There is no EVE Online EULA violation because this tool doesn’t modify the cache, just reads.
In the settings dialog you can specify up to 5 different EVE Online clients or cache folders.
When Use direct path to cache folders option is on you have to specify only direct path to cache folders. Automatic: import your character or corporate orders, activate IGB feature, open proposed link in the game browser, select character or corporate Market scanner, activate it, wait till the end of scan. Note: In order to work correctly, market window in game should display orders, not history.
Switch to EVE Mentat, activate Market browser tab, press Cache import tool button or use Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut anywhere on main window. A other nice feature would be, thats possible to read aut the collected data as xml or similar like you get them from evecentral so itwould be possible to use the data at any other programm as well. EVE Mentat depends on third-party library which provides cache scrapping, so we have to wait until this library is fixed, unfortunately. The many problems of cache scrapping could be solved if CCP would provide a mechanism to automatically export market orders – either by default (click this box, and when you view market data, it is automatically exported), or via the IGB. Hi could really use an option to sort by date for the fulfilled part of my selling orders to help me keep updated on what has sold and how long ago it was sold would make it so much easier to keep restocking market.
Feel free to post your comments, suggestions and bug reports to EVE Mentat 1.2 open beta forum.
You cannot use Mono as Windows API is required for some functional and Mono may not support it. All the main indices show deflation in February 2014, except the Mineral Price Index, which shows a 2.6% inflation.

Looking at the total value of traded minerals in the graph below, it is apparent that the mineral market was noticeably affected on the day of the battle of B-R5RB.
A look at the trade value for each of the minerals in the graph below shows that the biggest effect by far was on Tritanium. Taking a closer look at Tritanium, the graph below shows the effect on the daily average price and traded volume. On January 28, the second day of battle, the price had risen by 18% to 5.59 ISK, and daily traded quantity jumped by 138%. The following figure graphs the hourly trade value of Tritanium on the two days of the battle of B-R5RB (blue line) and compares is to the same days the week before (orange line). No real changes happen after the first Titan falls, but in the second hour of battle, when two more Titans go down, the market reacts and the trade value rises sharply. Looking at the long-term trend in mineral trade value shows that the market has resumed the level it was at before the battle, although day to day fluctuations are perhaps slightly larger than before. The battle of B-R5RB clearly illustrated the massive scope of EVE Online, and was probably the biggest PvP battle in gaming history.
But what the battle also showed is how ruthlessly efficient the EVE market is, even when dealing with such shocks to the system.
In combination with IGB market scanner it is the fastest way to import market data on your orders to EVE Mentat. It seems to me that it can't choose a language and there is no fallthrough for a default language. A shift in level is shown by separating the series and drawing linear trend lines through them before and after the battle. The main spike in the trade of Tritanium comes on January 27 and January 28, the days of the battle, but then dies down.

Over the seven days before the battle, the average price of Tritanium was 4.75 ISK, while traded quantity averaged 42 billion units.
Additionally, the columns show the number of Titans destroyed (right axis) each hour on the two days of the battle. The Primary Producer Price Index dropped by 5.3%, which was mostly driven by moon materials and hybrid polymers. The other was Tech I ship prices, which rose by 3.8% due to the effect the battle of B-R5RB had on mineral prices.
This caught the attention of the media, which emphasized the size of it all, the organization of thousands of people all over the planet, the time commitment, the intelligence work, the planning, and the incredible real world value of the virtual ships lost. The series before the battle is quite stable, whereas the series after jumps significantly but then starts to trend down towards the previous level.
A second, smaller spike happens at the beginning of February and affects all minerals except for Morphite. The Secondary Producer Price Index fell by 3.5%, where the biggest contributors where planetary commodities, salvage and Tech II construction components. Finally, the Consumer Price Index showed a deflation of 0.6%, with most categories showing a mild deflation.

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