Leadership Horsepower - Expertise - Leadership development requires training in both the 'hard' skills of planning, strategy and decision making, as well as training the 'soft' skills, such as interpersonal effectiveness, social and emotional intelligence. Leadership Horsepower delivers revolutionary leadership, behaviour and communication training programs that are practical, effective and transformational. Utilising cutting edge emotional intelligence theory and the superior effectiveness of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), our leadership training delivers amazing results.
In order to increase emotional intelligence we must appeal to the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain), therefore the experiential learning must trigger similar emotions to real life scenarios. As you know, there are many ways to 'do' leadership, however we are actually remembered for 'how' we led. At Leadership Horsepower we pride ourselves in being a leader in developing and harnessing the power of emotional intelligence. As a former Royal Marine Commando, Stuart focuses on performance through leadership, teamwork, wellbeing and productive behaviour. Stuart is passionate about creating programs that inspire real change and meaning for participants.
Lee is a specialist in Leadership Development, Culture Change and Executive Coaching with substantial experience working with senior leaders.
By combining his diverse career experience and professional study with his authenticity and creativity, Lee facilitates unique and powerful development experiences for his clients that directly improve their effectiveness as leaders in business. Lee's humility and sense of humanity gives him an uncanny ability to connect with his clients to encourage a deeper level of understanding and self-awareness. Throughout this process, Helen discovered how much there is to be learnt from horses on a human level.
Leadership Horsepower is proud to work with a facilitator of Helens insight and wisdom in order to bring a richness to our unique and meaningful development programs. Anne started her career as a primary school teacher, then moved into university lecturing after obtaining a PhD from the  University of Alberta in Canada. As a result of undertaking various leadership courses during her management roles, Anne became inspired by the field of Emotional Intelligence and decided to obtain a qualitfication in counseling. She has specialised in Jungian psychotherapy and dream interpretation in order to gain insight into our personalities and how we relate to others.

Anne blends her corporate and management experience with her intuitive counseling skills and brings her unique combination of experience and skills into the team at Leadership Horsepower. Completing the personal horsepower course has been a massive leap forward for me in my own personal development and effectiveness.
Life Principles 101 - New Management Modelfor the New Knowledge Economy of Rampant Change from Rapid Globalization Why the New Management Model?The old traditional approaches of managing no longer work and will never work again. We value each participants experience and input and we support them through our programs with follow-up business coaching to ensure that change and action happens.
Stuart shares with his clients a wide range of skills developed through a diverse career in the corporate and professional world. His diverse career background includes Finance, IT, Change Management, Relationship Management and Human Capital. This special talent brings a richness to the Leadership Horsepower programs that sets them apart from other offerings. This saw Helen travel to UK, USA and Canada to explore training and advanced certification in Equine Assisted Learning as well as certification in Riding for the Disabled. Helen has accreditations with EAGALA (Adv Cert), Diploma in Counseling, BHS A1, PCAA (Level 1 instructor), RDAA (level 2 instructor) and is cert 4 in workplace assessment & training. She then moved into various senior positions in policy and management in the Queensland Government.
Her motivation was to become better equipped to understand and manage her relationships and those of others at work and at home, by recognising and understanding the emotions that influence our interactions. The old management practice has been erected on the assumption of human limitations as a basis for organizing.   This assumption is so pervasive that it can be discovered in nearly every single aspect of conventional managing, from the way we over bureaucratize our organizations and control the workforce, to the way we develop and impose strategies on other people, without their participation or consideration of their potential contribution! In the new knowledge-driven economy, individuals have become your firm's most precious and underutilized resource. His professional qualifications include a Post Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership and he is accredited in The Leadership Circle™. This has lead her to explore the benefits of working with animals and how they can teach us to become more authentic communicators. They are your firm's repository of knowledge and they're central to your company's competitive advantage.
Well coached, energized and highly motivated people are critical to the development and execution of strategies, especially in today's faster-paced, extra perplexing world, where top management alone can no longer assure your firm's competitiveness.

At all levels, your company needs individuals who can deliver at the frontier of performance.
They must share in your company's fortunes and be motivated to push for greater achievements. Leadership vs. Management Within the new era of rapid changes and knowledge-based enterprises, managerial work becomes increasingly a leadership task.  Leadership is the primary force behind successful change. McBride has also dealt cross culturally by delivering seminars in countries as diverse as The United Kingdom, The United States, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Australia, Malaysia and The United Arab Emirates. Merely possessing management skills is no longer enough for success as an executive in today's business world. They provide a shared vision and inspire people to achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible.
Bearing in mind the rapid pace of business nowadays and the need to remain competitive, it's critical that managers should be effective.
They need to be specifically effective with their people and this requires learning the key distinctions of coaching and how to coach. For many managers, coaching has been added to their role anyway, but the majority haven't received any training in coaching competencies.
Merely possessing management skills is no longer enough for success as an executive in today's business world. Bearing in mind the rapid pace of business nowadays and the need to remain competitive, it's critical that managers should be effective. For many managers, coaching has been added to their role anyway, but the majority haven't received any training in coaching competencies.
Who Benefits from Transformational Leadership & Change Coaching?Now, more than ever before, many people are interested in coaches taking a powerful stand with them to create significant change in their lives. And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings.-From the DhammapadaCopyright 2011 Life Principles 101.

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