The Tree illustrates some of the contemplative practices currently in use in secular organizational and academic settings. Some of the practices on the tree link to further information–either on our website, or on Wikipedia. On the Tree of Contemplative Practices, the roots symbolize the two intentions that are the foundation of all contemplative practices. Because this illustration cannot possibly include all contemplative practices, we offer a free download of a blank Tree that you can customize to include your own practices. You may use the tree for personal, educational, and non-commercial purposes without permission. Here’s a version of the Tree with the practice and branch names removed, so you can fill it in however you wish.

Supported by the Hemera Foundation, 1440 Foundation, Kalliopeia Foundation, and other foundations and private donations. For beginners, or those of any level, who are looking for an introduction or refresher on Fr. The roots of the tree encompass and transcend differences in the religious traditions from which many of the practices originated, and allow room for the inclusion of new practices that are being created in secular contexts. For example, Stillness Practices focus on quieting the mind and body in order to develop calmness and focus. Generative Practices may come in many different forms but share the common intent of generating thoughts and feelings, such as thoughts of devotion and compassion, rather than calming and quieting the mind. Activities not included on the tree (including those which may seem mundane, such as gardening or eating) may be understood to be contemplative practices when done with the intent of cultivating awareness and wisdom.
For example, please feel free to use it to illustrate an academic paper, hand it out to a class or workshop, post it on your blog, or print it out to display it at your organization or institution.

Below the Tree you will find links to descriptions of many of these practices as well as a more in-depth description of the Tree and image files for downloading.
Commercial use of the image, including derivative work, is not permitted without permission.

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