Cleansing the mind is done to bring awareness to all that causes us limitations in thinking.
Cleansing the spirit is brought about by learning to accept a Universal power that is greater than ourselves.
Maintaining your calm inner awareness, balance & clarity in the midst of any situation is the cleansing process done here.
An out of body experience is when the consciousness, meaning the individual himself, makes a transition from operating with his – her physical body to operating with the astral. Projecting into this parallel dimension is temporary, it can last from a few seconds to a couple of hours in rare cases, but inevitably we must return to the physical body.
We tend to think of astral projection or out of body experiences as something supernatural and separate from the physical life. If you are looking of ways to get yourself acquainted with your own body chakras, then you can try doing chakra breathing meditation. Chakra breathing meditation can provide you benefits physically, spiritually, and socially. If you still haven’t tried chakra breathing meditation then why don’t you try it now? Chakra Healing Meditation is a Partner process, built to energize and empower your partner’s Chakras through the technique of transferring your energy and vice versa.
When negative energy is held within any of your chakras, you can feel constricted and you will begin to experience the physical and emotional effects of not having full use of your Chakra.
Regular Chakra Healing meditation helps to improve your quality of life by clearing out and enlivening your vital energy centers.
Before you can effectively begin any type of chakra balancing, you should first make sure that you understand what each of the chakras is and what their purpose are.
Resonate and Entrain to the inner peace and understanding during the 37 minute experience. Emptiness is not something like just remaining there without having thoughts or anything at all. Emptiness which is merely emptiness, and the emptiness which is the nature of mind, are two different things.
The mind has a tendency to stay in a state of disturbance and we have a propensity for being distracted easily. We can enhance our power of concentration and strengthen our memory by an ancient meditation technique called Energy Exchange. Energy Exchange is an ideal meditation technique, with continuous practice; you will witness an increase in your alertness, builds confidence, increases energy level, stability in thoughts, and an ability to control situations that were previously difficult. Before you want to know how to expand your heart, you might be wondering what it actually means to have an open heart. These types of people are much more likely to be able to see multiple sides of an argument, and be able to give you an interesting perspective on it.
By meditating on our heart centre we feel our sense of awareness is leaving the mind and entering into the heart.
Practicing meditation can help you get a sounder and more refreshing sleep so that you’ll have more energy and ability to concentrate in the morning. If you make it a habit to Good Night’s Sleep process for 24 minutes every day, just before you go to bed at night, in time your sleep will become more restful and restorative. Mast – Mast Dance Meditation is an oasis, a soul encounter, a spring of peace that becomes a life elixir. Meditating with music, sound and dance reinforces the plenitude of an internal journey leading to inner growth. Mast-Mast is a powerful tool to help you releasing the load of feelings and emotions; becoming lighter, becoming spirals leading you to find the inner music, sounds and tracks of our own secret mysticism. Meditative dancing allows us to find the inner music, sounds and tracks of our own secret mysticism. This combination of Dance and Meditation comes from highly developed spiritual cultures where teachers blend art and conversation, pleasure and lucidity while being immersed in the beauty of interior exploration. Meditative Dance is a powerful regenerating remedy; an experience taking us to the serenity and satisfaction required to be able to control pain, leading to health and purity in a sustained steady growth pace. Learning this practice and applying it to everyday life creates an inner rhythm that makes us more proactive and inventive.
By enhancing inner receptiveness, creativity and sense of being present, meditative dancing cultivates our inherent ability of self-healing.
There are many different approaches to meditation but the aim of each meditation is to enable the practitioner to develop a calm and quiet mind. When we try to meditate in the mind it is difficult to distance ourselves from our thoughts. By meditating on our heart centre we feel our sense of awareness is leaving the mind and entering into the heart. By contrast the nature of the mind is limited; the mind is apt to judge and deal in finite qualities.

When it comes to your third eye, meditation is a fantastic way to open yourself for contemplation and reflection on important questions and issues.
Improved memory power, good concentration power, strong will power, good blood circulation, sharpened intuitive power, good sense of wisdom, good health signs and optimism. After the exertions of the practice, Yog Nindra allows the body a chance to regroup and reset itself.
I would say that being attuned to Reiki Energy has been the biggest single influence in raising my vibration and helping me to be energy aware. Whether self-healing, giving a massage, wishing someone well, on food and medicine, or to energize and give thanks to Mother Earth. This post by Karen Ellyard lists many of the reasons when reiki energy is of tremendous benefit and discusses what would happen if Reiki was taught in schools.
I use Reiki as part of my everyday life; from adding it to my food, to using Reiki on my plants as I walk around my garden.
If you have never learned it I would encourage you to learn the first level and Reiki yourself every day.
Imagine a sphere or symbol of spiritual meaning, see it radiating light and healing and protection.
For more information please click Karen Ellyard, or visit her personal Karen Ellyard Spiritual Healer website. Although I have worked full-time as a professional massage therapist for over 3 years, the desire to benefit society and be of service has been there much longer. Way, way back … just after the turn of the century (2001) I attended an 8-week introduction to meditation course at a local community college. But something very special, mentioned during the course, drew my attention like a young man made of steel to a magnet factory. Using your mind to circulate subtle energy through yourself can bring you to enlightenment in this lifetime. First you receive an initiation from a teacher that tunes your energy system to a particular energy frequency. Silhouette diagram of a man in lotus meditation position with Seven Chakras on flowing rainbow energy background. We are born into a body with physical limitations that begins aging the day we are brought into this world. The over thinking that is rooted in fear and deters us from living wholeheartedly, can be one of our biggest detriments.
It is the ability to look at those beliefs which do not serve us any longer and the possibility to honor those beliefs that do serve us. Without being in tune with these feelings, you cannot accept that we are really a part of the Universal cosmic energies that pulse in and out daily.
Another way to put it is that person transitions from the physical, everyday reality into a parallel but different dimension.
The process of moving into the astral dimension is dependent on the energetic connection between the physical and the astral body. Something that only gifted or psychic people can do, but we all have this ability and go through this separation every night when we sleep and dream. This type of meditation is developed for individuals wanting to experience their own energy fields. Chakra healing meditation helps you clear your chakras and keep them from becoming clogged with any traumas.
While you are practicing Chakra Healing, you will experience physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
From there, you'll find different ways to help keep your chakras balanced through meditation. In these experimental Meditations we use different techniques inside the absolute darkness of a lightproof room. It is very beautiful and very helpful also, because if you can love darkness you will become unafraid of death.
It has been said in the texts that if one does not know how to meditate properly on emptiness, then one can fall into the wrong pot. This leaves us feeling scattered and fragmented and unable to cope with situations that need focus. Their benefit brings an end to the mind’s distractions, enhances our ability to concentrate, increase the power of memory and brings the mind into a state of supreme awareness, attention and focus. Energy from the Earth and the material plane flows up to the heart, while energy from your Higher self flows down through the crown chakra to merge in the heart.
When we become fully immersed in the consciousness of the heart, thoughts lose their power over us; it becomes much easier to meditate free of thought. Real meditation invokes inner freedom; in meditation we feel that there are no limits, but a sense of infinity. It is much more difficult to experience a sense of expansion when meditating in the mind.

If we meditate on other charkas then problems, the heart charka is said to be the safest place to meditate because it embodies purity. It also has benefits for people who have sleep difficulties because it relaxes the muscles and soothes the mind so that they fall asleep more easily. However, you should know that with sleeping pills, you run the risk of interrupted sleep and daytime drowsiness. Once you learn to meditate and have a daily meditation practice, you will know how to relax instantly – how to do the breathing and do the mental focusing that allows you to relax within seconds. One of the safest and most effective ways to meditate is through meditation on the spiritual heart. These charkas have a particular quality and have a certain location in the body, when we meditate we can become aware of these different energy centres. When we become fully immersed in the consciousness of the heart, thoughts lose their power over us; it becomes much easier to meditate free of thought.
Real meditation invokes inner freedom; in meditation we feel that there are no limits, but a sense of infinity.
If we meditate on other charkas then problems, the heart charka is said to be the safest place to meditate because it embodies purity. After a balanced practice, the entire body will have been stretched, contracted, twisted and inverted. Imagine how it would help young people have a clearer image of who they are and be well both physically and emotionally as they leave high school.
Doing your practice anchors the precious gift from your teacher in you, and it also enables you to keep deep meditation states permanently. We can learn to free our minds from this imprisonment and create a focused and well balanced mind set. This connection, sometimes called the silver cord, allows us to travel into the astral dimension and keeps our two bodies connected and safe. It is considered an active meditation technique that requires deep rapid breathing and body movement.
If you can enter into darkness- and you can enter only when there is no fear you will achieve total relaxation.
So one has to investigate the true nature of the mind in order to really establish its absolute nature as emptiness, and this must be maintained through the practice of meditation.
But the emptiness of the mind, which does not have any form or colors or shape, is in certain ways non-existing, but at the same time this mind is everything. If you decide to use meditation instead of medication, it takes practice to learn the techniques that work for your body in particular, so be patient. Our vision identifies deep forms of pathways, roads and silence that have always accompanied us, since they form part of our inner wealth. The spiritual heart is an energy centre called the anahata charka; it is here where we can experience the qualities of love, sympathy, purity and oneness. If we can shift our consciousness into our heart then we will not confined by the limitations of the intellectual mind. These means that even the deepest muscles will have the opportunity to let go and shed their regular habits, if only for a 40 minutes. It’s good that you have so many to choose from, but I understand that it makes the choosing more difficult.
It remains invisible to many of us because we lack the psychical perception to see into it. In chakra breathing meditation, you will learn that the blocks in your chakras or energy fields are also related to blocks in your breathing patterns. Through this technique, you are able to channel good energy and get rid of the negative energy. If one carries through with such meditation practice for awhile, one begins to have some stability of the mind, and then it is easier to achieve the vipassana or insight meditation practices. It comes as no surprise that, with all the thoughts that invade the mind, our minds drifts and wander and cannot stay still for longer than a few moments.
People of all ages will benefit, especially students who need to concentrate on their studies. Your vision identifies deep forms of pathways, roads and silence that have always accompanied you, since they form part of your inner wealth. When meditating on the path of the heart we focus all our meditation on the heart centre or anahata charka.
Ask your Angels to watch over you, and just have faith you will be introduced to the right person to help you with this stage of your journey. Now there is no fear, because if you have become one with darkness, you have become one with death.

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