That means that those with strong conceptual thinking will do just fine, according to younger associates, but they will need to ensure that they can find concrete direction with their analysis. And in fact, applicants should be expected to take the verbal reasoning and case study sections of an interview seriously, with the ability to translate their analysis to specific actionable items, even at the early stages of the development of a strategic change. Like competing management consultant firms Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and Booz, Bain & Company offers services in each of their specialties to a number of different industry sectors.
Bain & Company was founded by Boston Consulting Group alumni like Bill Bain and other former management consultants who figured that new strategies and ideas would help drive business clients forward.
Those who choose to stay with Bain & Company will also find that there are demonstrable differences between positions, and growth will mean taking on additional responsibilities.
However, Bain directors understand, just like other management consulting firms, that some analysts and consultants will choose to move on to other firms with their varied expertise and skill set. If you want more tips on how to prepare for consulting interviews,then download a free guide.

Download our free guide that will help you ace the management consulting recruiting process and land your dream job. The culture is fast-paced and the principals eschew the idea that strategy is more important than implementation.
Others have noted that the best applicant, whether entry-level or in the middle of one’s career, will find that humility is a career attribute of all management consultant applicants that are successful at Bain. These may apply to any one of the Bain & Company specialties, including the normal management and growth and change strategies in addition to information technology and supply chain improvements.
Among the many covered by the company are the automotive, defense, media, retail and healthcare sectors. While the company no longer focuses on a single client per sector, management consultants at Bain still keep in mind the old selling points from the 1970s: the ability to increase stock prices and raise revenue. Keep in mind that many at Bain note that the management consultants will be cross-trained in a number of industries, and while that leads to greater versatility, it can come at the expense of developing subject matter expertise.

Since the culture focuses on quick and demonstrable results, prospective management consultants can expect frequent travel to be on-site at client locations.
A crisis in the early 1990s led to significant restructuring that led to more buy-in at the general partner level and also affords more flexibility during financial downturns. Some junior-level employees also note that the gap between the first and second levels can be somewhat high.
In fact, in 2009 and 2010, the firm had the best name recognition according to several external reviews. That can open doors even in industries where one doesn’t have much experience while at Bain.

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