I became interested in trying to create the ideal text underline in CSS after reading an excellent post about it on (and about) Medium. Wichary goes on to detail Medium’s solution, which uses a CSS background-gradient to fulfill the first three goals in his list, but does not separate character descenders (e.g. You can see another example of the “native” Safari underline in the screenshot at the top of the page, from The New Yorker (with modified text content to illustrate descenders). In that example, those fat underlines are sitting right underneath text rendered with font-weight: 100. But if you still desire the extent of control that Wichary hopes for, give the linear-gradient background trick a try.
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Using Javascript injection, you can load a page and change the class styles by reloading it with a custom Javascript. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android android-webview or ask your own question.

But Now i want to change the font size of web view content, so the user can see some detail .
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What do you call a function that's pure, meaning the same input will always return the same output, but also has side effects?
Overall, the underline is much thicker than Wichary’s ideal and sits too close to the text for my comfort.
All of which is to say that there is plenty of room for the use of custom text underlines to improve the readability and aesthetics of links in WebKit, not to mention every other browser.
Accompanied with three text-shadows positioned to the left and another three to the right of the link text in the color of your background, you even get nicely cleared descenders. If it is web view, I try this but getting error because font methos is not found for web view. Still, I have been frequently delighted by the change in rendering, particularly because any app using a WebView automatically gets the newly cleared descenders.

And you can vary the weight and distance of the underline depending on the weight and size of the text.
Underlined text in my mail applications and elsewhere now looks cleaner, more readable, and less cluttered. I have been able to use that technique to nice effect in my Pesto stylesheet, which I use for previewing Markdown files in apps such as Marked 2. I made a codepen demo to illustrate my custom underline implementation and make it easy to compare them to their native browser counterparts. The technique has some gotchas (browser inconsistencies in retina vs non-retina and ugliness with text selection), but I’ve been able to address all of the issues that I have so far uncovered. Use the button to toggle between the default browser underline and my custom one, and find the CSS that powers it under the SCSS tab.

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