Beautiful Ideas to Add More Style with Modernized Blinds Stunning Yet Simple Ideas to Give Your Kitchen A Modern Look 3 Best Gadgets for Creativity in Office 11 WordPress SEO Tips Every WP Site Should Consider A Guide to Effective Website Navigation in 2016 How to Create Customized Color Swatches? Running your own wireless network is very convenient, because you can access the Internet from anywhere in your house or yard. What I can tell you is how to change your default Wi-Fi password on all devices you are using.
Windows users must click on the Wi-Fi icon situated in the notification area which is found in the right, bottom corner of the screen.
In my opinion, one of the big minuses of Android is that you can’t edit information about networks.
Advertise If you are interested to in any kind of advertisement opportunity at to promote your product or services you can contact us to get details. HOW TO CHANGE MY WIFI PASSWORD ON MY BELKIN ROUTERInterface admin password as from wireless router.
I’ve learned this from a Customer Service Representative of PLDT after informing her about me unable to connect to the wifi of PLDT MyDSL. I was unable to connect to the wifi because my laptop was previously installed by its original connection. I was already connected through a cable directly from my lappy to the PLDT modem before I applied these steps.

So in your case, you will enter your default password as your old password, and then enter your new password.
For other steps you can check out the video tutorial here courtesy of Jam Delpuso Manansala. You might also like to read: How to change SSID name and password in Globe WiFi and Tattoo. If you have other ways or much simpler way on how to change the PLDT WiFi password, please share them at the comment field below. Why does it say ERROR: New Password is not the same as Confirmed Password, even though I entered the exact same thing? Hi bat ganun po, everytime i change the wifi password at inoff yung wifi bumabalik sa old password and may apps po ba to monitor kung sino gumagamit ng wifi? However, anyone in the region can take advantage of your wireless network, so it is a good idea to protect it with a password. This will bring out a list of networks – right click on your network and choose Properties. Instead, you have to delete them and create them again, but don’t worry, it isn’t complicated. It can include, design tips, tutorials, creative showcases, latest trends in tech & fashion industry etc.

He still manages to sing at night with his rock band The Happiest despite his geekery on the World Wide Web. The article is a tutorial on how to do it; otherwise you want someone to do it for you physically. The bad part is that securing your network with a password can be a difficult task for users who are not familiar with computers. Find and tap the circled arrow right of your network’s name, then tap the left-pointing arrow near the top of the screen in order to return to the previous menu. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to setup and change your wireless router’s password, because the method will vary depending on the manufacturer of your device. The only thing is, you will have to go to the browser while you do the steps above, because there isn’t any app that will make the password change easier for you.
If you are not sure how to do this, you should look-up your router on the Internet or read the user manual – there will certainly be a section that answers your problem.

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