PC (vista), but now with my new one it doesnt seam to work- tried a few things and have been playing with it for about a month now, would really appreciate some feadback, and info on how to get my favorite MOD working again!
Once you're done, run Dark Crusade normally and select the Game Manager from the Main Menu. I find a close relative file, and then it mucks up slightly, then the game starts without all the videos and it's just normal..
Choose the version of Half Scale you'd like to play: Half Scale with double or triple unit caps, and with or without the Dawn of Skirmish AI Mod.

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