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To enable two-step verification, log into your Dropbox account, open the Settings page, and click the Security tab. You can receive codes by either text messages or via a smartphone application such as Google Authenticator. From the Security tab on your Dropbox settings page, you can also view computers, phones, and tablets that have access to your Dropbox. In addition to viewing devices that have access to your Dropbox account, you can now view web browsers that are logged into your account. These lists also allow you to view the devices and browsers currently using your Dropbox account and ensure no one else has access.
Ensure email notifications are enabled so you’ll receive emails when new devices and apps connect to your account. If you’ve used Dropbox for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve used third-party apps that integrate with Dropbox. To revoke an app’s access to your Dropbox account, click the My apps tab on the Dropbox settings page. This tip may seem obvious, but thousands of Dropbox users have had their accounts compromised because they reused passwords that have already been leaked.
All these security precautions won’t help if Dropbox itself fails to secure your account, or if someone else gains access to your smartphone or a computer with your Dropbox files on them. Dropbox itself offers no way to encrypt your files, but there are several ways to do it yourself. There is a huge problem with Trucrypt, sure it works but every time you want to access your data you need to mount and then unmount when done so dropbox can sync it. Box Cryptor might work better but even that is a bit clunky as it means it will be impossible to access those files if you need emergency access, or is there a portable client we can use?
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Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. On Monday night, news broke that hackers had reportedly obtained nearly 7 million Dropbox usernames and passwords. There are a ton of apps and services that integrate with Dropbox, making it nearly impossible to track down which ones have been compromised.
To play it safe, you should probably change your Dropbox password and enable two-step authentication if you haven’t already done so. Two-step authentication is a method in which an app or service requests a separate means of authentication besides your password to log into your account. Once you log into your account, press the down arrow near your name in the upper right corner. Choose how you want to receive your security code: either via text message or through a third party app. If all else fails, Dropbox provides you with an emergency backup code to disable two-step verification. Backing up files and keeping data in sync is important, especially since now we don’t stick to a single device for our computing needs. We have mentioned file backup and sync using Syncback, Windows backup and restore method, and apps like Back4sure for your data backup and sync needs. All you need to do is, go to Dropbox website, download a small Dropbox desktop application and run it on your computer. After you are done with the signup process, “My Dropbox” folder will appear on your computer.
Also, whenever you drop a file in the given folder, it automatically gets backed up on the Dropbox server. You can take actions like sharing, downloading, renaming folders and much more, by clicking on the dropdown next to each folder.
Sometime back, we discussed Dropbox, an ultimate tool for backing up files and keeping data in sync. Suppose you want to backup different folders at different locations on your PC using Dropbox. Dropbox Folder Sync is a Dropbox addon that lets you sync any folder with Dropbox easily in a few clicks.
Obviously, it won’t work without Dropbox, so install the file sync software before using this addon.
Next, right-click on Recorded TV, choose Rename, and then change it to something else like My Dropbox.
Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. I think box is better because you can use it as a computer where you edit all documents, images, videos and audios. I like LiveMesh more – 5Gb online storage, works with Win based boxes, phones, allows synchronization and made by MS like the OS itself.
Why don’t you just click the dropbox icon in the notication area and then click Open Dropbox Folder from the menu?

Another trick I like to use to access things quickly on my computer is to create shortcuts to them and place it in the \Windows\System32 folder. You cannot add your own buttons to launch arbitrary folders or applications, even though that would be incredibly useful and a fine use of all that blank space. I know everyone has their own preferred way, but if you have Explorer pinned to your taskbar, why not just pin your Dropbox folder to that?
Microsoft Live Mesh, 5gb free online space … unlimited sync space between computers, and remote desktop access. I prefer to have the Dropbox icon on my Taskbar that opens it with just 1 click without having to go into START. Now … On older WinX platforms, I was able to create my own folders (sub-menus) within the Start menu and place shortcuts to various documents or applications in them to create the familiar flyout menus. Since menu items are now automatically arranged in alpha order, the only thing I can think of is to rename them, prefixing numbers to force my own order. An easier, less hacky way would be to share a folder from your work dropbox to your personal one.
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Does Dropbox on iOS use LAN sync to get files shared from another Dropbox account (on the same LAN)? Is it possible to “mount” a shared folder as subdirectory in my Dropbox account? Find the probability of getting one diamond and one spade in a five-card hand, using binomial coefficients. O Dropbox foi um dos primeiros servicos a oferecer para o grande publico o armazenamento de arquivos em nuvem.
Alem da confiabilidade e da facilidade de acesso, e possivel instalar uma ferramenta no computador para evitar o envio manual de arquivos.
Se as maquinas estao na mesma rede, o cliente detecta e transfere os arquivos sem recorrer a conexao com a internet, uma excelente estrategia.
Logo depois de fazer o cadastro no site do Dropbox, o usuario pode armazenar ate 2 GB de arquivos gratuitamente no servico. Com o espaco disponivel, voce pode subir e baixar os arquivos pelo proprio navegador ou entao instalar o Dropbox no computador. Se voce precisa compartilhar algum arquivo com colegas de estudo ou do trabalho, o Dropbox tambem ajuda. Para compartilhar a visualizacao de um arquivo sem exigir que a outra pessoa faca um cadastro: clique com o botao direito sobre o arquivo ou pasta.
Se precisar compartilhar tambem a edicao do item: clique sobre ele com o botao direito e siga pela opcao Dropbox.
Para restaurar uma versao anterior do arquivo: clique com o botao direito sobre ele, siga pela opcao Dropbox e clique em "View previous version". Unfortunately, it’s had a history of security problems, ranging from compromised accounts to once allowing access to every Dropbox account without requiring a password for several hours. With two-step verification enabled, you’ll have to enter both your password and a security code from your mobile phone whenever you sign into the Dropbox website or add a new device to your account.
While enabling two-step verification, you’ll also receive a 16-digit emergency backup code that you can use to log in if you can’t receive or generate an authentication code – for example, if you lose your phone. This list, also on the Security page, allows you to confirm no one else is logged into your account.
While this does mean you’ll receive redundant emails whenever you connect a new device or app, you’ll also receive emails if someone else connects devices or apps to your accoun.t Of course, if someone had access to your account, they could disable these notifications before connecting new devices or apps. These apps often require full access to your Dropbox account, and the app retains access even if you stop using it.
You should use a unique password for your Dropbox account, one that you haven’t used for any other services.
To protect yourself and ensure your sensitive files remain secure, you can encrypt the files you store in your Dropbox account. However, one day that may change and this article along with other reader’s comments will help.
Dropbox says its service wasn’t hacked, but that the usernames and passwords had been stolen from various third-party services. But today, we’ll talk about a tool which is “almost” the ultimate solution for file sync and backup. You can also visit it by clicking on the Dropbox icon given on the system tray and selecting “Open Dropbox folder”.
One thing you have to take care of is that when you drag and drop something in this folder then it is moved permanently from that location. Suppose you want to add videos to your Dropbox account then make a new folder inside it and give it the name “Video”.
After installing this application on your PC, you get “My Dropbox” folder in which you can put any files or folders, and it will get backed up and synchronized automatically. You can add it to the Start Menu… using a silly hack to the Libraries feature and renaming the Recorded TV library to a different name. That way you can launch them quickly through the Run dialog box, which can be brought up using the +R key combo. That way you can launch them quickly through the Run dialog box, which can be brought up using the [Windows Key]+R key combo.
It will use up more space, but is fully supported and may be easier to keep track of as well.

Theoretically, the extra Dropbox instances will also be closed, but in my experiment it remained in the menubar. De forma simplificada, o termo computacao na nuvem indica que as informacoes estarao disponiveis atraves de uma serie de servidores e oferecidas pela internet. Ela sincroniza automaticamente as alteracoes feitas nos arquivos e pastas do PC com os servidores do Dropbox, alem de tambem sincronizar as informacoes entre varios computadores. Caso queira aumentar a quantidade de espaco, basta indicar o servico para amigos (ganhando 500 MB por indicacao aceita, ate o maximo de 16GB) ou assinar planos, que vao de 50 GB (por 9,99 dolares ao mes) ate pacotes acima de 1 TB (preco informado mediante consulta).
Feita a instalacao, e so escolher uma pasta local para sincronizar com os servidores do servico.
Coloque o e-mail e a senha (password), escolha um nome para o computador (Computer name) e clique em "Next".
Observe que surgiu uma pasta especial na Area de Trabalho com o nome Dropbox e um sinal de "correto" verde. Ao abrir a pasta Dropbox, existem outras pastas indicadas com o sinal de "correto" verde, indicando que ja estao sincronizadas com o servidor.
Escolha "Share this folder" e indique o email de seus colaboradores, no site da ferramenta.
Nao pense duas vezes, acesse o site do Dropbox com sua conta para baixa-lo e, se for o caso, envia-lo novamente apos as alteracoes.
Ao abrir o site, voce pode conferir o que mudou entre as versoes e ate mesmo restaurar uma antiga. Even if someone else knows your Dropbox password, they won’t be able to log In without the time-sensitive code from your phone. If you see unknown sessions here, particularly one from another country, you may have a security breach.
If the app itself is compromised or starts behaving maliciously in the future, it will be able to do damage – unless you’ve revoked its access, of course. Many websites – even popular ones like Yahoo and eHarmony – have had password leaks in the past. To access the encrypted files, you’ll need to know the encryption password – anyone without the encryption key will only see random, jumbled nonsense data. If you’re looking for something a bit more user friendly with mobile apps, BoxCryptor is also an excellent solution.
I was an early TrueCrypt fan to encrypt data on my laptop PC and it was the logical candidate to add additional protection to my DropBox. Known as Dropbox, it is an online backup solution which creates a “My Dropbox” folder on your PC and backs up and syncs whatever you put in it.
If you already have an account then go for the second option, “I already have a Dropbox account”.
There is a “Getting started” PDF document too which consists of instructions on how to use this tool.
Hence, if you intend to copy the data then you should apply “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” keyboard shortcuts to do it. And whenever you’ll move or copy any file inside the My Dropbox folder of that device, it will automatically appear in the same corresponding location on all the other devices instantly. You’ll see all the files you put on your computer’s My Dropbox folder present on the web interface. File sync, file sharing, online backup, web access, security and privacy, mobile device access are some of its well known cool features. You can always access the original folder from its previous location because this addon creates a symbolic link to it. It’s not a perfect solution, but you can access your Dropbox folder this way and it just seems to belong there.
Also, if you aren’t already using Dropbox, you should really check it out—2 GB for free, accessible via the web from anywhere, and you can sync to multiple desktops. Much as I love and revere HTG this is not really a hack, it’s basically just change the library folder name. President in 1964 with the largest percentage of the popular vote (61.05%) ever recorded in a presidential election. Este modelo de desenvolvimento protege os arquivos contra falhas de equipamentos e garante que eles estejam sempre disponiveis, nao importa onde o usuario esta. Desta forma, quando um arquivo desta pasta for adicionado, removido ou alterado (pelo Windows ou qualquer outro programa), ele sera sincronizado. O nome do computador e especialmente util se for sincronizar arquivos entre varias maquinas.
O pequeno sinal azul, com setas circulares, indica que o cliente do Dropbox esta enviando ou recebendo o item dos servidores. Aguarde ate que a ferramenta abra a pagina do servico, entao copie o endereco do site no navegador e repasse para quem desejar. Malicious people take these lists of leaked email address and password combinations and try them on other websites to gain access to users’ accounts. All of the data is kept secured in the cloud and can be accessed from a browser anywhere (provided internet access is there). While you can check if your account passwords have been leaked online, you shouldn’t reuse passwords, especially for important websites – you’re just opening yourself up to future attacks.

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