This online chess game includes all standard chess rules, including castling and en-passant.
If you like Flash Chess, you might also enjoy Easy Chess, Crazy Chess, the Daily Chess Puzzle, and the other free board games on this site. If you decide you don't want to move the highlighted chess piece, click it again to deselect it. For example, suppose I decide to move King's Knight from its starting position to King's Bishop 3, so I click the knight. To allow for a short-hand method of referring to chess piece positions, the sides of the chess board overview are labeled with letters and numbers. Logical Chess, Move By Move: Every Move Explained by Russian-American chess master and prolific chess author Irving Chernev. In algebraic chess notation, the letters A-H appear along the bottom and top edge, while numbers 1-8 appear along the sides. To save the current Flash Chess board configuration, click the Save button under the chess board overview. Moves for pawns include the lower-case letter of the pawn's row position plus the numbers of its starting and ending squares.

For higher ranking pieces including the knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king, an uppercase letter is included as well (K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, and R for rook). These are 14 videos result for the Mind blowing 3d sound guided meditation self creation connecting to source energy, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Mind blowing 3d sound guided meditation self creation connecting to source energy online.
Unlike many online chess games, this game displays the chess board in three dimensions (3D) rather than as a two-dimensional flat board.
The A1 square is located in the lower left, with your pieces positioned along the lower side of the chess board. For example, if White's first move is the King's Pawn two squares forward, the Game Moves Listing shows "e2-e4". For instance if White moves its king from its starting position one square forward, the Game Moves Listing shows "Ke1-e2".
If you can't remember how the current configuration of chess pieces on the Flash Chess board quite came about, refer to the listing as a step-by-step record of the moves.
There's a handy chess timer at the top of the Flash Chess game screen in case you want to track how long your moves are taking. If on reaching the end game you realize the Flash Chess computer is certain to win the match, or at least that you cannot win, you have the option to resign (quit) as in a real chess match.

If you can't remember how to play chess, or if you want to learn, open the Easy Chess game, then click the Rules button for a chess tutorial. Use this setting if you're still learning chess or if you want to beat the Flash Chess computer quickly. This is a good setting for quick matches when you have only a short amount of time to play. Before I can select the Queen's Pawn, I need to deselect the King's Knight by clicking on it to remove the green highlighted squares. This shows the current state of the chess board, much as you might find it in a book of chess moves.

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