You might think that the quality of men (for lack of a better term) would be better on sites where there is a fee to participate and that guys would be more serious and put more effort into finding dates, if they were paying for the service. There are good, large, free sites which offer a variety of options, including a fair amount of serious daters who want to find a relationship as much as you do.
You may also find yourself paying for upgrades for priority service (that sometimes makes a huge difference in how easy it is to find dates), so these sites may end up not being quite as free as you thought.
You’ll have to know how to look for the right guy and have your wits about you a bit more when it comes to the free sites. That’s because a lot of the men on the free sites are just there for kicks and might not be really serious about a relationship. Because charges tend to show up on credit card statements, married guys are more likely to use free dating sites than paid ones to look for hook ups. Support and complicated software have to be paid for so you might find less help and less sophisticated searches and matching on free sites. Some of the paid sites have sophisticated matching software and questionnaires with hundreds of questions to ensure you get a good match. Paid sites often have “empty” profiles where guys have already left the site and are no longer active. If you’re not having to pay monthly for membership of a site, you might feel less pressure to rush into finding Mr Right and can take your time sifting out the good guys and making dates without stressing out about the process.
If you have the cash, try one of each type of site, free and paid, to get a feeling for which you prefer. The only exception would be if you are looking for a specialist site, for example a site with guys of a particular religion or something like that. Should You Use Mobile Dating Apps?I just contributed my views on various mobile dating apps as the dating expert for an article for Tombola Times and thought Love From Ana readers might like to see it.
Another huge omission is the fact that you can’t search for people in your local area. DateMeFree prides itself on being relatively scammer free, and they claim to go out of their way in order to keep scammers off the site. I found out about DateMeFree on a forum that was focussed on providing help for men seeking Asian mail order brides.
Sadly DateMeFree has some way to go before it can challenge the largest free international personals sites.

By contrast, DateMeFree has a very limited number of members that would be of interest to men seeking mail order brides. Free singles dating sites catalogs online, dating and chat with some lovely single women for happy marriage, real relationships, meet single women online and choose your bride.
You can easily part with a whole wad of cash every month – the ads (and some of the success stories you hear in real life) are very enticing. They are able to offer a quality service without payment because they receive revenue from advertisers so you are likely to be hit with more ads than you get on paid sites.
It helps to be clear about what you are looking for in your profile and in your communication with any prospective date. That’s all very well, in theory, but do you really want to be confined to what the computer says is good for you? These profiles are used to make it look as if the sites have more members than they actually do in order to look inviting to new paid users.
You can save your cash for actually going on dates rather than spending money to find guys to go on dates with.
If you’re just starting out, you might want to get your bearings on a free site in order to make the most of a paid subscription in the future. If possible, use recommendations from friends, but if not, you’ll soon get an idea by looking at those you have heard of from advertising. There are galleries showing men and women in specific age groups, and also a fairly comprehensive search engine. China Love Match has a similar option and I’m not sure what the point of it is because members without photos are often scammers, and there are too many members on most sites for a busy person to be bothered to request photos of a person they might be interested in. I could only find a few couples listed, and it tends to suggest the site is full of players and swingers rather than sensible marriage minded people.
A quick look at the scammer profiles on the site will show you that scammers can be male, female and any age. And hats off to them for telling men that women who are really interested in you won’t ask you for money. For example, the leading 100% free Asian dating website Date In Asia claims to have over one million members. But you also have a choice between paying for membership and going with one of the many free online dating sites available.

Of course, men can also just say what they think you need to hear in order to get that date, but it will filter some out for sure. There are enough men who will pay the subscription fee because it’s an easy place for them to pick up women. On the free sites, you are free to contact any of the guys there after reading their profile. Free sites are guilty of this to a certain extent too, but it is not as irritating to find that guys you like the look of are not available or to email a few guys and hear nothing back, if you are not paying for the privilege! Chances are, you may not need to go for a paid subscription, especially if you go on larger, more reputable free dating sites.
There is a big market for flirting and other activities, but it’s best if these are separated from sites aimed at men and women searching for life partners.
Some of the women had male photos, and some of the profiles looked so suspicious that I can only assume they were scammers.
And free sites can’t offer the sophisticated anti-fraud measures that the larger sites employ to keep their members safe.
Plenty of men seem to end up sending their life savings to Russian or Asian women they meet online, so the idea of a scammer free international dating site seemed a good idea.
Even Filipinas (who are extremely numerous on most Asian dating websites) weren’t too numerous, and I only counted 170. And dating sites tend to have a much lower quality member base than an introduction agency. Sadly most free dating sites attract a lot of players, simply because they feel safer not using a site that requires credit card payment for membership fees. By contrast, Filipina Heart claims to have somewhere in the region of one million women registered on the site (and only half as many men!).

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