New mixtape from Casey Veggies "Life Changes." Features include Phil Beaurdreau, Dom Kennedy and BJ The Chicago Kid. This weekend is the third anniversary of Chance The Rapper’s breakout mixtape Acid Raps. Turn the time machine back a few years ago to 2011 and we over here at Metrojolt were bumpin’ a debut album called Sleeping In Class by an 18 year old Casey Veggies. The rising star MC who hails from Cali, Casey Veggies, sat down recently and spoke about a number of topics. Casey is a dope, young, MC, and being only 19, he’s got tons of room to grow and become a much better MC and person; and he’s well on his way. When it comes to giving back to the community, no one does it quite like Grammy Award winning superstar Kelly Rowland.

Releveu despre Mircea Enescu, poetul: „Incerc sa fac o poveste pentru fiecare om pe care il vad” (video)Pentru ca in ultimele luni am promovat muzica realizata de catre Releveu, am decis sa realizam un interviu cu acesta. Egris „Trebuie sa ne bucuram mai mult de ceea ce avem ?i sa muncim mai mult pentru mai bine.” Prima zi a lunii octombrie din acest an marcheaza ?i primul interviu pe care Egris il acorda site-ului nostru.
Immortal Technique va fi prezent pe scena hip hop de la Airfield Festival, in aceasta vara! Fast forward to 2013: a few guest features and an underwhelming mixtape later, and Young Veggies is back on his bullsh*t with his latest release, Life Changes. Don’t let the softness fool you though, Casey comes correct on the chorus and uses the verses as a chance to pour a little bit of his heart over his love(s) lost as well as reminisce over his now-deceased Grandma.
If you’re not familiar with Casey Veggies, then check out the clip after the jump and let us know what you think.

The song’s production, done by The Futuristiks and Dawaun Parker, sounds absolutely magnificent as the backdrop to Veggies’ pensive musings.
Veggies is more relatable than ever on this track and even though there are hundreds of corny emotional Hip-Hop songs, I promise this is not one of them. He speaks about seeing life’s changes, and how he came up with the title for his latest release, Life Changes. As an entire body of work, Life Changes is a fairly relatable, concept-driven mixtape that fails to consistently engage the listener throughout the tracklist, but still manages to provide some straight up bangers for you to vibe out to.

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