Chloe Boykewich is the adoptive daughter of Leo and Camille Boykewich, the adoptive sister of Ben Boykewich, and the adoptive aunt of the late Mercy Boykewich. She was sex trafficked and going by the alias Ginger until Jack Pappas helped her get free from her pimp, which cause Jack to get beat up badly by her pimp.
Leo and Camille moved up their wedding after they heard about Chloe and were eventually able to legally adopt her with the help of Margaret Shakur.

In the episode All My Sisters With Me, she calls her pimp Mickey and sets him up in the next two episodes, Caught in a Trap, to finally get him arrested and out of her life. We’ve only gone and grabbed ourselves an exclusive To Write Love On Her Arms clips, haven’t we?
It is said she went back with her parents, but it is later revealed that her parents abused her and that's why she got involved with the pimp in the first place.

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