I got to watch my seven-year old in the school swimming pool last week and was surprised to learn that she can actually swim! There she was, not just floating and flailing (like last year), but taking three long strokes in a row and raising her head for breaths. My eldest daughter has been wanting to swim since forever (her words), and openly declared to us that she was going to learn how to swim like a big kid. She knew it was not going to be easy and that she would have to practice.  She learnt to float by herself and get comfortable putting her head underwater at bath-time. Yes, this is a simplified process for making big goals come to fruition, but it still holds a lot of truth and the  results could be seen clearly, in the water. I’m not necessarily talking about career or financial success, not that there is anything wrong with it.
I’m talking about doing the things you always said you were going to do before you became a parent. Maybe its dancing gracefully on a large ballroom floor, without feeling like you have wooden shoes. Like they say, practical knowledge or even motivation are useless unless you actually put them to work.
If you want to put a stop to mediocrity, to replace excuses with fresh determination and procrastination with tough-minded perseverance, you need discipline. Having that type of friendly support is so important for goal achievement..how else would you have wrangled a snake this week? Six years ago today, I saw the wrinkled little face of my boy, Joshua Littletree, for the first time. Our bond was formed, that has lasted over sleepless nights and sunny days, and more diaper changes than I can count, and falls and scrapes and hot chocolate and lemonade, and fresh paper and crayons. It has included wrestling and laughter and baking pumpkin pies and screaming at the top of both of our lungs. It has included gut-wrenching agony and tears when watching him realize he was not the only baby in his Mama’s life. Why it is important to stop and look at bugs on the sidewalk, even when you are late to school. I have loved you every minute of your life, even when you have pushed me to my emotional and physical limits.
And like you always tell me about the story of your creation, thank you for looking down from that star and choosing me and your Dad as parents. How sweet, when he grows up and becomes big, he will read this and I am sure he will cry with joy. And as my family will attest, not all anglos are rushy… I move at the speed of a hibernating bear.
I’m a 22 (to be 23 tomorrow) guy whos normally not emotionally, but this was truly beautiful.
Makes me wish I had that list 10 years ago while raising our now 18 and 16 year old boys…sigh. Happy birthday Joshua Littletree and blessings to his warrior Mom who know his roots run deep. But especially I think what it would be like if every child was seen, loved and publicly admired as you have done.

I love this whole list, and I especially love how you honor his opinions and understandings!
Would you like access to monthly tips, tools and resources for finding success in the new world of work? Scott Eyrich, 38, was arrested by the Whiteside County Sheriff's Office in Illinois and charged with being a child sex offender associated with a program exclusively directed towards children under 18.
The question whether the person is under arrest or not depends not on the legality of the arrest, but on whether the person has been deprived of personal liberty of movement. Sarah Burge, a British woman who holds the record for undergoing the most plastic surgery procedures in the world, has given her seven- year- old daughter a voucher, worth approximately $9,850, for breast implants when she reaches the age of sixteen.
May 4, 2012 by Caroline Leon 21 Comments Today is the anniversary of my first ever blog post here at Life is Limitless and what a year it’s been since then. I’ve been blown away by the support, encouragement, feedback and interest people have shown this site since I tentatively started on my blogging adventure twelve months ago and because of this I’m determined to thank you for your support by making some enhancements to the site.
One of the things I am planning to introduce soon is online coaching calls with me and as a thank you for taking the time to fill in the survey, I’ll be offering one of you (picked at random) the opportunity to work with me on this endeavor. Thank you so much for reading this blog and encouraging me to continue sharing my story with you. Thanks so much Kel and thank you for supporting me and Life is Limitless everyday since it’s inception.
I think one reason I read this blog is for the lessons you’re teaching, so keep doing that!
I have felt so blessed to have followed you this last year, to read and be inspired by your learning and wisdom and thoughtfulness. Caroline – I have spent the last couple of months checking out and looking at various blog sites.
That’s the only way victory becomes an attainable reality rather than a distant dream.
I have the motivation (lots of wistful moments!) but really lack the discipline to see things through.
She has a well developed sense of compassion and enduring patience and is able to help me stay focused on my goals in a way that I wouldn’t be able to achieve on my own. It has endured public tantrums, and thrashing in car seats, and thrown mud, and soft, gentle hugs. Mummies and pyramids and penguins and science experiments are vastly more interesting than cartoons. I thought it was hysterical.  And, as some of my Anglo family has told me, not ALL of us rush, just some of us. I really admire of your never give up attitude despite managing your own business and taking care of your kids.
In front of you, I can overcome any obstacle.*tears falling down my face* Happy birthday Sage Protector Witness Artisan Josh.
As an animal talker, I can help a child uncover their animal talking skills in about 15 minutes. Including but not limited to; a traffic stop, citation issuance or initial investigation of alleged crime scene. Burge, often referred to as the ‘Human Barbie’, has spent upwards of $800,000 on her personal version of plastic perfection, and sees nothing wrong with the gesture.

Being the parent of a six-year-old girl, I cannot fathom why such a gift would be considered appropriate. Becoming a blogger is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has changed my life. I conceived of this site just over a year ago because I wanted to create a place where I could share the lessons I’ve learnt with you and where you could share the lessons that you have learnt with me and each other. As well as providing more and better content, I’m also keen to create some new resources and services that I hope will better help you on your journey to face your fears and achieve your dreams.
I’ve put together seven questions, the answers to which will really help me to make the improvements that you most want to see and that will therefore be of most benefit to you. If you have any other questions, comments, thoughts please do include them, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say. Aside from blog posts, what other resources could I create to help you with your personal development journey, facing fears and living your dreams? In return for sharing my coaching expertise with you, I’ll be asking for your feedback and ideas about how to improve the service before I launch it to a wider audience later in the year. If you liked this post or want to introduce me or this blog to someone you know, please do share by hitting one of the buttons below.
Enjoy reading about how you made the leap to a limitless life:) and continue to do so every day. You have so much more to share I know and I look forward to wishing you many more happy returns. Seeing what you have created – starting to read your content (yes I am new here) you have been a major source of encouragement to me already. No force, person, idea, natural disaster, emotion or circumstance will ever quiet the fierce protection I have for you in my heart. Burge says that, should her daughter not need the breast implants she could use the voucher on something else. The gesture sends the message that Poppy will not grow up “pretty” unless she has artificial assistance. Not only have I done things I wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago but I’ve also met and connected with many incredible and inspirational people, who I wouldn’t have otherwise met. Second, I am trying to learn about blogging and by reading your site I gain an insight about how to blog. For latest case status, contact the official law enforcement agency which originally released the information.
It also reinforces the message that appearance is everything; that how smart you are, who you are on the inside and what you choose to do with it is meaningless. Let’s face it, if these things mattered, Burge would have presented her daughter with college tuition or funded a mission trip to help people in third-world countries. FOR LATEST CASE STATUS, CONTACT THE OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY WHICH ORIGINALLY RELEASED THE INFORMATION.

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