If you want to make Microsoft Word display in a language different to English, this tutorial is for you. Microsoft Word would be a whole lot easier for you to use if only you could get the ribbon to display menus and commands in Spanish! Well, you can get Word 2010 to display in Spanish (or any other language) by using the Microsoft Office Language Pack.
Display – this refers to the text displayed in user interfaces and includes the text that appears on buttons and in menu options.
Help – when you press F1 on your keyboard, Word Help gets displayed and this is the text referred to here. Proofing tools – the spelling and grammar checking that Word can perform depends on the language being used in the document.
Lo and behold, when Word reopens, the ribbon will display tabs, groups and commands in the language of your choosing. By default, when you install a language pack, the screentips language also gets updated to your chosen language, which is exactly what you would want to happen. Incorrect system language settings can play havoc with your smartphone and Word documents, so follow these steps for switching to UK English.
Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to fix this, although you may face problems if your smartphone is set to something other than English, since the whole interface will appear in a foreign language. Although these steps show how to change language settings to English (UK), you can obviously use them to change to any language you like.

Android has a different appearance on almost every smartphone it’s used on, so these screenshots and the exact wording for the LG G3 may not match your smartphone exactly. Find the Languages and input option (this may be under the General or Personal section) and select it.
If English (United Kingdom) isn’t shown under Language, tap this option and select English (United Kingdom) from the list of language options.
When the Word Options dialog box opens, select Popular from the list of options at the left and click the Language Settings button. If you don’t see English (United Kingdom) in the list of Enable editing languages, select it from the list on the left and click the Add button. If you don’t see English (United Kingdom) in the list below Choose Editing Languages, select it from the drop-down list and click the Add button.
This pack does come with a small price tag (around $30 USD per language pack), and can be downloaded here: Microsoft Office Language Pack.
Although we could pay for translations of the text you see in the tutorials on this site, screenshots of the menu options in Word would still display English words. Now in the Choose Display and Help Languages section, you should see the language of the pack you downloaded. Smartphones, tablets and even individual applications like Microsoft Word can think you’re fluent in English (US) rather than English (UK), which can be caused by a quirk in how they were first set up or by simply tapping something in their settings buy mistake. The steps should be close enough for you to follow for your Android smartphone or tablet, though.

Word will ask you to confirm you want to change the default language - click the Yes button. If this isn’t set to English (United Kingdom), select that option from the drop-down list and click the OK button, then click OK again to close the Word Options dialog box.
The chances are that their version of Microsoft Office will display English words on commands, on buttons, in help text and in screentips.
When you click OK on the Word Options window, you’ll receive a message saying that you need to restart Office for the language change to take effect.
Although you can speak English, you are more comfortable using your own native language: Spanish. Fortunately, using the language pack, Word can display button text in any language that Microsoft has translated into. When you do, the text displayed in the install windows is actually in the language you selected.

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