In this day and age, meditation is becoming a tool for us to achieve a well-balanced physical, mental and spiritual health. 2.The Third Eye Chakra – This energy center relates to the power of light which gives us the power of visualization and perception. 3.The Throat Chakra – Found at the base of the throat, this chakra relates to the elements of sound. 5.The Solar Plexus Chakra – It is also known as the power chakra simply because it governs our will power and metabolism.
7.The Root Chakra – This is considered as the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine.
Again, these energy centers have to be properly aligned and well-balanced for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle—physically, mentally, and spiritually.
The last technique in chakra meditation is the relaxation technique which taps directly on the energy centers of the body. Now start your concentration with your Root Chakra and imagine it exuding a vibrant red energy field. After concentrating on your seven chakras, individually, you can conclude your chakra meditation by visualizing your whole body glowing with all the energy colors. So the last two weeks me talked about the aura and how this energy field is constantly radiating energy and colour and exchanging with our environment and the people me meet.
But in addition to radiating colour from our aura me also have energy centers or charkas as they are often called, that radiate a specific colour too. As me expose our body to different colours our bodies absorb that colour vibration, changing our own body’s energy vibrations which can bring our chakras energy back into balance.
I work with the 8 chakras in the body during my consultation and workshops so I shall explain what these chakras are, their meaning and their corresponding colour.
The eight chakra is Alta Major chakra, also known as the “zeal point” and has been described as a 5th dimensional chakra. Another way is to place your hands on each chakra point and once you feel a tingling then move on to the next center until you have completed all the eight chakras.
Lie down and place a crystal chakra set on the eight energy points and just concentrate on breathing.
PressMarcia was invited to speak on UK's Natural Health Radio, discussing Colour Therapy and guiding listeners through her Orange Colour Meditation.
Marcia also contributed a guest post for Standing Ren-Ovation, called 'How to Change the Personality of a Space' – bringing a new perspective to colour in interiors. Chakra meditation is arguably the most popular type of meditation that western culture has shown interest in. Buddhists have always believed that the human body is governed by seven energy centers known as chakras.

It governs our thoughts, providing us with wisdom, knowledge, and the development of our consciousness. It is related to the element of air and is located at the center of the chest, close to the heart. This chakra is responsible for our physical health, in general, as well as security and prosperity. What you need to do is to take a few deep breaths in order for you to achieve the proper breathing.
This may take but longer, twenty minutes of relaxation time being the minimum duration, but it is considered to be one of the most effective and easiest to follow among the three techniques. The combination creates a rainbow throughout your body with a beam of white light crowning your head.
Where the Charkas are placed implies their respective levels of consciousness; each Chakra receives, stores and transmits energy while representing distinct frequencies of Universal energy.
When energy does not flow freely from the chakras, the body does not function properly and this will mean that they will be underactive or overactive.
This is our power center and influences the pancreas and liver as well as the digestive & nervous system. One way is to do a colour meditation, you can download my colour meditation audio for free from my website if you haven’t done so already. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life.
This is also the first chakra in the body that governs your sense of safety, security and survival.
This is attributed to the fact that chakra meditation is simple and, at the same time, effective in relieving our everyday stress. To achieve a sound mind, body and spirit, the energy flow throughout the body has to be balanced.
Every time you breathe, try to tighten each and every part of your body and then loosen and relax them afterwards. Breathe deeply several times and once you are ready, open your eyes as wide as possible and feel the energy revitalize yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.
I actually work with eight chakras, the seven major chakras and one minor chakra located at the back of our neck. With its element as Earth, it signifies your 'base support' or mooladhara (Sanskrit name for the chakra).Basics firstRecord these instructions in your own voice or ask someone you trust to read them to you while you meditate. This means that during meditation, you have to concentrate on each of the chakras, allowing energy to flow throughout your whole body.
What you should do is to sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and visualize a root growing out from your body, seeping into the ground beneath you.

The important thing is to remove any external stimuli so that you can concentrate on your energy centers. As you exhale, move attention to the base of your spine and imagine a ruby red chakra glowing iridescently. Again, you only need to breathe naturally and let all distracting thoughts flow throughout your body naturally. Take your energy upward to the Solar Plexus Chakra, imagine the color becoming yellow here. The red energy in this center means this center is linked with courage, physical and emotional survival, grounding and security.
The body shall find its way to achieve its natural state, allowing you to deepen this meditation. Feel powerful and vital while the energy fills the area until it goes up your chest towards your Heart Chakra, filling the area with love and peace. The red rhododendrons growing at the mouth of the cave sway in the gentle breeze and reflect the warm sunlight falling on them. Let this energy flow to your Throat Chakra and as it reaches the energy center, notice a ball of blue light forming.
The energy will then reach your forehead, in between your eyebrows, where the Third Eye Chakra is located. You notice the cave has smooth walls and a high ceiling with a warm gentle breeze making you cozy and comfortable. The energy becomes purple as it fills this area, increasing your psychic abilities and intuitions.
Walk further and notice your surroundings.You see the path opening into a large, almost circular room, with a big rectangular stone lying in the middle.
A gentle beam of light slipping in through a small crack in the ceiling bathes the stone with a warm glow.You walk over to the stone and sit on it. This energy shall connect your energy with the rest of the universe providing you with wisdom, knowledge and spiritual development. You see the the earth supporting and nourishing your entire being.Now see your first chakra spinning and gaining strength.
Look back at the mountain and feel one with it.When you are ready, open your eyes and arise.

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