Emergency Management Support (specifically tornado track mapping), is now carried out through WisconsinView.
Geospatial Education Research, adapting geospatial technology to k-12 education and learning (see MapTEACH). If you want to get lots of speed out of your WordPress, you should shut down a couple of features of the content management system. Thus, I’m bringing you two code snippets, one allowing you to deactivate the API entirely, and the other allowing you to disable it outside of the posts only. One of the biggest performance brakes within WordPress is the wp-cron.php which is responsible for planned tasks within the CMS. A much better solution is, to completely stop using the wp-cron.php, and then accessing it every 15 minutes using a real cronjob. Google Fonts are extremely popular because even beginners can use them in themes rather easily. When you download a font and keep it locally on your server, it will generally load faster. Once you’ve done that, the font will be loaded from your server, and should be displayed super fast without delay. Once again, we’ve completed some necessary tasks on our way to really accelerate WordPress websites. SUNDAY TIMES FILE Jerry Huester and Tom Driebe, owners of Tom and Jerrya€™s Restaurant, make a donation to the Race for the Cure in 1998. Sometimes, you want to go where everybody knows your name, and theya€™re always glad you came,a€? Gary Portnoy sang in the famous a€?Cheersa€? theme song. The idea holds true in Northeast Pennsylvania, where it seems that therea€™s a bar or restaurant just around the corner from, well, anywhere you might be.
Local musicians praised the Staircase for its professional stage, lighting and sound system, a far cry from what most bars offered to live acts.
AIn 2003, former Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter picked Staircase Lounge to kick off his first solo tour, in support of his debut album, a€?Now or Never.a€? Tickets to the show were a mere $18, according to the Feb.
The Staircase closed its doors in December 2005, with the Oa€™Malleys blaming a lack of interest in live music. From the walls decorated with cartoon characters to the menu items named after local businesses, Tom and Jerrya€™s was a South Scranton staple for 24 years. Over the years, thousands of residents made Tom and Jerrya€™s the place to be for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.
Many people quoted in that story praised the restaurant and its staff for its commitment to its customers. Then-Mayor Jimmy Connors described Tom and Jerrya€™s as an a€?old-fashioned extended family,a€? according to the article.

The restauranta€™s closure was hastened by a legal battle between the original owners and two Wilkes-Barre men who bought the business and the building in 1999. The original owners denied the allegations and filed a counterclaim because payments due to them were stopped. An attempt to franchise the business concept did not work and, a few years later, the Goryeb family did not find any buyers when they quietly put Jim Dandya€™s up for sale as a turnkey business. To comment you must first create a profile and sign-in with a verified DISQUS account or social network ID. Utilization and application of Landsat CCTs (Computer Compatible Tapes) in the detection of lineaments in the South central Alborz Mountains in Northern Iran. On top of that, it’s also responsible for the caching while writing an article in the backend. That means it makes sure that tasks that were defined in advance will be started at a certain time.
Your planned articles might be published 15 minutes later than before, but does that really matter? From left: Evie Rafalko McNulty, Jerry Huester, Judy Lee Evans, Tom Driebe and Barbara Giovagnoli.
But as tastes and fortunes change, so do the regiona€™s favorite places to relax after a hard daya€™s work. During the blizzard of 1993, the eatery became an unofficial warming station of sorts, staying open when most of the city shut down, according to a Nov. Seven years ago, a€?the family had a difficult meeting and decided to just close,a€? according to a June 10, 2008, Times-Tribune article. Please help police the community by flagging offensive comments for our moderators to review.
Aggregation effects of remotely sensed vegetation parameters on models of net primary productivity in Northern Wisconsin. Characterizing patterns of agricultural land use in Amazonia by merging satellite imagery and census data. Topographic mapping of forested areas in the western Great Lakes region using spaceborne synthetic aperture radar interferometry.
Development of a method to geographically register airborne scanner imagery through parametric modeling with image-to-image matching.
Estimating spatially distributed surface fluxes from satellite data, in-situ measurements and the Cupid Model. Satellite monitoring of lake ice breakup on the Laurentian Shield as a robust climate indicator.
The integration of remote sensing, geographic information system, and expert system technologies for landcover classification.

Use of satellite data for monitoring parameters related to the food habits and physical condition of Canada geese in Wisconsin during spring migration. Non-traditional approaches to classification of high resolution satellite imagery in a microcomputer environment. The integration of remote sensing and geographic information systems for Great Lakes water quality monitoring. Application of remote sensing and computer geographic information technology to estimating soil erosion potential. A comparison of data collection and analysis methods used to monitor impacts over time in a severely disturbed wetland. We want to get as much speed out of the website as possible and dig into the millisecond area when it comes to loading times.
Many things have been put into the core, even though they are not thought out, and slow down the CMS more than necessary. While this does minimally increase the logo’s file size, it will be loaded significantly faster.
Today, Local History will take a look back at three popular places that didna€™t withstand the test of time. Over the years, the lounge hosted Ted Nugent, Black Crowes, Gavin DeGraw, Black Eyed Peas and other national names.
The comment plugin de:comments requires the file, which is why the Heartbeat API is only deactivated using the second snippet on my WordPress. You either design it so it perfectly fits the surrounding container and save it lossy, which won’t look beautiful.
Of course, when there is not a lot of traffic on the server, that won’t make too much of a difference.
Or you do it like I do, and display a retina logo which is displayed in a reduced way via CSS, and thus is tack-sharp. The eateries, decorated with sports and local history memorabilia, were known for their extensive menus. These can only be taken advantage of when you don’t own a static website, but a blog or a magazine. Founded and operated by Emil Goryeb and his son, Glen, the restaurants embraced casual dining years before chains such as TGI Fridaya€™s or Chilia€™s started springing up in every city. Completely forgoing Google Fonts is definitely the fastest method, but certainly not the prettiest one.

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