There are really two ways that you can change your hotmail password so we will cover both and you can chose which one you prefer, they both get the job done!
Once you have logged into your hotmail, click on your name (on the top right hand side of the game). We do also highly recommend that you add your mobile number to your hotmail account just to add extra security and reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account. I’ve had an MSN Hotmail account for a while and have suddenly become paranoid that I might have had my password intercepted by a key sniffer.
You are wise to change your password on MSN Hotmail (aka Microsoft Live Hotmail) as it’s a frequent target of phishing attacks and other password scraping scams.
Never miss a single tutorial, review or article here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for our weekly newsletter. Hi, my daughter knows my security questions so she able to access my password every time i change it, I need help with changing my security questions. I can’t access to my hotmail account, when I want to reset my password, they send the code to my hotmail account which I can’t access, what should I do to get back my account?

GREAT, I have been locked out of my e-mail, and I havent been able to get back in after 3days, and the e-mail that I used to have I cant get into that, THANK YOU MICROSOFT FOR STUFFING ME CANT WORK CANT GET ANY ONE TO HELP ME sOME OF US OUT HERE ARE NOT I.T. The ADVIS Change My Password web part lets you change the password of your Active Directory or local computer user account. With the Change My Password web part you will be able to let your users change their passwords directly with the browser on a SharePoint site or a Sharepoint portal area!
Version 3 of Change My Password even shows your users the current password policies like password expiration and length requirements. This will take you into Change your password page where you need to enter your current password and select a new password (you need to enter the new password twice). Once you have completed click the Save button and congratulations you have changed your hotmail password. I also recommend that you change the password settings so every 72 days it alters you to Change my hotmail password to add extra security to your account. If you are going to use Hotmail, I’d suggest you change your password every 2-3 months, at a minimum.

This will make the system automatically require you to change your password every ten weeks or so, which is a great way to remember that you should be changing your password with some frequency.
I know and clearly remember my password and login but somehow I cannot get it and have gone to the route of resetting my password. If you need some help with hotmail sign in then our hotmail sign in information page may be helpful.
I do not remember the alternate email account that the password reset has been set to as it’s been almost 10 years.

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