The simplest approach for selective outbound caller ID is to add one of two unblocking prefixes to each contact's phone number.
Trixbox is an operating system distribution that has the distinction of being a telephone exchange (PBX) software based on open source Asterisk PBX. On console, login into you new trixbox with the username: root and the password you selected during installation. When you log in the system will tell you what IP address it received from your DHCP server. If you reconfigured the IP address, restart the network device by running service network restart. To continue configuration connect to your system with a web browser using the assigned IP you specified in the previous step. Once there, click on Trunks option and select the trunk of your preference, SIP or IAX2 protocol based. Don't forget to apply all these changes click on "Apply Configuration Change" and restart Asterisk on every change.
Now let's create an extension,this is important, you may want to have at least one extension set, in order to route your incoming calls to it, and place outgoing calls. Call Screening: Call Screening requires external callers to say their name, which will be played back to the user and allow the user to accept or reject the call. Emergency CID: The Caller ID we always be set when dialing out and outbound route flagged as Emergency. Add Inbound DID: If you have a directly DID associated to this extension please put this here.
Secret: Please set the password that you want for this extension, you will use this password when you setup this extension with a softphone or a device.

Play Envelope: Envelope control whether or not the Voicemail system will play the message envelope.
Delete Voicemail: If set yes the messages will be deleted from the voicemail box (after having been emailed). The outgoing calls are sent over trunks, and determined by the configuration of the Outbound Routing page. Route Name: The name of the route, should be use to describe what type of calls this route matches Ex, Local or International. Trunk Sequence: The trunk sequence control the order on how the trunks will be used when the dial patterns are matched.
This is usually your DID Number, putting that in here will match calls coming from that number. Although the Trixbox has the ability to handle Faxing, please remember that this service is not officially supported with us, some of our users have confirm this works using g711u codec and Premium route, however remember this service is not guaranteed.
Turn this on to ask for the callers Caller ID if not provided.This is useful for telemarketers, as they are loathe to divulge this information and will usually hang up. These settings define the restrictions the system will use when you place calls to either USA48, Canada or International Numbers. We strongly recommend to specifically select only the countries that you on your regular traffic (outgoing calls). Additionally, you can use in your SIP.Conf alwaysauthreject = yes, what the alwaysauthreject parameter does when set to yes, is it will ALWAYS return an authentication error instead of a "404 - Not Found", even when the extension doesn't exist.
You have to imagine that some (most?) of those businesses are selling, trading, or otherwise using the information they collect about their customers.That's why it makes sense not to share your caller information with every person or business you call. Like any PBX, to interconnect a company's internal phone and connect the telephone network.

You can give the system a permanent address now by typing system-config-network or setting the IP address from the GUI.
This is not something you should trust, as it is easily spoofable (both with Voice over IP and normal telephone lines). This mess up scanners, because the program detect an "existing" extension even if it's not present on the server. On the other hand, many people automatically reject calls from private numbers.To ensure the people closest to you can identify your calls, you can override caller ID blocking by entering either *82 or *31 before the number. On these phones, the prefix that both disables and enables caller ID blocking is *31, which reverses the setting whether it's set to show or hide your phone number.The Verizon support site provides instructions for using caller ID on phones on their network. Unfortunately, it's way from being fool proof, but it's a nice security addition that you can set to your Asterisk based PBX.
What's missing is a single setting that allows all the calls you make to your contacts to identify you -- and all other calls to hide your ID.Four useful prefixes Every cell phone should come with the option to enable caller ID when you're calling a number that's listed in your contacts. Likewise, the AT&T support site explains how to use the caller ID features on its iPhones and other models. T-Mobile's Blocking Anonymous Callers page refers you to the instructions that came with your phone, or suggests that you call the company's support number.It's a hassle to enter the unblock prefix for family, friends, and business associates one contact number at a time.
Even worse, the process for enabling and disabling caller ID depends on your service provider and type of phone.

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