Firstly to read, secondly to listen, thirdly to perceive, fourthly to think over and so on, about any other irrelevant subjects unrelated to devotion is also kusang. However, out of these the most dangerous is contemplation because kusang in the form of reading, listening and even observation all lead to contemplation.
Repeated thinking influences the mind by causing it to gravitate toward negative forces, plus the intellect also becomes allured and the regrettable consequence is that after some time, the mind becomes fully drowned in such undesirable subjects contrary. Thus, if we can protect ourselves against negative factors, then we can very easily be liberated from kusang. Well Christian, you know how I feel about this capture, and having met you in person earlier this summer, I must say that it looks even more amazing as a 20 x 16 inch print. What folks viewing your gallery may not know, and you are certainly too modest to mention, is that this image has won the "Best of Show" and 1st place in environmental professional category of the annual Canadian Forces Photography contest for 2007. And that you are using your best images to raise donations for local food banks through charitable auctions in the area, as well as putting out a calender in support of our troops. Thank you all for this positive feedback, those words are quite welcoming for a rookie on this website. Create a Digital Photographer gallery to enjoy regular competitions, tips, resources, and get your work viewed by thousands in the magazine and online!

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The sky had just starting to clear up as the sun now low on the horizon just turns all the clouds on fire. I guess I should have signed in earlier, being a subscriber of this magazine for the last 2 years now. As far as the calendar is concerned, I think that most of the pictures have been on this webpage.

Again, I appreciate your feedback, and please if you feel like saying something that is comstructive critique, please do so. In other words, rather than being cautious right at the very initial stage of kusang, we claim, “Oh, how can this kusang do me any harm? However, I had to remove them one by one because people were rating them down with no comments. In fact I would never remove this picture without removing myself as a whole, since this very one made me known around the world. I have to say though that despite the fact that this pic never made POTW on this website, I have to thank DP mag for giving me two pages of their issue 65.

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