Changing global market conditions, innovation, and cost pressure lead to a complex and dynamic company environment. How can organizations close the often given gap between defined strategies and implemented outputs?
There are permanent changes within a company: implementation of new strategies, organizations, systems, culture, and processes.
How could the implementation of strategies be managed in a professional way to achieve the desired results and the benefits? First of all, a strategic initiative can be one program with related projects or could contain several programs with related projects. Also PMI emphasizes that "the success of a change initiative is not just about managing the project that will drive the change.
Also an organization's success is dependent on high project performance - projects completed on time, on budget, and meeting original goals. Unfortunately - according to a study of PMI in 20142 - the lack of alignment of projects to organizational strategy most likely contributes to the result that nearly one half of strategic initiatives (44%) are reported as unsuccessful.
One reason for failed strategic initiatives is the wrong assumption that Change Management is a "soft issue" only. More than three quarters of projects (81%) at high-performing organizations enjoy active project sponsors compared to less than half (45%) at low-performing organizations.

Als Leiter des Geschaftsbereichs Prozessberatung baut er die Beratungsleistungen der Tiba rund um die Kernkompetenz Projektmanagement weiter aus mit komplementaren Leistungen zu Prozess- und Change Management. The latest PMI reports prove that by maturing Program and Project Management capabilities, focusing on Change Management, and insisting on a benefits realization review (as part of professional Program Management), high performers successfully complete more projects.
The probability to run successful strategic initiatives is in agile organizations two times higher as compared to companies with low agility. If Knowledge was the training or learning, Ability is the opportunity to put what has been made aware and trained into practice.  You will also want to make sure you are quality monitoring in this phase, and be available to provide coaching and support. The executive-driven strategic initiatives to implement the formulated strategies fail often.
In all of these endeavors Change Management is crucial for success and acceptance of the results.
The magnitude and extent of work applied to the initiative needs to be gauged - which steps and depth of change activities. All components need to be managed in a structured way to successfully transform an organization.
Change Management is not the focus of the top management with dramatic consequences particularly for strategic initiatives. Als Beratungsleiter und Partner ist er verantwortlich fur gro?e, komplexe Beratungsprojekte der Tiba.

Even major changes organized in strategic initiatives could be managed successfully by applying Integrated Program and Change Management. A prerequisite to be successful with strategic initiatives is the alignment of projects to organizational strategy. To be competitive, companies must live and manage the constant change, but according to a 2013 study of Towers Watson1 only 25 percent of the change projects are successful in the long run.
What is the miracle of effective Program and Change Management as the reason to be successful in implementing large-scale changes like business transformation programs? They are more likely than their low-performing counterparts to focus on agility and strategic alignment. Active and visible sponsorship is needed in the difficult phases of a change, but according to the latest PMI reports, C-suite executives are often missing in action. Rather than micromanaging, C-suite executives should identify and focus on the key initiatives and projects that are strategically relevant.

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