Coaching is a process that happens over time.  Since it is a patient driven service, the patient will need to be dedicated, committed and willing to develop themselves.
Together the patient and coach will assess the patients strengths and weaknesses and learn how to compensate for those weaknesses and develop personal styles to draw on the patients strengths. The coach can also be very helpful in reminding, encouraging and helping the child to stay focused and on task.
We would suggest a regular, at least weekly, meeting at a regular time slot, for between 30-45 minutes.
Through one-on-one mentoring between coach and student, goals and progress will be defined and accomplished.
The RIJS coach offers assistance in making a customized degree plan and in carrying out that plan to completion. Because a coach is there to organize logistical details, students are able to fully concentrate their efforts on their studies. Students can complete a college degree using accelerated distance learning methods on their own. Each RIJS coach offers valuable advice, lots of encouragement, and accountability for making progress.
We’ve shared a simple and effective 5-step process for sharing feedback and holding another person accountable for performance.
If you’d like to share this skill set with others as part of your performance coaching training, please contact us.
Hi, Laurie Dupar here from Coaching for ADHD.  After years of working with clients who were unsure as to whether or not their ADHD medications were “working”, I created this ADHD Medication Log.

By daily tracking the type, dose, frequency, positive and negative side effects of ADHD medications, you and your prescriber will be able to have a clearer idea if this is the right medication for you.
As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy a complimentary subscription to my newsletter, New Perspectives, which is filled with valuable information, tips, strategies and resources for people with ADHD.
To download the ADHD Medication Log, enter your name and email address in the form below for FREE, INSTANT ACCESS. In fact, 96% indicated they would repeat the process given the same circumstances that prompted them seeking a coach in the first place.
There are an estimated 47,000 professional coaches across the world bringing in an annual income close to $2 billion each year. Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential and in doing this unlocks latent sources of productivity and effectiveness. In the face of uncertainty caused by workforce reductions and other factors, expectations remain very high. The coach-client relationship generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to clear measurable outcomes. Professional Coaching results in increased productivity, positive people and has a huge return on investment.
There needs to be an agenda and this is often best done with the use of a notebook where items discussed are noted, and these can then be reviewed at the forthcoming meeting. For $100 dollars an hour, the coach and student will set up an action oriented plan which may include things such as test scheduling, setting up time to study, internship arrangements, and career research. However, RIJS students are guided step by step through making the best use of their time, avoiding costly mistakes that cost both time and money.

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I encourage you to print out the ADHD medication log and make copies for your personal use and share this with your individual prescriber so you can better partner with them in finding the right ADHD medication for you! Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty. Restoring self-confidence and self-trust to face the challenge is critical to meet organizational demands. Coaching offers a good return in investment for individual clients and offers a significant return on investment for companies. The previous week needs to be looked at and analysed as to where problems occurred, what might have been done to help, and general encouragement given.
The next week is then planned ahead, potential pitfalls identified, and as much praise, support and planning done as possible.
In addition, RIJS students can call and have access to their coach when questions arise about the process or are in need of help with their transcripts.

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