Once you have the VirtualBox settings configuredĀ for Kali Linux you can boldly go where few men have gone before: The Kali Linux desktop! A boot loader will flash on the screen and then almost immediately catapult you to the login screen. Some of these categories contain dozens of sub-categories which open to reveal all your hacking tools. The upgrade option actually installs the updates we downloaded and it usually takes the longest. You can use the -h or -help or –help options on most commands so try it out to get comfortable with it. Notice eth0 is showing up as my wired Ethernet connection even though it’s connected to the integrated Wi-Fi card on my host machine. Once you find an unassigned IP address to use, you can permanently fix your IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS information to your adapter by modifying the interfaces file.
Use your arrow keys to go down to the eth0 interface and enter all your network information.
I know these commands are esoteric and really don’t make sense but the more you practice the more normal it will feel. When you attach a compatible USB Wi-Fi adapterĀ to your host computer and add it in the VirtualBox settings, it shows up in Kali Linux as wlan0.

You can (and should) set the transmit power to your wlan0 adapter to the maximum signal strength (dbm) allowed by your country.
If you wanted to go higher than the limits of your country, you can manually set the country code to a country that allows a higher transmit power.
Bolivia has a higher country transmit limit so this deft command let’s you amplify the signal. You can open multiple SSH sessions to Kali so you can test different things in different windows. But now that your Kali box is ready for work there’s nothing holding you back but the learning curve of using the tools. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).
Well I think there is a way taking it back if your user have sudo prvilage and you find out that username? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged kali-linux or ask your own question.
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This guide will walk you through on how to add remove user (standard user or non-root user) in Kali Linux. Previous How to fix Wired Network interface “Device not managed” error in Debian or Kali Linux?
I tried to do this just to access chrome, and I think changing the default shell on the new user somehow killed gnome3. I’ve tested this in Kali Linux, so any Debian or Debian derivative (such as Ubuntu) should just work.
Or any shell like Bourne Shell (sh), Bourne-Again Shell (bash), C Shell (csh) or Korn shell (ksh) etc. But depending on applications installed and access required, I am afraid you’ll be doing too much work this way. I can access the terminal, but can’t seem to get internet access, and nothing I can find anywhere else seems to help. In that case, you need to boot it with a rescue CD and mount it read-write and then make necessary modification.

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