Our sense of taste of food or drink is determined mostly by smell, as anyone who has lost their sense of smell will confirm.
The front of the Nose Dive was recently renovated to add these movable windows so that indoor diners can still be in touch with the outside in good weather. The 2 day Project Host BBQ Festival continues today with music and sampling pulled pork BBQ and judging. In the middle of the day on the trail, it’s time to stop for lunch at the Cafe at Williams Hardware in Travelers Rest, as have all the owners of these parked bikes. The original bronze wild boar, “Il Porcellino” was placed in the Mercato Nuovo in Florence, Italy by Pietro Tacca in 1612. Legend has it that if you place a coin in the boar’s mouth and it falls into the grate below, your wish will be granted.
The Universal Joint bar and restaurant on Stone Avenue is a popular destination, especially for those moving into the new Main and Stone apartments just down the street. The trailside entrance to Furman University from the Swamp Rabbit Trail has been completely rebuilt with the Furman logo created in brick work. The Chocolate Moose bakery has moved down Main Street into the cafe section of the M Judson Bookstore on Main and Court Streets. As part of Imagine Upstate, the Red and Blue FIRST Tech Teams faced off their self-built robots in a challenge of many tasks.

As part of the Imagine Upstate festival which featured STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), there was demonstration by the Roper Mountain Science center which featured chemical reactions. The Imagine Upstate festival was held in the West End on South Main Street and Fluor Field. The heavy scent of Wisteria has enveloped several sections of the Swamp Rabbit Trail as they reach full bloom. The Pour Taproom is now open on Falls Park Drive, just a block up from the entrance to Falls Park. Blooming landscaping in front of St Andrews Episcopal Church on South Main Street in Greenville. Many of the South Ridge apartments at the corner of Church Street and University Ridge are occupied, and the building here is still being completed. This pool is along the Sanctuary trail in Falls Park as the stream makes its way down to the Reedy River.
The Carolina Foothills Garden Club Sanctuary area above Falls Park was completed last year. The tributes here on his car are in honor of Officer Allen Lee Jacobs who was killed in the line of duty last week. Officer Jacobs was a 28 year old decorated Army Veteran who joined the Greenville city police force in 2011 after his deployment.

The community has been stunned by the tragedy, but wanted to show support for the police and Office Jacobs’ family. Saint Patrick’s Day festivities spill out to the plaza in front of the Playwright on River Street.
The building construction for Falls Park Place on the corner of South Main Street and Falls Park Drive is taking shape.
A view of the evening sky over the Courtyard Marriott on Main Street, as seen from Falls Street. This grand building on Townes Street has served as the home of several churches, starting with the Beth Israel Congregation in the early 1900s, and including the Grace Evangelical shown on the sign. In his spare time, he volunteered to escort veterans on an Honor Flight to DC, he instructed local school students on the dangers of gang involvement, was a member of SWAT and in his time off duty, he was a school zone patrol officer.

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