When I got into the gym today, 315 felt light and I had the urge to do more than my soul suggested, but I’ve learned the hard way to stick with Higher-guidance. I did six sets of 4 at 315 off the box and coupled that with reptilian crawling for the length of my track in the gym, which is 30 meters. I headed home about 4:30 to water my orange trees, work on my next herbal concoction, and do some art.
I’m having a great time with my current piece of art and hope to share it with you when it’s done.
Chakras function in much the same manner as a satellite antenna that both sends and receives information.
Here you can see the energy field and chakras of a human being taken by advanced photographic technology, which is now widely available.
To a skilled therapist, each color you see in such a photograph (or with your own spiritual vision) has specific meaning. As a therapist, I look at the colors and feel the energies associated with each client to know what questions to ask and what suggestions to make.
The point I’m trying to get across is that chakras are no longer fluffy metaphysical stuff, but are the stuff of hard science! Scientists investigating subtle energies have found that all living things, including the earth itself, have chakras. It isn’t a surprise to those of us who understand how chakras work that each major city in the world happens to be situated directly atop of key earth chakras. In the photo of the chakras expressing energy from the human body above, you will see that there are chakras on the front and back of the body. Those on the front of the body express energy related to an individual’s desires, while those on the back of the body correlate to an individual’s use of their will power.
Just as each person you meet (including yourself) has a unique personality, dreams, goals and experiences that are expressed in the energy of your body, energy fields (aura) and give us a sense of them, and they us, each city has it’s own individual personality and energy profile. I’m sure most of you have noticed that there can be a pretty significant difference in the people from city to city; are the people the same in Seattle as they are in Miami?
In my diagram above, you can see the chakras represented by the color of light they commonly express as seen by those with clairvoyance (inner-vision or spiritual vision). If we don’t evolve according to these life lessons, we tend to become stuck or animalized in that we may feel we are struggling to survive. Each of the first five chakras represent the dominant psycho-physical themes we may embody to achieve wholeness. I call the bottom three chakras the animal chakras because they are common to both animals and humans, and because the life lessons at these levels are common to all living creatures.
The first thing any animal (or human) must do is learn to create safety and security for themselves. For an animal, this typically means assessing its hunting grounds for intruders and doing what is necessary to feed itself.
In nature, it is very unusual to see an animal procreate (2nd chakra) before it feels safe and has adequate food to feed itself and its offspring.
Once we reach the fifth chakra level (age 35-42), which is primarily about communicating to self and others and using our creative energies effectively, we have finished our learning phase. At that point (provided our previous lessons have been learned), we now begin the second phase of our life, which is to exemplify the lessons learned for all those in their growth phase.
We are tasked as living examples and now we head back down the ladder so-to-speak, with our final lesson being a healthy willingness to let go of the body at death to begin a new life in the next dimension or reality.
For example, the person I’ve exemplified above with financial challenges causing safety and security issues is likely to also have some degree of dysfunction in either lumbar spine, sacrum, coccyx region, and often have some degree of adrenal fatigue. The greater the pain or dysfunction, or number of dysfunctions expressed, the greater the energetic imbalance at the body-mind level as a general theme.
There is real benefit to addressing these issues, as well as understanding the nature of how the human ego grows and develops.
If there is an imbalance created in the first seven years of life that isn’t resolved before entering the second seven-year phase, the unresolved problems will mirror themselves within the next theme. Because each psycho-physical theme we grow through is developmental to the successive themes, we can, and often do become more and more complex and challenging to ourselves and others in relationships as we age. For example, someone who has unresolved safety and security issues entering into the second period (which deals with sex identity, sexuality, and the use of creative energies) is very likely to have a hard time feeling safe in intimate relationships. Of the myriad of things that can be done to aid healing (outlined in the books suggested above), following the advice given as to how to lower your health appraisal questionnaires in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!
Because our mind is an embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information, it is often easiest to start the healing process by meeting our basic (animal a??) needs, such as getting adequate water, good food, exercise and rest. I have found that those with imbalances in a given chakra often have a hard time creating the sound that correlates with the chakra.
After you’ve got that one working well, keep going until you’ve addressed the most challenging one.
When you identify a chakra that is imbalanced with the methods I’ve suggested above, you can test to see if wearing, holding, or exposing your self to light of the correlating color is helpful. If looking at, holding or wearing the color that correlates with your imbalance seems to make you feel better, then exposure to that color is often helpful because it adds more light energy you can use at that level to make changes.
If you feel worse in any way, you may be addressing a chakra imbalance that is a symptom of a deeper imbalance.
Therefore, if you get negative symptoms using the color that correlates with you imbalance, I suggest working backward or down the chakra tree testing each color along the way until you find one that feels good to you. Additionally, once you find a supportive color, using the tone associated with that color will give added benefit. It is also wise to look at your overall diet and see if you are eating foods of the color that your body-mind responds favorably to. There are many audio CD’s now available with specific tracks of music to aid balance in each chakra. If you have a musical instrument, you can play with each of the notes on the tone scale until you find notes or sounds that are soothing to you and they will have a similar beneficial function. In closing, I’d like to highlight that the grand majority of chakra imbalance problems I see clinically result directly from poor choices.
All the red meat, toning “DO”, crystals, essential oils, and the likes, will be very short lived until a person takes responsibility for the choices they are making that are creating the challenges!
The first photo was taken at 11:00 (the green, lavender and violet), which is close on the colour scale to white (which I was told is very spiritual).
My headache, gastro-intestinal bloating, gas and nausea continued into the day, accompanying my dwindling mood. I typically start my healing sessions by having my patients complete PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. This program is specifically designed to help people look at the challenges in their life and see what can be gained from them. It also guides you to an awareness of the ten essential components of a legacy or overarching life dream so that anyone can become aware of what it is that they desire to create and make intelligent decisions in that regard. There is nothing better for balancing your chakras than having a clear definition of what makes you happy and a set of core values to guide your decision making process in relationship to self or others. In my career, I’ve found that the people who have a clear concept of what they desire to experience and core values that guide them to the effective creation of such experiences never stay down long.
If they get injured or become ill, it’s just a short glitch and they bounce back like a child getting back on their bike after a fall.
They rarely ever need any protracted therapy of any type, are open to sound advice, and, they act on it.
You will normally hear of the “7 main chakras” (or sometimes 8 main chakras) referred to when researching Chakras. The body (and beyond) actually has thousands of chakras which are energy centers that allow you exchange energy with the world around you.  Pronounce the “Ch” of this word as you would say “chalk” or “chocolate”. Here is a great Chakra Chart that gives some of the basic characteristics of each of the 7 main Chakras.
For example, if you are having physical issues in the area of the Throat chakra, you can ask yourself  ”Am I unable to express my creativity? These energy extensions are how we exchange with others in our environment, and also help make up our own auric field. A Teaching & Meditation Center for Well being, Intuition, Spiritual Awareness, and Holistic Healing.
The chakra system that integrates within the physical body can be defined as vital energy centers. There are also many minor chakras that overlay organs, systems, and glands to enhance functioning. The most simplified aspect of your the Spiritual Anatomy is the human energy field, the Aura, which is a field of color and vibration surrounding the physical body. The Emotional Body is one of the overlays to the physical body and has a huge impact on how we are able to experience, manifest, and stand firmly in the NOW. Rainbow Institute and Cynthia decided to Include the Inner Child as part of ones Spiritual Anatomy due to our findings and experience.

The Vibration energy centers are evolved centers aligned with the emotional body, that begin being activated once one awaken spiritually. The luminous energy field of our being looks a bit like a Taurus spiral and reflects how we nourish our dreams and inspire our higher visions in the world. This center known as the original gateway is located just below the naval and in the human energy field is our center of gravity and power. The meridians are points and channels of the subtle body within the human body that flow qi (chi) life force energy. At RI you can learn how to heal your spirit, nourish your soul, and Live with Passion!At RI we focus on teaching our clients and students how to entertain a holistic spiritually nourishing pathway towards fulfilling life purpose and growing as a soul.
Gain Intuitive InsightsAt RI we have personal spiritual consultation available with our intuitive independent resident practitioners. See the practitioner pages for both Lynn Ruoff and Cynthia Warwick Seiler to learn about their professional counseling, coaching, and intuitive offerings. Heal Your SpiritFind emotional freedom or a space to nurture and heal your spirit with our mind-body- soul healing practitioners. Referring to areas of your body as chakras, energy plexuses, endocrine glands or nerve centers, it doesn’t matter. Carolyn Myss in her book Anatomy of the Spirit has done a marvelous job at overlaying the chakra system with both the Christian and Jewish mystical traditions to make brilliant correlations having been unrealized before only by semantics. As more people learn about and study the chakras, the greater role energy medicine plays in Western thought and health care. As you can see in the image above, the chakra system is comprised of 7 energy areas associated with a color.
Additionally, energetic vibrations of emotions resonate with the energy center in closest vibrational alignment.
While the physical body is mortal and the soul is eternal, it is my belief that while we are alive on Earth both realms are equally important.
There are certain life issues (family of origin, procreation, ego, truth, love, imagination, etc.) that relate more to one chakra than another. The energetic imprint, color and vibration of your food influences the wellbeing of your chakras. I look forward to showing you how to eat well for your spirit and your physical body in The Healers Diet™.
With awareness and lifestyle adjustments, you can harness universal energy for healing, imaginative & creative pursuits, mature love and intuitive insights.
Carla Golden is a vegan nutritionist and a massage therapist in private practice specializing in therapeutic essential oils. I wouldn’t know the definitive answer on that, but it sounds certainly like your chakras are out of balance. The chakras in the body , these energy fields that are aura-organs and our vibrational richness , glad to read about the aural knowing!
I’d like to preface this blog by saying, that this article has been in the works for over 2 years. Not only is that driving me to write this, but I also would be doing you an injustice by not sharing this information with you, because over my years of coaching clients and through my own personal development, I have experienced the powers of tapping into a deeper and subtler aspect of our health. It’s very easy to search the web and find information on how to deadlift, how to eat paleo, how to lose fat, etc, etc. For everything that we know, there is an infinitesimal amount of stuff that we don’t know. I firmly believe that in order to achieve optimal health (and that means something different to everyone), we must consider the body as a whole: physical, mental, emotional and yes, spiritual. Over the next couple of weeks, I’d like to introduce you to our chakra system, what the hell it is, what it does for your body, how it affects the way your body looks, feels and functions but also, how harnessing the power of your chakras can help you live a vibrant and abundant life.
In this first post, I’ll discuss the origins of the chakra system and follow it up with 7 posts, each describing each of the 7 chakras. In a nutshell, the chakra system is an ancient Hindu system of healing dating as far back as 2500 B.C. The chakra system is also made up of the sushumna which is a staff that extends from the coccyx (the tailbone) up to the crown of the head. As mentioned above, each chakra corresponds to a certain gland in the endocrine system, and it is through this connection that the chakras are used to help heal the physical body. When balanced, the chakras rotate in oppositional directions from each other, much like the gears in a watch, and when rotating in harmony, the body functions optimally and feels good. If there is a blockage, or if one or multiple chakras are spinning too fast or too slow, then an imbalance will appear in the body. Reiki  – A Japanse form of energy healing and stress reduction that channels the Universal Life Force energy into the body to restore balance. Sound healing – Usually performed by an experienced practitioner, through the use of various instruments like flutes, drums and bells.
Crystal therapy – Since each chakra vibrates on its own frequency, there are corresponding crystals that can help restore balance. Aromatherapy – Through the use of various essential oils, we can trigger various physical responses in the body which can help restore balance in the chakra system.
Mediations – By focusing on various meditations, we can target specific chakras based on an emotion or developmental stage of life.
Nutritional therapy – Various foods and flavors can also be used to help target certain chakras. Movement therapy – Through various yoga poses and tai chi based movements, we can stimulate energy to specific points of the body that correspond to a specific chakra. A quick note about balancing your chakras:  Be sure to work with an experienced practitioner that you trust.
Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll make our way up the chakra system, starting with the 1st chakra, or root chakra. So now that you’ve read this, what do you think:  Am I on to something or just out of my mind? I was moving a bit slow after three nights out in my rock garden visiting with the moon, but it was worth it! He’s gone, but the fruits of his life live on in me and others like you who are willing to learn and grow. These numbers correlate to the life lessons to be obtained in each lifetime so that we can first and foremost, become human in our use of self. These life lessons come in seven year periods beginning at the first (root) chakra in red at the bottom, which deals with the issues of creating safety and security for ourselves.
This lists the main issue or psycho-physical them our growth is oriented around at each seven year period of our growth and development. If there is a problem with the tree’s ability to feed itself and grow that isn’t resolved at any period, that dysfunction becomes part of the fabric of the tree from then onward; a little diseased tree left untended becomes a bigger, older diseased tree! A simple way to begin assessing yourself and healing is to sound out the tones listed in the above diagram (DO, REY, ME, FA, SO, LA, TI).
You are likely to find it easier to implement the changes needed to create wholeness in your life.
For example, root chakra imbalances related to money problems are as common as white bread.
The colours have regressed in the chart towards the red end which I am told is closer to anger and conflict within me.
I can only recoil in horror as to the damaging affect continuous exposure to this will have on the human body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Core values are a self-imposed value structure created to specifically manage your choices such that you optimize your chances of creating peace, joy and fulfillment in your life. Within us is the integration of our physical anatomy, organs, systems and glands that makes up our physical body there is a whole other matrix weaved into our being that can not be seen, however interacts.
There are 7 major chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head centered on the spinal column; these chakras unite spirit, soul and body in the functioning of physical existence. A specific set of minor chakras help to keep the bodies major chakras aligned with the spinal column and in balance on each side of the body so energy can be fluid and balanced, 2 at the temple, 2 at the shoulders, one on each hand, 2 at the hips, 2 at the knees, one on each foot. The chakras that operate outside of the physical body align a person to their higher self, all kingdom’s including the angelic kingdom, the universal life force, all that is, and the oneness of all being. The emotional body when balanced is fluid and continually moving, experiencing and propagating present time experiences.
Spiritual awakening begins when one steps outside of the analytical confines of brain patterning because spirit can not be perceived as logic. It is the liaison and caveat between thought form, emotional form and physical material form. The Inner Child, The Magical & Genius self is a key component to actualizing a shift from the third dimensional reality, the world of density, problem, confusion and noise, into a purposeful, soulful, and potentially a fifth dimensional reality, learning how to envision and hold space for ones own unique brand of Heaven on Earth. Once one enters into the realm of spiritual awakening the endocrine system has a huge opportunity to transform and evolve from being aligned with the noise of mental emotional stimuli of the ego’s fear and focus of the outside world into the calm self reflective stimulation of the higher vibrational energy centers .
When imprint free is responsible for the fortification and strength of our aura, and the fortification of our being and spiritually can be renewed often by looking at dreams and positive energy.

It is the combination of your sacred geometric form, your psychical and ethereal spiritual anatomy and the advancement of your consciousness without density. This is called spiritual empowerment as the soul knows what the body needs to heal, recover, discover, grow, and fulfill you. For general or specific spiritual relief seek a Reiki session with an uplift of healing light to nourish your soul, with the "Reiki Kat", Kat Kleman. The chakras permeate the front to back and side to side of your body, often extending beyond the physical body when the energy is very strong. Other practitioners focus more time and effort on evolving the soul since it is eternal, however I believe that the purpose of life is to fully incarnate the soul by bringing it down into all aspects of our physical living. There are different schools of thought and there are different chakra models, and the information on the entire subject is extensive. If you are blocked in a certain area of your life and in the development of your physical or spiritual self, there may be blocked or inefficient energy in one or more of your chakras. I have taken what I know about nutrition, compassionate living and energy (chakra) medicine and put together 23 days of practical guidance to help you up-level your physical and spiritual energy, and protect that energy with healthy boundaries. It can help you feel more in control of what it is yours to control and more at peace with the aspects of life that are not meant for your control. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health & Healing, she enjoys helping others discover the benefits and liberation inherent in a whole food, plant-based diet.
I talk about the chakras often on my blog & have been studying them much more this year in the hopes of integrating them into my yoga teaching practice. I believe true balance is the sum of measures of minutes, days, weeks, and years…not a lasting state of attainment.
By looking at certain ailments in the body, we can pinpoint the corresponding chakras that may need to be balanced. Throughout our body we have main energy centers, which are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts.
If you are having problems meeting your financial needs for safety and security, for example, then you are very likely to have an imbalance at the root chakra level.
Just as I mentioned above, the more problems a person has in this column, the greater the imbalance. I had an organic breakfast of chicken, tomatoes, asparagus and raw garlic at approximately 08:00.
How much of my energy and own nutrient stores is being used up to digest, metabolise, assimilate and eliminate this garbage? The metaphsical aspect of our life force the charge to the bodys workings and what work in conjunction is our spiritual anatomy.
There are many more major chakras but they are not physically connected to the spinal column however they do interact with an individual on many important levels. The ascension chakras ultimately keep one aligned with the Supreme Being and the Christed dynamic, which fortify s the soul on a body level and allows a higher, purer form of co-creation into the reality of each person. The colors and formation of the aura change with mood, experience, and can shift quite often. While developing our spiritual advancement balancing the emotional body is a fruitful key in our evolutionary process and a major factor in structuring well being. In esoterical understanding of the brain we activate a higher form of genetics, awaken the 6th chakra, the higher mind, and begin re patterning the hypothalamus and center inside of the pituitary for an overall sense of well being. When a human being is consciously living they are very aware of nurturing their casual body and work in a spiritual practice to maintain it in a state of well being. A happy inner child versed in play is a major component of ones soulful evolution, transformation, creativity and healing.
The endocrine system then is able to receive the full nourishment permitted by the I Am Presence of the spiritual body and is able to increase its capacity to serve the total self in the state its best suited for which is calm, granting the assurance of well being .
These centers in awakened individuals allow for harmony, expansion of sacred geometry, peace and experience without re-activity. The meridians also correspond to the five elements of our Earth (Fire, Water, Metal, Air, and Earth) which also make up our periodic table.
Your light body is devoid of the carbon based mechanic and includes the transition to crystalline mental, emotional, and physical formation. Seek Susan Staley our newest resident practitioner at RI- she will consult with you and create a regiment that is tailored and natural made. What matters most is that you acknowledge them and learn how they work with or against the wellbeing of your body & soul.
They are not actually color coded inside your body (wouldn’t that be cool!) however the energetic vibrations of your organs do resonate with the vibration of its associated color.
The Vegan Key™ is her newest online nutrition program based on tried and true methods which foster performance, vitality, and purpose. Each of these main energy centers are referred to as chakra–chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. The spiritual is what actually brings our life force and the way we act and react to the world into being. In a healed evolved state the aura looks much like an orb, full, round, vibrant field surrounding the physical body full of color and vibration and definition. The emotional body is part of ones yin dynamic and is most often referenced with the second chakra. We begin assuring the lymbic system and reptilian mind of celebration resting the fears of the small self and step outside of the ego control over the thought centers and allow the spirit to take over the function of mental conceptualization. They are associated with the light body, and are much like the drumstick to the drum where the chakra systems is the drum of spiritual anatomy in directing fluidity and energetic flow within the body. There are luminous fibers that run throughout our system in a vertical manner, like the threads of fabric.
Transforming a carbon based body mechanic into a crystalline based geometry is natural, and physically possible with fortifying tools. The Hindus were simply the first to document their understanding of our vital energy centers in writing using the Sanskrit chakra terminology. As spirit beings on Earth and as material beings with souls, it is important to focus on the evolution of both your soul body and physical body. A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibratory level.
Our spiritual anatomy works as an overlay, director, and liaison to our physical apparatus we call the physical body, the mental body, and the emotional body. In advancing ones Spiritual Geometry Ascension Chakras begin to manifest and overlay the physical body once the heart and fifth chakras find synergy and the I AM self begins to manifest within the world.
Most people today do not have a fully evolved auric field and have a huge opportunity to define their aura.
With this one can open their full spectrum within the playing field of limitless possibilities. Within a balanced spiritual practice the causal body is a key component in turning ones concepts into material manifestation delightfully. It is most responsive to sound therapy, touch therapy, and soothing experiences such as massage, vacation, meditation, yoga, ti-chi and those things individually enjoyed such as playing golf or a participating in an activity that is relaxing, soothing and subtle in movement. The vibrational energy centers awaken when the emotional body is balanced and fluid and are the gateway to building the light body.
Working with the luminous body increases vitality, well-being and your ability to live your dreams. Balancing this center helps one to be centered and grounded and in command of their reality in a peaceful calm way.
The meridian system is about how the body’s physical systems flows and interacts functionally with the body’s subtle systems bridging flow in communication of the spiritual and the physical anatomy.
It is said that our body contains hundred of chakras that are the key to the operation of our being. Our thoughts, emotions, and our brains operating system are all a collective part of the whole, and our spirit and soul is the conductor of our total well-being. When the emotional body is balanced it feels safe to open the heart, it shifts out of empathy and healer of the outside world into creative expression of the essence of the individual and allows one to become creator of their world in a joyful state of well being. In an imbalanced practice one would blame the world around them for that which is experienced and not take responsibility for how they contribute to or manifest the experience.
When we work to heal and address the spiritual then the spirit, the capable self within us gives our life new meaning, healing and beyond.
Coded information can be anything from a color vibration to ultra-violet ray to a radio or micro wave to another person’s aura. Those with heightened conscious awareness can tune into the spiritual anatomy of an individual yet we all can develop this awareness with practice. Note: While this is not a total list of our spiritual anatomy, this is a list that Rainbow Institute teaches about and works with on a regular basis in the Soul Purpose Development program.

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