In the afternoon there are workshops like dance improvisation, a playful choir session and creative and meditative writing.
The retreat is open to: writers, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, dreamers, meditators, lovers of life, explorers etc. Please note that the retribution of the  teachers' job will be only through your donation (dana in Sanskrit, which is still now the way of supporting those who share their spiritual knowledge in India). Having said that, please feel warmly welcome, even if you're to short with money  to participate to the the dana.
During dharma talks and dharma discussions we start to wonder, to research: who is creating, what is creating, is this me?

Thanks to not consider your donation as a tip, but rather as an expression of your appreciation and a genuine, needed support of our work. We organize this event because the 3 of us love meditation and art, and your presence matters first, the money being just the support. But having a dedicated room or space in your abode for quiet reflection is a way to make it easier to keep your practice going. This will help us not to move towards a fix price, which would exclude those who have less money.
And of course, a meditation area can be used for yoga, dance, stretching, massage, or other relaxing activities.

While the altar with statues is all-weather and can be left out, the rugs and cushions can be brought in at night or during inclement weather.See also30 Unassumingly Chic Farmhouse-Style Dining RoomsThe overlaying of patterns keeps things interestingKeep sun from burning your skin with white curtains woven into an overhead trellis. This beautiful meditation patio includes some pillows to rest on, a flower-filled altar, and some natural grass storage containers for odds and ends.

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