We were so blown away by it all that we took our kids back the next day to watch Turbo, a movie we had been wanting to see for a long time but didn’t want to pay $40 (literally!) to take our family. I searched through my coupon binder (which is now a coupon folder…update coming soon!) and found a great deal at a nearby Thai restaurant. During the game we reminisced about where we went to high school, telling stories about what our high school experience was like, thinking about our own kids in HS someday (no! They are actually having a grand opening at their new location in Holladay, UT on Oct 17, 18, 19. When you visit their site on your cell phone they show you how to install a bookmark to your home screen.

They don’t show R-Rated movies or horror films, they are closed on Sundays (the best family day around), kids are welcome (and encouraged), and they even have booster seats you can borrow so your kids can see the screens better. I obviously love these guys so much I’ve been in touch with one of their head honchos. Subscribe via email and read new posts at your own convenience - you'll never miss a post again. We brought Beck with us for the first part, so she could space out having to put our kids down for bed at her house.
All their treats are only $1, $2, or $3…even for the ginormous extra large tubs of popcorn!

90% of the people that use mainstream theaters don’t by concessions, and most of them sneak in their own” (what? They might not make as much straight out of the gate, but in time, they will be the only ones that can sustain consistent business. It keeps people me honest, and I’m happy to support them all day long with such affordable treats!

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