Siri is a personal assistance on iPhone that can help you with so many thing using voice command.
Apple has included a wide range of languages directly in iOS, so you can change the main language on your device or simply add an extra keyboard so you can type in another language. Your iOS device actually comes with 40 different languages preinstalled, and all you have to do is activate them.
As soon as you’ve added a new keyboard layout, you can start typing with it in your favorite apps. You can use the Chinese Handwriting keyboard to enter English characters in handwriting, too! If you’d rather use a language other than English, or if your device came in another language and you want to switch back, you can change the entire system language from the settings. As soon as you tap Done, your screen will turn black with a message in the language you just selected letting you know that the language is being set. Apple’s made it amazingly easy for bilingual users to type in their favorite languages or even switch their whole device to a new language quickly.
How can I get my calendar into English went in to general settings, international but I can only get three options for the calendar none of which I can read!
You can use the Tibetan keyboard layout – but that is a terrible design for typing on mobile devices. I succeeded adding the fonts for this language, and finally i can read it on safari and other apps.
Siri is growing rapidly and with this it is getting to be extremely useful and effective for Apple users. Step #4. If you want to switch between a male and female voice, you have the Voice Gender option. Here, you need to keep in mind that if you set Siri to use a language different to the country you are in, he or she may not be able to access certain features such as local services or will change voice to suit the location you are searching. Nowadays emails are the primary mode of communication, whether we are in the office or traveling.
In the present world, anything that is gaining mass appeal catches the attention of politicians or businesspeople. It is universally accepted that opposite attracts, and therefore, male users of Siri love to use Siri with the female voice and female users like to listen to the male voice.
Please note that Siri accent will be effective immediately and the full quality Siri voice will download once you connect to Wi-Fi.
You will the language menu that allows you tinker with the available system languages for your device.

Voice Gender, as you may have guessed, lets you switch from Siri’s default female voice to a male voice and, as far as the American English recordings go, both sound great and natural. TekRevue is based in the United States and so we’re working with American English as a baseline. While many people may never need to use multiple languages, there are plenty of us that want to type in several languages. Plus, the default English keyboard has a number of built-in special characters you might have never noticed.
This screen lets you change your Language, Keyboards, Regional Format, and Calendar year format. Just tap the new button on the left of the spacebar that indicates your current language to switch to another language you have installed. The Thai keyboard has 4 rows of characters, while the Chinese handwriting keyboard lets you write a character with your finger as it attempts to auto-detect what character you’re writing. For instance, on a PC, it can be extremely difficult to enter accented vowels and special symbols such as the degree symbol. Just select Language in the International pane in Settings, and then select the language you want to switch to. My aging Windows Mobile device doesn’t even display most non-English characters in websites, much less let you enter other languages from the built-in keypad.
It drives me crazy that when I write e-mails in english (my device is set to german), auto-completion tries to correct all of my words in to some german equivalent. My language has scripts but are not known internationally, but i want to have them on pc so that we may type our language also on pc. Nowhere have I read how you can change the input language independently of the keyboard layout.
The virtual assistant Siri brought up some stunning new features for users running iOS 8, and one of them is the ability to change Siri’s voice.
He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
However, we should not forget that there are more than 6,500 other spoken languages out there. Well, we are aware it's pretty simple, but then again remember that not just any user is as tech-savvy as it gets. As usual, we will have to go to the Settings menu of iOS in order to make any changes to the UI. Despite the fame and intrigue surrounding Siri’s default female voice, other options are available for both male and female voices in a number of languages and countries.

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Once there, make sure Siri is enabled, and then look for the options Language and Voice Gender.
But try setting Siri to UK English to add, in our opinion, a touch of class to your digital assistant. Non-English language options currently include Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, with multiple regional or national dialects available for many of them. If you still having a probelm, feel free to ask your question in the comment section below this post. Plus, even if you only ever use English, you may sometimes want to insert special characters that aren’t on the normal keyboard layout. The language on the top of the list will be the first to open whenever you start typing in an app. Some languages, including Chinese and Japanese, have multiple keyboards avilable, so choose the one that will work best for you. Once again, this is something that the software keyboard on iOS does better than a traditional keyboard. Most apps don’t include translations, though, so they may still be primarily in English. The advanced and all new Siri can recognize songs, purchase contents from iTunes and even solve maths problems for you.
The intelligent voice assistant uses male and female voice to give us necessary information; and if Siri fails to provide any detail, it smartly takes us to Bing search results.
So that users can enjoy the interaction with Siri in their choice of voice and language accent. Just tap and hold on the most similar letter to the special one you’re trying to insert, and then you can select the character you want from the popup.
More specific national differences, such as currencies and temperature units, are set elsewhere in the iOS settings, and Siri will honor those settings regardless of voice. And if you’re wondering, you’ll find the degree symbol as an extra character under the 0!

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