However, Thomas turned it around, got a BA, then an MA, and is a dissertation away from his PhD.
Renowned speaker, educator, author, activist and minister, Eric Thomas is rising to National prominence by delivering high energy messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of crime, hopelessness and despair that many face daily. Eric Thomas, and related speakers, have recently spoken at events for Speakerpedia Network Members.
Now he’s got a booming motivational speaking business, selling books, CDs, and DVDs, in addition to his live performances.

Well, recently Eric Thomas stopped by Auburn University to give the football team a pep talk. He’s given his pep talks at the University of Cincinnati, Colorado State, Purdue, UMass, UAB, Arkansas, and Xavier, among others. Formerly a high school dropout, he obtained his Masters degree in 2005 and is presently pursuing his PhD in Education Administration at Michigan State University. But I bet he struck a chord with at least a few of those Auburn players in the room, and he definitely made me feel lazy for hitting the snooze four times this morning before finally rolling out of bed at 7:52.

While consulting at Michigan State, he developed The Advantage Program, an undergraduate retention program targeting academically high-risk students of color. Eric’s representation of the merits of higher education, coupled with his knowledge of the pains of life, inspires people of all walks to break bad habits and reach for new levels of personal achievement.

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