Whether you plan to hyphenate or change your last name completely; there are a few steps you will need to take after getting married. The first step is obtaining your marriage license.  You will need to present this to get each additional item changed. Social security card: You will need to visit the Social Security website and mail the application to your local social security office.

Passport: The biggest thing to remember when traveling for a destination wedding or honeymoon is to book your trip under your maiden name and begin the name change process once you have landed back in your home state. Bank Accounts: Go to the local branch and they will get you all of the items you need in one quick stop—debit card, checks and changing your name on the account. While it varies by state, they will most likely ask for your new social security card, so this is the second step.

Because the passport change process can take 4-6 weeks you will want to do this after you return home.

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