Below, you'll find a career change resume sample that shows you how to highlight your most relevant skills and education when making a switch to a new career.
The resume is written in combination style, which is almost always the best choice for career changers because it allows you to highlight the skills most relevant to the new job and write about them in a way that shows how they are relevant to the new job even if you developed them in your previous career. The combination format gives you a lot of flexibility to move information around on your resume so you can put the information that is most relevant to the new career at the top, where the employer will notice it immediately. A chronological resume would highlight your past work experience, which is generally not what you want to do when you are changing careers.
A functional resume is almost never a good choice for anyone in any situation because it is missing essential information, (your work history) and employers do no trust functional resumes. The profile was used effectively to present this job seeker as a career counselor, and not a music teacher. Her skills (in the summary of skills section) are stated in a way that makes sense for the new job. You'll notice that all of the education has been included before the professional experience section because this job seeker has returned to school to make a career change, so her education is her greatest asset in the new field. Putting education first allows this job seeker to include relevant internships near the beginning of the resume so the employer can quickly see that she does have some practical experience in the field. Although this job seeker isn't looking for a teaching job, she has included all of her teaching work experience. Also, her teaching experience has allowed her to develop some skills that transfer well into her new profession, so it is helpful to include that experience while writing about it in more general terms that show how it is relevant to the new job. If you're looking for a detailed, step by step guide for writing a resume, including what to do if you're making a career change, my book, The Resume Writing Guide can help.
Applicant Tracking System SeriesNeed a refresher on all of the applicant tracking system information that's been covered in the past six articles?
ATS Optimized Resume SampleIt's time to take everything I've covered in the applicant tracking system (ATS) series and pull it all together into a sample resume. Saving an Applicant Tracking System Optimized ResumeAn applicant tracking system optimized resume needs to be saved in a very specific way to ensure it is formatted correctly to avoid "choking" the ATS software. Career Choice Guide provides free job search and career planning information written by an experienced career coach.

This example shows a career change resume for a professional transitioning from teaching to management.
The writer lists transferable Skills such as operations management, team leadership, policy administration, time management, vendor relationships, conflict resolution, counseling, coaching, motivation and business administration. The career change candidate has a Masters degree and Bachelors degree in educational fields.
Building an effective career change resume starts in the introductory section which includes the headline and summary. Financial Management ResumeHere we have a before and after resume example for a financial management professional. Professionals are generally established job-seekers, looking to change jobs for career advancement, a better salary, or for relocation. It's important to have a resume that accurately reflects your breadth of experience and your many skills and accomplishments. By the way, if you haven't already seen our career change section of the site, you should check it out. I hope you found this page with each professional resume example for a different job to be helpful in your resume writing. The Education and Credentials section was placed near the top of this resume because the job seeker's new credential is highly relevant to her job objective and will help advance her career as an English as Second Language teacher.
A gap in employment is filled with "full-time parent, part-time student" in her Work History section. Unpaid relevant experience is highlighted in the body of her resume, which shows that it's as valuable a qualification as her paid work. No date is listed next to a very early job (under Previous Experience) so as not to show her age.
This and other resume samples on this site were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. It is honest, stating that she is a recent graduate of a career counseling program, and doesn't try to over-state her experience, but it still makes the employer think career counselor, and not music teacher at fist glance.
Although some of those skills may have been developed when she worked as a music teacher, they are not phrased in a way that makes them too specific to her previous field.

It will show you exactly how to highlight your experience to make the best possible impression on employers in whichever field of work you want to pursue. The resume is a good reference for anyone moving to a completely different industry and job title but using their transferable skills.
The bullet points focus on accomplishments related to management such as organizing seminars, conducting training and spearheading programs. If this is the case, then you may need a new strategy.A A functional resumeA that lists your professional skills will be more effective.
Notice how this resume example highlights the job seeker's strengths and also resolves a few resume problems. If this job seeker were writing her resume today and had the same work history issues, I would explain why employers don't like functional resumes and recommend she use a chronological resume instead.
A Many job positions will have some elements of management, so it is common for professionals to make a career change into a business, retail or administrative manager job.
Try to separate your skills into functional areas to make it easier for the reader to pick up. You also have to emphasize how your experience has given you skills and achievements that set you far above your competition. Use the professional resume samples that follow to get an idea of how to construct a professional resume of your own. Then you can just list your jobs as work history without listing specific duties and achievements under each job heading. Here's the same resume, updated and converted to a chronological resume example for an ESL Teacher. Customer service professionals can emphasize their communications and client relationships when applying for sale positions. Like the resume above, the teacher that supervises children has many transferable skills that would apply to management.

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