Nameservers act as an easier way to access a domain due to the fact that while you could assess a domain through IP addresses, let’s be real here nobody wants to use a bunch of almost random numbers to access a website.
Note: The feature of changing nameservers is only available IF the domain you’d like to change the name server is brought through Bluehost. STEP 2 : Upon successfully logging into the cPanel of your Bluehost account it should redirect the page to the cPanel dashboard. From the list of domains choose the one that you would like to change the name server and select the checkbox beside it. STEP 4: After selecting the check box of the desired domain that you’d like to change the name server of.
STEP 6: Supply the following text field with the desired nameservers that you’d want to change.
STEP 7: After you filled up the text fields above click on the “save nameserver settings” button if you think the changes you made are final.
Though please keep in mind that you have to wait for 24 hrs up to 72 hrs before your changes to the name server takes effect. If you are a business and would like an IT person, but you don’t want to hire an employee, we have maintenance contracts available because each business is different. Before investing the question of whether changing nameservers affects search engine rankings, it is helpful to know what it means to change nameservers.
As mentioned earlier, nameservers may be changed simply because the domain was purchased with one company but the website will be hosted with another company. Although it will be invisible to visitors, a change in nameservers will result in a change in the hosting server for the website.
The simple act of changing nameservers will not make any changes to the search engine rankings or SEO factors.
Yes, the last section just stated that changing nameservers would not affect search engine rankings and that is true. Some web hosting servers may not allow the websites they host to use unlimited amounts of bandwidth.
The speed of the web hosting server may affect search engine rankings in more than one way. Some website hosts may not have many problems on their regular pages, but they may have problems with database access. Some web hosting servers will automatically create subdomains in the name of the original website. Although there are paid services that provide statistics for websites, some web hosting providers will provide these types of services for free.
The simple act of changing a nameserver will not cause any change in search engine rankings; however, there are many factors about individual web hosting servers that may cause sites to rank higher on one than they would on the other.
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We’re looking for knowledgable writers who can publish contributions that are engaging and offer fresh new insights. Please note: Your name and comment will be displayed, but we will not show your email address. Get help with your questions from our community of like-minded hosting users and Web Hosting Hub Staff. We’d rather use a name that we could remember and let’s say for whatever reason you have you wanted to change your nameservers.
Look for the domain list from the newly loaded page which should be found on the bottom left of the page. After that look at the right of the list and you should be able to find multiple tabs related to the domain you have selected and from there find the “Nameservers” tab and click on it.
And as you can see, Bluehost will automatically generate a IP address below which you can leave it just as it is unless you want to point your nameservers to another IP address. So you may not see the result as quickly as you thought.  Regardless this is how you change the nameservers. He has lead teams of professionals in his career and built online and offline reputation of organizations.
Depending on the device, different approaches are needed and 25 years of experience gets it done.
Public nameservers are what identifies a certain web hosting server to the other computer that are trying to access content on that server.
In other instances, the website owner may be choosing to move to a different hosting provider for reasons like price, speed, downtime, or other issues. The URL that visitors use to access the site may remain exactly the same; however, the website will be hosted on a different computer.
The actual act of changing nameservers will not cause any changes in ranking; however, there may be other factors about the new server that will cause changes in search engine ranking.
The location of the web host will determine which geographical version of the Google search engine will yield the best results. If a search engine bot tries to access a very slow website, it may either give up before the page loads and penalize the page for being inaccessible, or it may simply penalize the site for taking too long to load. This will increase the bounce rate of a website, which will push that site even further down the Google rankings. Errors in database connections will cause error messages to display on the page instead of the normal page content. Without good website protection methods, hackers can invade websites and commit various acts in the name of the victim domain. This may result in exact duplicate content being shown on both the regular domain name and the subdomain address. While these services do not directly affect search engine ranking, they can be analyzed to determine best practices for ranking higher in the search engines.

Be sure to research to find the best web hosting server that will provide the best search engine rankings. We tested and reviewed the web hosting sites ranked here and the opinions expressed here are our own. You just want your computer, printer, or scanner to work again; and usually,  you want it fixed quickly.
Nameservers would only be changed if the website was being moved to a different hosting provider. These changes in ranking will not happen because of the nameserver change; they will happen because of issues related with the new server.
If they host sites who practice spamming techniques or sites that distribute questionable content,the search engines may penalize any pages that come from the same host.
Anytime a server is down there is a risk that a search engine bot might try to access it during those times. No matter how slight, any changes to the domain name will change the way a page is ranked in the search engines.
Once search engines see that the domain name is being used for undesirable means, it may be hard to get those search engines to remove any penalties that may have been imposed because of the hacked websites. By following those best practices, a website might rank higher than it would have without the help of the web statistic analytic reports. Therefore, this article will serve as to showcase on how to change your nameservers in Bluehost (or Bluehost India). They may initially be moved if the domain name is maintained by one hosting provider but the website will actually be hosted with another.
If the web host denies access to the site, a search engine bot will not be able to access the site. Customers who are in the United States will likely be looking for businesses in the United States. If a bot unsuccessfully tries to access a site it will penalize the site for being inaccessible. When search engine bots try to access the site, they will find pages that contain database error messages instead of content that is related to the site keywords. This may result in lower rankings if a search engine tries to access the website and cannot do so. If the website for a US business is hosted on a server in a different country, Google may show that site further down the page because it assumes it is not a US company.

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