Written by Stuart Beattie (30 Days of Night), who will also direct, I, Frankenstein is based on Kevin Grevioux's (Underworld) Darkstorm Comics series of the same name and takes place in the present day, albeit a present day populated by demons, zombies and gargoyles, among other creatures. The global OpenLearn navigation can be tabbed through (155 items), or the arrow keys used to move around within it (including just moving along the 10 top level items).Alternatively you can skip the navigation by pressing 'Enter'. In this themed programme Laurie Taylor and guests look at the meaning of the urban stroller, past and present.
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Nearly 200 years since it was first published Frankenstein has established itself in popular culture as shorthand for the dangers of science run amok. In this film, anatomist and author Professor Alice Roberts returns to the original 1818 book to explore the myths and facts about the way it was written and what its author, 18-year-old Mary Shelley, intended it to be about.

Alice returns to the earliest surviving manuscript, the hand written draft notebooks from 1816 and 1817 and discovers evidence that there are two different hands at work in the novel. Dr Michael Rossington explains that the process of writing the novel matches its main themes, it can be seen a critique of the solo visionary artist or creator.
Remember, you can also make your own, personal feed by combining tags from around OpenLearn. According to THR, Yvonne Strahovski (TV's Chuck, Killer Elite) is "in final negotiations" to play the female lead in the movie and Miranda Otto (In Her Skin) has signed on in a supporting role. The name Frankenstein conjures images the world over of a square headed Boris Karloff figure with bolts in his neck. When Alice meets Professor Nora Crook they discuss the contradictory themes and voices in the book and reveal it to be, above all, a novel of ideas.

We can see the handwriting of Mary Shelley herself and also that of her husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.
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