One common recommendation to speed up your Internet connection is to change your default DNS (Domain Name System) server. For Windows 7, click the Start button, then type Network Connections in the Search box; press Enter. Right-click the adapter you want to modify, select Properties from the context menu, and then click the Networking tab. Once logged in you will need to select Go to Advanced setup and select Apply to be taken to the main configuration screen for your router. Freeola is a UK internet service provider offering the best value and extensive free services.
For the last few days, the news of Monday being the internet doomsday have been doing the rounds.
The picture is worth a thousand words, after making the changes be sure to save your settings. If you don’t like google for some reason or the other, then there are also other providers that you can use. The Bank of England has held UK interest rates at the record low of 0.5% with experts predicting we won’t see a rate rise until Spring 2016 at the earliest.

The Monetary Policy Committee voted 8 to 1 to keep interest rates unchanged and also voted unanimously to maintain quantitative easing at ?375bn. All MPC members agreed that the likely persistence of the headwinds restraining economic growth following the financial crisis means that, when the bank rate does begin to rise, it is expected to do so more gradually and to a lower level than in recent cycles. Nick Dixon, investment director at Aegon UK, believes it will not come in the first half of 2016.
The resulting window shows all the network adapters installed on the system; you need to configure both the wired and wireless adapter if you use both connections.
This guide is designed to take you though the basic steps for changing your DNS server settings within the ZyXEL P-660HW router.
At the log-in prompt enter your Log-in Password into the box provided and select Log-in.If your router was configured by Freeola, the password would have been set to 'admin'. From the tabs at the top of the screen you should select DHCP Setup.Enter the required DNS Servers into the boxes provided. As the changes have been made to the DHCP configuration, your computer will not notice the effects until you reconnect to the router. Comments are a way of providing visitors like you with the ability to give feedback to a specific article.

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But there are trivial fixes that can help you avoid meeting with that fate if your system is infected. At our house, Google DNS has been the fastest for as long as I’ve been tweaking these settings. Alternatively, if you, or your network administrator originally configured the router, you would have been asked to specify the password upon initial configuration. You can change your DNS servers and you’re good to go, to put it simply DNS is the mechanism that translates the ip addresses that the computer understands from the human readable domain names.
If your computer does not have this information cached, then the DNS server acts as an interpreter, converting human-readable URLs into machine addresses.
Otherwise if this is the first time that the router has accessed since a factory reset, the login password should be '1234'.

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