It is not uncommon to see people have a list of goals to achieve in the next year or in the next couple months. In your daily schedule, you should have a time slot for idea generations and time to trial and test out your ideas. By sticking on your daily schedule, you can be rest assure that you will be productive without compromising your creative and thinking time. Basically I did what you described in your article, I had my To Do Daily List, I prayed and meditated on positive scriptures. Just before reading your article I wrote 2 goals I want to accomplish over this weekend, for this I will be spending more time reading through your articles to give me more clarity an simplicity on attraction marketing. Habits are more powerful than most people are aware of, because most of the things you did yesterday you’ll do again today.
The post below is an excerpt of an article first published in issue three of the Horizon 2020 Projects Portal. At Wiley we have been working closely with our authors and exploring new services and products to meet their changing needs. We recognize the need to support our authors with a range of options, including immediate OA publication of their articles in most Wiley journals through OnlineOpen, our hybrid option.
The appeal to authors of immediate, free access to their work in a prestigious journal is compelling and payment of APCs is not necessarily an obstacle, particularly in better funded disciplines, such as life sciences. Wiley offers a choice of creative commons licensing arrangements to authors in our OA publishing program, taking into account the specific requirements at an article, journal, and discipline level as well as addressing the various needs of authors, funders, and our society and other publishing partners. In green OA, the author’s accepted manuscript (AAM – a peer-reviewed but otherwise unfinalized version of an article) is deposited in an institutional repository (IR) or a subject archive such as PubMed Central, and made freely available, typically following an embargo (usually between six to 36 months) after the article’s formal publication in an academic journal. From the 30,000-foot perspective, OA is part of a much larger trend toward Open Science, an exciting global movement that encourages collaboration between researchers through the open sharing of data, supported by evolving technology and funder participation. For the growing proportion of authors who are not native English speakers, Wiley offers a language editing service, developed through a program of market research, and implemented through a partnership with American Journal Experts.
We are also creating brief videos, for example to help authors understand how to comply with the recently implemented Research Councils UK (RCUK) mandate. In April 2013, we launched the Wiley Author Licensing Service (WALS) in order to simplify the licensing process for journals and their authors, timed alongside the release of the RCUK mandate.
Our Wiley Author Services (AS) application incorporates production tracking, author resources, and other features for our journal authors.
The AS website includes many valuable resources for authors, including information on publication ethics, copyright, English-language editing, tips on optimizing articles for search engines, and funder requirements, as well as links to journal-specific author guidelines, manuscript submission sites, and e-alert sign-up.
Through our technology partners, we are offering some exciting new tools to help researchers collaborate and authors achieve greater impact for their articles. Article level metrics (ALMs) have become an important tool to establish a more complete picture of the impact of individual papers, as distinct from the publication in which they appear. 77% of users during the pilot phase felt that altmetrics added value to the article and most of them used the information to gauge the overall popularity of articles, discover researchers interested in the same area of work, or understand a paper’s influence.
Another new partnership is with Kudos, a service that helps researchers and their institutions harness their expertise and networks to measure, monitor, and maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles.
We have launched a one year trial, working with select Wiley authors to drive social media activity, and to rework abstracts and headings for better use in social media.
The OA movement represents a challenge to the traditional journal subscription model, but within a complex, shifting landscape it is also opening up opportunities for new relationships between publishers and authors and new ways for publishers to add value for researchers, funders, and libraries. Be first to knowSign up below to receive the latest information about events, trends, research and news on policy issues.

Join our email list to receive the latest information about events, trends, research and news on policy issues. If you desire change, then you simply have to decide that you will no longer accept your life the way it is… It is a decision, nothing more… you decide, then you change. If you are extremely satisfy and happy with where you are, what you are doing and will be for the rest of your life, then there is no point to change your life.
By focusing on one goal at a time, it will be a lot easier for us to concentrate and achieve the goal.
Do not keep jumping around on multiple goals and tasks and eventually you won’t get anything done.
However, you should only apportion a slot to it and stick to your daily schedule to avoid distraction.
Once you craft out your daily schedule, work on it for weeks and review it every month or any time you deem necessary to make sure this is an effective daily schedule that suits you the best. What I like best is how I handled the brick walls and tough situations, they crumbled and I overcome them all.
Some great basics here, easy to read and think how we’ve seen these before, but how many of us actually follow through?
Some excellent and useful tips are available which we mostly know but often we forget to exercise it.
These habits are not new but yet it is the action of these habits that will make a difference!
We understand that authors want to publish their work quickly, they want their research to be known, and they need support around complying with the ever-increasing array of (sometimes conflicting) publishing mandates. In gold OA, articles are made freely available by the publisher immediately upon publication (typically under a liberal license, such as Creative Commons By Attribution – CC-BY), in return for payment of an Article Publication Charge (APC) that is usually covered by the author’s funding source. At Wiley, we recognize that authors need the flexibility of a green OA option in order to comply with funder mandates, and have adjusted our self-archiving policies to make it easier for them to do so. With 32 fully OA journals and 1,250 journals offering OnlineOpen, many of which are published on behalf of scholarly and professional associations which are increasingly interested in OA, we are forging ahead in this new open environment. ELES offers a suite of services allowing authors to access English language editing including translation to and from Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and English, manuscript formatting, and customized figure preparation. Our global author workshop program guides them through all aspects of research writing and publication, from “How the peer review process works” to “How to publish a paper” to “Ethics Guidelines.” These sessions are customized for each individual market and author audience and are often hosted in collaboration with our partner societies. 70% of journals published by Wiley now use WALS, and one year later just over 100,000 licenses had been signed in the system.
AS enables authors to track their accepted article online right through the production process to publication. We are currently developing new functionality (such as single sign on), features (such as transfer of articles), and content enrichment (through semantic tagging and application of taxonomies) to create a more streamlined and valuable experience for authors. Following a successful pilot phase, Wiley is partnering with Altmetric, a service that tracks social media sites for mentions of scholarly articles.
This is why we are using all the means at our disposal and our international teams to further the reach of knowledge – and put it in the hands of those that will shape the future. If you are thinking now, I wish I could change my life, then what these books will do for you is allow you to calm the noise of your mind down so that you can make clear thought through decisions. So don’t go and change to something that will end up with you just repeating the same mistakes again. If you think that there is more to your life be it your career, lifestyle relationship, health, etc…you need to do something to change your life to get to where you want to be.

The easiest way to start of positive thinking is to be aware of any negative thoughts you have and do whatever you can to suppress them. The only thing that we can control is ourselves and how we react on what’s happening to us. Same as dealing with tasks, just focus on one at a time and do not get distracted by other tasks or ideas.
I know sometimes we people get very excited with the new stuff and will even forget our core work. Sticking to daily schedules and segmenting your plans and knowing when you want to achieve that goal will help.
Our goal is to develop the best possible publishing experience for authors, which will in turn help funders achieve their goals. A gold OA article may appear in a completely OA journal or in a hybrid journal mixing OA and subscription content.
We are also finding new ways to meet the changing needs of authors, providing practical tools to help them disseminate their research and taking a fresh look at how we engage with them throughout the publishing process.
This service comes with a clear guarantee of quality and rapid turnaround times to meet exacting author requirements. We ran more than 180 such workshops during 2013, both live and as virtual events or webinars.
Once an article is published, authors receive free access and are encouraged to nominate up to 10 colleagues who also receive access, to drive readership and citations.
Altmetric creates and displays a score for each article measuring the quality and quantity of attention that the particular article has received. We are increasing our role by providing knowledge in new and valuable ways to support the needs of researchers, learners and professionals.
The important thing is how you would like your life like in the coming year and for the rest of your life. Unless the negative thoughts are helpful to you, replace them with positive thinking that can help you to move forward.
If you have a negative thought pop up in your mind, you will need to be aware of it and  replace it with positive thought that help you to solve the problem.
With a fixed schedule, you can at least stay focus on your goal and carry on working your tasks.
Authors can also opt to receive a certificate to illustrate to journal editors that their article is ready for submission and the English language has been reviewed and verified. Our program in emerging markets such as China, Brazil, and Turkey is especially robust, but we also run workshops in mature markets like the US and UK, since young and early career researchers do not always have access to this sort of training at their institutions. With strengths in every major academic and professional field, we deliver access to over four million articles from 1,500 journals, 9,000 books, and proudly partner with over 800 prestigious societies representing more than two million members globally.. It says I am changing and I don’t care what I have to do, but I am going to change my life.

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