Every time I start my new HP ProBook 420g0 laptop the HP client security setup application pops up asking me to set up a password, "SpareKey", fingerprints etc (see the screenshot below). This can be handled by adjusting the security settings on the Java Windows Control Panel applet. Oracle introduced new security features to its Java web browser plug-in when it released Java 7 Update 11 on December 11, 2012. How uncool is that -- it creates a new line in deployment.properties upon each and every login.
Despite what Java documentation says, you do not need the deployment.config file unless you want to use the manditory setting. This file will change the default for every user on the computer, even if they already have a deployment.properties file in their appdata folder. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 java internet-explorer-10 or ask your own question. Why does using elimination in a system of first order differential equations produce an incorrect result? Is it possible to disable the "Support for this operating system is ending" warning that the current version of Microsoft Security Essentials displays on Windows XP? Based on a quick couple of searches, this warning appears to have been added in the KB2949787 update to Security Essentials, but I can't see a way to revert just that update. The end-of-support pop-up notification can't be disabled, and downgrading isn't really an option: Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) would upgrade itself again, sooner or later. Considering the notification is generated by the user interface executable, you can override it with an earlier version while keeping the up-to-date engine. Eventually you will need to switch to a different antivirus solution, as the MSE definition signatures won't be updated anymore on Windows XP after July 14, 2015.
Microsoft Security Essentials will not be available for download on Windows XP after April 8, 2014. You cannot change the status of Microsoft Security Essentials to Green on Windows XP after the upgrade. You cannot uninstall the upgrade and return to the prior version as it will automatically upgrade.

As Microsoft no longer provides MSE for download on Windows XP, you need to rely on third parties who can provide the old setup package. Make sure to scan the files using your antivirus, and upload a copy to VirusTotal to feel confident enough. Despite what the official source says, the third stage may happen sooner than expected: as the commenter KY noted, the anti-malware service will stop as early as June 15, 2015.
Select 'Automatic updates' and opt for the second possibility (download and ask to install).
The first time Windows Update asks you to update SE, you say no and click that you do not want to be bothered again about this update. Use one of the links provided by and31415, whose solution is also better and smarter as it avoids Windows Update from offering or installing the newer version, or overwriting the EXE file. Are you saying that Windows' Error Reporting feature has something to do with this message displayed by Security Essentials? I posted an image of the notification area and the small message window with the notification.
Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-xp ms-security-essentials or ask your own question.
How to grant executables permission to run without causing Microsoft Security Essentials to melt down?
I only use sites on my intranet and each page is home to 40+ applets that generate a new ID with each load. This computer only accesses the local network and has no connection to the internet or other PCs, it connections to building monitoring tools. What you can do is check the box "Do not show this again for this app" (the check-box on the image you provided). If he is accessing the same content over and over, he could just bear down and check the box all 50+ times once and will likely not see them again. While you could still try to prevent it from upgrading, there's no guarantee that the old MSE version would still receive updates as usual.

My previous method has been abused by malware creators for malicious purposes, and that's why MSE complained about it.
If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, you will continue to receive anti-malware signature updates through July 14, 2015. While the actual file name could be different, the other details provided above must match exactly. OS has reached end-of-life, but anti-malware platform service is still running and definition updates can be received.
You can no longer start the anti-malware service, and your computer will not receive anti-malware definition updates.
You can no longer start the anti-malware service But they specifically said that things would continue to work, just not be updated and thus, potentially vulnerable.
Not all threats are new, current ones can come up at any time, so turning it off altogether is absurd. And How To Fix It I bought a Windows 8 pre-installed Lenovo ThinkPad that I want to downgrade to Windows 7. You could also try to change the settings in Java Control Panel but i am not sure if it will work: In Java Control Panel on the Security Tab change the security-level from High to Medium or Low and then go to the Advance Tab and check "Hide Warning and run with protections" or if it does not work then choose "disable verification". In the Internet Options window, click the Programs tab, then click the Manage add-ons button. But when I tried to boot it from Windows 7 USB flash drive, I couldn’t get boot into it. Their excuse is probably something like “the defs will be outdated, so letting users continue to run it would give them a false sense of security” or some BS like that. That’s BS because by now, users already know full-well that it’s old and no longer updated, not to mention even old defs still catch old viruses. It’s meant to completely replace the ancient BIOS firm interface but in practice it still provides the legacy support for BIOS services.

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