Changed the default setting for automatic click to OFF, which was set ON in the previous release in error and caused confusion. The standard keyboard layout is based on the traditional US layout, but some other keyboard layout (see "Screen Shot") are also supported. If you want to input upper-case alphabets or other characters on the upper position on the keyboard, you should click the key after selecting Shift by clicking it, or click the key with mouse button 3 (maybe right button) or mouse button 4. Setting Input FocusIf you are using a window manager and clients where you can set input focus by clicking mouse button on the window (and you don't have to keep pointer in the window after that), you can simply set input focus in the normal way and then click keys on the xvkbd window - the character will be sent to the selected position. If you are using a window manager or clients where you must keep the pointer in the input field to input from the keyboard, or if the input focus is switched to the xvkbd window when you clicked on the key on the xvkbd window, you must make xvkbd to set input focus explicitly by clicking the Focus button on the xvkbd window and then click on the input field.
When you entered characters by clicked keys on the xvkbd window as usual while the Word Completion panel open, words started with the characters will be listed in the panel, and you can enter the remaining characters of the selected word by clicking one of the words in the list.
Main Menu Pressing the ``xvkbd'' logo on the main keyboard (placed near left-bottom corner in the default configuration) will popup the main menu.
Open the Dead Keys panel which can be used to enter Latin characters with accent symbol in double stroke.
Open a panel to specify the name of a remote display to be connected, so that following key events will be sent to windows on the remote display. Disconnect from the remote display so that following key events will be sent to windows on the local display. If this entry is set ON, xvkbd attempts to keep the xvkbd window always on the top of the display (i.e. If this entry is set ON, xvkbd will temporary jump the pointer to the focused window, if XTEST extension is to be used to simulate keyboard events. Optionsxvkbd accept following command line options, in addition to general options such as `-display'.
Make xvkbd to use XSendEvent() to simulate keyboard events, as it was in xvkbd version 1.0.
If XTEST extension is not supported by the X server, xvkbd will automatically switch to this mode. Make xvkbd not to jump the pointer back to the original position after events has been sent.
Make labels on keys in the xvkbd window to be set independently for each of four shift states, not shifted, Shift, AltGr and Shift-AltGr. If this option is specified, xvkbd will not open its window and terminate soon after sending the string. Specify the ID (hexadecimal value leaded with `0x', or decimal value), the name (instance name or class name) of the window, or the title of the window to set input focus.
If this is not specified, xvkbd will use input focus under control of the window manager, unless focus is specified explicitly via Focus button. If there are two or more windows which have the name specified with this option, the window which was found first will be selected. If this option is specified, xvkbd will attempt to use keysyms such as XK_KP_1 instead of XK_1. Disable invocation of external commands, including user assigned command and the online manual reader. Normally, xvkbd will activate modifiers (control, shift, etc.) only while sending characters.
If you wish to use genuine Xaw insead of Xaw3d, edit Imakefile and remove (or comment-out) `#define XAW3D'. When you are installing xvkbd (for example) in very old systems, you may also want to remove `#define XTEST' and `#define I18N' to disable XTEST and internationalization facility respectively.
How to Customize xvkbdSome degree of customization of xvkbd is possible by setting resources.
When the application default file is to be stored in the system's application default directory, the file must contain ``#include "XVkbd-common"'' near top of the file. Making Window SmallSize (and position) of xvkbd window can be set by `xvkbd.windowGeometry' resource. In all of those resources, each keys are separated by spaces, and rows of keys are terminated with ` \n\' (note that `\n' must have space before it).

Assigning Text to Function KeysText can be assigned to each function keys (and, actually, to most other keys). If the first character of the assigned string is `!', the string will be used as command to be executed when the key is clicked. On XFree86, resolution switch with Ctrl + Alt + Keypad-Plus and Ctrl + Alt + Keypad-Minus may be simulated.
Shift is used to decide key to be sent and it will not used to set modifier bit when sending the event. Num Lock (and maybe other modifiers) on the physical keyboard may not work correctly when xvkbd is in use.
Make keyboard layout not to be disturbed when window size if specified with -geometry option.
XVkbd-german and XVkbd-latin1 are included in the distribution, which modifies keyboard layout and put some non-ASCII keys on the xvkbd window.
Labels on keys can now be set independently for each of four shift states, not shifted, Shift, AltGr and Shift-AltGr.
Focus button is now placed in the main keyboard, too, so that it will be available also in compact mode. When required keysym was not defined in the keymap table, xvkbd will now add it on-the-fly.
Shift, Control, Alt and Meta can now be locked - use "Lock Shift?" and "Lock Control, Alt and Meta?" in the main menu. If the first keysym for a key is an alphabet and the second keysym is NoSymbol, it is now interpreted as if the first keysym is lowercase alphabet and the second keysym is uppercase alphabet.
New entry `Use XTEST Extension?' is added to the main menu, mainly to indicate the availability of the XTEST extension.
When height of the xvkbd window is smaller than XVkbd.modalThreshold, xvkbd will now automatically switch the keytop as if -modal option was specified. Target distclean in the Imakefile is renamed to avoid the possible confusion on some systems.
When ``-'' was specified as the filename parameter for -file option, xvkbd will now read its standard input (stdin) to get the string to be sent. In the previous release, less-portable setenv() function was used instead of putenv() function, may cause compilation error on some systems including Solaris. Command can now be assigned to function keys so that clicking on the function key will execute the command instead of sending the string to clients.
Quick Modifier feature added - now, it is possible to enter characters with modifiers by pressing a key and then move the pointer.
It is now possible to minimize (iconify) the main window even if no window manager is in use.
New option `Behave as Toolbar Window?' on the Property panel, which may make xvkbd works better with some kind of window managers such as Matchbox window manager. Only the words which have two or more characters will be appeared in the word completion list. Authorxvkbd was written by Tom Sato, and it is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or any later version.
Preceding Cherokee on the language list was Elmer Fudd and Klingon.  At least they got to it before they tackled Na'vi. The official site for The Cherokee Nation also posted a statement about the new language option.  They think that incorporating their language with the virtual world is a legitimate way to keep it alive. This may be used for systems without a hardware keyboard such as kiosk terminals or handheld devices.
The default window size may be too large for systems with small screen, but it can be configured to use smaller space (220x90 pixels, for example). Clicking any key on the xvkbd window will send the character to the focused window as if the key had been actually typed with the hardware keyboard.
In the similar manner, if you want to input Controled characters, you should click the key after clicking Control, or click the key with mouse button 2 (maybe middle button). If Quick Modifiers is enabled, it will be activated by pressing a key on the xvkbd window, move the pointer outside of the key, and then release the mouse button or equivalent.

This input focus can be cleared by clicking Focus button with mouse button 3, or simply clicking Focus button twice. If this feature is set, xvkbd will work as if left mouse button is clicked when mouse pointer is moved on a button and stays long enough. In the default, xvkbd will temporary jump the pointer to the focused window, if input focus is set explicitly via Focus button, and XTEST extension is to be used to simulate keyboard events. If ``-'' was specified as the filename, string to be sent will be read from the standard input (stdin). It is possible to use wildcard characters `*' and `?' to match the window name or the window title. Even if this option is specified, you can set input focus to other windows using Focus button, or clear the input focus.
When this feature is enabled, small triangle will be displayed at left ot the xvkbd main menu, and xvkbd window will be minimized when the triangle is clicked. This option may be useful when xvkbd is to be run automatically for systems with no keyboards and users should not terminate the xvkbd. If modifiers were specified with this option, the specified modifiers will be activated while corresponding key on the xvkbd window is in active.
It also disable keyboard width adjustment, to help adjusting key size when making keyboard layout file. Some resources are already described above, and resources to customizing keyboard layout are described below.
For another method to activate those settings, please refer "How to Customize xvkbd" above. If text is assigned to the function key, clicking on the key will send the assigned text instead of the function key itself. In the environments where Compose key is supported, some characters (mainly letters with accent symbol) which can't be entered directly from keyboard can be entered using dedicated key combinations.
Keymap may be defined in this way in some systems including Solaris, and older xvkbd may not work correctly in such situation. Although Hangul characters will be displayed on the keys, xvkbd will simply generate alphabet characters when those keys are clicked. This feature can be activated by -always-on-top option, xvkbd.alwaysOnTop resource or the "Always on Top?" entry in the main menu.
He realized the power of writing systems, and wanted his people to benefit from that power. This program also has facility to send characters specified as the command line option to another client. For details, see also "Screen Shot" and "How to Customize xvkbd" below, and resouce files in the distribution. Alt and Meta can be used in the similar manner with Control, but there are no shortcuts with mouse buttons. This feature is experimental, and care should be taken as this feature can cause problem in some situations. For example, you can specify -modifiers shift,control,meta,alt to apply this for those four modifiers. Some of the 85 characters he developed for his syllabary were modified from his original handwritten script for a printing press in the 1820s, resulting in characters that resemble Latin and Greek letters. Maybe this can be useful when attempting to decorate the mouse operations with the modifiers. Please note that the modifiers will also be applied when attempting to click on the xvkbd window and which can prevent the correct operation in some situations. The modified script was quickly adapted for printing Cherokee newspapers, books and pamphlets. The adoption and use of the script enabled the Cherokee people to maintain their language and culture.

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