To learn how to teach your bird bond building games, check out Taming Training and Tricks: Master 24 Tricks in 7 Days. I know that when we goes onto the chair backs he wants to train so I know when it’s a good idea to start a training session.
To build confidence with his abilities as he has fallen from those chair backs before and I want him to be sturdy on his feet or use flight when unsure of himself. He now flies from the chair backs to the conure or parakeet cages, as well as to the top of his cage. Besides his flight skills and confidence building, I’ve also been working slowly on teaching him to wave. I’m hoping now that he finally understands to lift his foot that the actual training and shaping will happen rather quickly. The other thing I did with Rasta that I plan to come back to later on after some more bond building games have been learned… is touching training him onto my hand. And I added some new foods to the diet… cherries are a new love of Rasta’s, apricots are just OK!
Also offer the treat further away so the bird has to lean for that too, to help widen that comfort zone. Animal Games can be a lot of fun and can help you child to gain much needed confidence as well as having fun in the water. Push and glide on the back is another practice you can try once your child has mastered the front.
All these practices are build ups to the ultimate goal of course of your toddlers swimming.
What you are looking for in the early stages of your toddlers swimming is a simple leg kick that is powered from the hips not the knees.
You may need to support your toddlers swimming to begin with until they get the hang of it. The reason that you need to be flat on the water when swimming on the back is that if you are sinking in the middle you are causing drag in the water. I used a ball and had the children pretend they were seals and to push the balls across the water with their hands behind their backs. After you have determined a winning team, ask everyone to sit on the floor, and discuss the following questions. What was your role in the teamwork games and how did that help accomplish the greater goal? How did your team decide who would play what role and what type of structure you would build? The Team’s goal is to hit the beach ball 100 times in a row without it falling to the ground. Some participants can be restricted even more by not allowing them to use their right arm, etc. In an area unseen to the participants, structures made of gumdrops should be previously constructed by the facilitator. Explain:In a separate room (or space) is a structure made of gumdrops and colored toothpicks. Builders: will be in a separate space where they cannot see the Seer or observe the instructions being given. Observer: observe the group’s process without visibly reacting to them or interacting with them.
And to learn how to build your bird’s confidence check out our Total Parrot Transformation Series.

This tells me he is building more and more confidence in his flight skills which is very exciting! He watches the sun conures fly all over the house and has recently flown to one of their favorite spots. The fact that he wants to train, enjoys it and wants to be in my company enough to fly over to me to do so is huge progress for Rasta.
I got him to touch train onto my arm without biting twice and he was great about it, but he was too hesitant so I felt like to relieve some of that hesitancy I needed to work more on our bond and trust before coming back to that again. My hand and fingers were completely out of view and I acted as though my arm was an extension to the back of the chair.
I have had my 6 yo African Grey for 6 months and he will just NOT step up although I can now touch him over most of his body and he will sit on my lap when in the right mood! Using my tips you will be well on your way and learning will be fun as well as the swimming. You could say 'pretend you are a tractor, see how much noise you can make, see how hard you can blow bubbles'. Eventually they will don't worry if they do not get it straight away all children learn at their own pace and should not be hurried into progressing too quickly. You are trying to get your child to lie on the water with tummy up head and shoulders back in the water nice and flat on the surface with legs kicking on the surface. This will make it harder and when your toddler progresses using the arms it will be worse and you do not want to start your toddlers swimming with any bad habits.
These teamwork games differ from icebreakers teamwork games. In that they involve follow-up discussion that should teach leadership lessons or further illustrate important leadership practices. Using the balloons and tape supplied to your team build the tallest, free-standing, self-supporting balloon castle that is possible. At the end of 20 minutes, stop the action. In addition, each team member must hit the ball five times (and no participant can hit the ball twice in a row).
The Runners may then (one at a time) relay the instructions to the Builder, using words only. Observations and comments will be a crucial part of the discussion at the end of the activity. At the end of the time, we will bring over the original structure to compare to each of the new creations. Was one-way communication difficult? Was it frustrating to envision one thing and see the Builder doing something else? Was it easy or hard to construct something with only verbal instructions and without being to able to ask questions?
This book of activities is designed to build confidence in each student with non-threatening evaluations along the way. This blog isn’t necessarily intended to teach you these techniques for free, but to show you that they work by tracking and sharing (and showing) my progress using them. This doesn’t bother me and actually excites me because again, he is building confidence, and I have already put the proper training in place along the way to recall him down when I want. All this is really great progress, though, and I am very excited to have his wave on cue soon for Liam and Karen to see! If your bird is hesitant to step up for you, it means you need to work on your RELATIONSHIP first. Now using your imagination and some of my suggestions we can play animal games. Tell your child we are going to be animals. All your child has to do is push off the side letting go of the poolside and spring back like a jack-in-a-box, keeping tummy up as well as head and shoulders back.

Being flat on the water trying not to drag the legs if possible is the desired position, don't worry if they are not perfect first time. A way of getting your child to lie flat is to say 'show me your belly' or my favorite is Fred the spider lives on the ceiling of the pool and he is watching you to see if your looking at the ceiling. The teambuilders teamwork games in this packet are categorized as “high energy”, “low energy”, or “problem-solving” activities. Make sure that the group lets go of their castle as soon as you say, “Stop!” If they do not let go, their group will be disqualified. Builders may not face each other or look at each other’s work. They may not speak to anyone.
Would it have been easier to construct something resembling the original structure if questions were allowed?
Can you see Fred this is a great tip and always works. You do not realy need the two hand floats for this they tend to get in the way. Then select it.REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL NEED THE MANAGER'S PREMISSION IF YOU TAKE A PICTURE IN A PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL, THIS IS BEACAUSE OF THE CHILD PROTECTION ACT.
All of these experiential teamwork games are designed to help new and established teams build trust, gain confidence, enhance communication and decision- making skills, and illuminate a variety of different leadership styles and techniques.
A group may exceed 100 hits, if that’s what it takes to get everyone to hit the ball five times.
How did you feel about the lack of concrete feedback about what was happening regarding your careful instructions? What would you have done differently? What if only a certain number of questions or words were allowed? Would you have known what to ask?
Emphasis on group and individual activity builds both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Reward the bird for touching the stick even with your arm there (along the chair back, like I did) and then for coming close to your arm, and then for pushing his foot against your arm (like Rasta’s foot did) small steps like this make a huge difference in how much success you have in your training. Try different ways which work with you and your toddler and enjoy yourselves! Thank you. Dale Dudley. The most important thing is to remember is to make it fun and enjoyable and keep it as a game. This could lead into a games of 'washing your face'. First a woggle under the arms a swim belt tied around the waist. as well as two hand floats one in each arm.(see photograph) Ready steady go! Or you could pretend that you have tied broom sticks to your legs, now you can't bend your knees.
Once every participant has a number, they should begin arranging themselves in order (about 20 minutes).
Throwing water over their own faces or use a toy watering can and sprinkle it over their head pretending to have a shower. This can then lead on to putting their head in the water.
This is always easier for your toddler to understand and it offers some encouragement to them. Your child can be anything they want to be rockets, arrows, jack-in-a-box or a frog leaping. Lower your shoulders down to level of the water and then when you snap you make a big splash.
See how high you can jump. Next you could try a crab, walking sideways and making pincers with your hand and snapping the water. What about an elephant!

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